What Causes House Sickness

There’s a real difference between three things: being homesick, being home sick, and being house sick. When you’re homesick, you feel a nostalgia for the place where you’ve set your roots, when you’re home sick, you’ve called into work; you can’t come in, because you’re not feeling well. When you’re house sick, you’ll find that you’re often home sick, and rarely homesick; that’s because your home is causing your illness. There are a few possible culprits causing your continual illness; there’s likely something in the air that’s causing allergic or asthmatic reactions.

One of the most common causes of house sickness is your Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system; the vents in these systems can accumulate moisture over time. Moisture creates breeding grounds for bacteria, fungus and other nasty things that can trigger your illness, cause headaches, and other general misery. The solution here is to regularly clean your air ducts; consider hiring a professional to do regular upkeep of your HVAC system.

Dust mites are another potential cause of your woes; they tend to dwell on sheets, pillow covers, and towels, and they can trigger illness. They can be mitigated by washing your sheets in hot water weekly, then drying them thoroughly. Vacuum and dust regularly to get rid of the mites on the floor and in your furniture.

The kitchen and bathroom can be the cause of your woes, too! Your bath mat should be cleaned regularly, but it often isn’t; as you can imagine, the humid, warm environment after a shower is great news for microbes and bad news for the mat. Refrigerators function much like HVAC systems do, so dust and microbe build-up from the coils can blow right through your home if you don’t dust regularly; this obviously means you should keep the inside of your fridge clean, too.

Watch out for leaks! As you might have gleaned from the rest of this article, water means bad times for people who aren’t looking to keep pet moss. Check under your pipes and be sure to look for dampness regularly in your home.

The cleaning products you use may also create an environment hostile to your health; many products have irritating chemicals that can affect your respiratory system. When using chemical products, be sure to thoroughly ventilate your home to avoid triggering a reaction.

The lesson here is that if you’re house sick, it’s probably because something somewhere needs to be cleaned; it’s possible everything does. This task can seem exceptionally daunting, especially if you’re not feeling well; you might want to find the source of contamination and deal with it but find yourself too encumbered by respiratory problems to pick up the cleaning spray and get at it. That’s okay; you can hire top home cleaning services in Winnipeg to clean your entire house for you. Don’t find yourself staying at home sick with house sickness; give us a call, take the day to enjoy yourself, and when you’re feeling homesick, you can come back to a healthy house.

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