Ways to Clean a Mattress

For the majority of people, a mattress is likely one of the last pieces of furniture we consider cleaning on a consistent basis. While it may not be pleasant to imagine the skin, sweat, dirt, oils, dust mites and likely even drink and food that find their way onto the mattresses, at MintyMaids we want to assist you with the following tips.

Get the Mattress Ready

Remove all the linens and bedding from your mattress. That includes everything which spends time on the bed: mattress pads, sheets, pillows (decorative and regular), covers, stuffed animals, (mattress or duvet), blankets, and comforter. Also, keep in mind to move all clutter or pet beds in the area.

Suggested Ways to Clean the Mattress

  • Wash the linens in water that is at the minimum of 130°F.
  • Vacuum your mattress using an upholstery brush.
  • If the vacuum does not feature an upholstery brush attachment, do not panic – clean the sides and top of your mattress with the tip of your vacuum hose to extract all collected particles.
  • The more consistently it’s done, the better the results.

Treating Spills and Stains

  • For stains and spills, attempt the “dry suds” technique.
  • It’s done by taking detergent (dishwashing liquid) and blending it with a tiny bit of water inside a mixing bowl.
  • Blend the water and soap together until a foam starts to thicken inside the bowl.
  • Scrape the top foam layer and put it on your mattress stain, and lightly scrub. Add a few more suds as needed until the stain is removed. Make certain to allow the spot to completely dry before you return the bed linens.

We discourage using of the majority of upholstery cleaners as they have harsh chemicals which may prove hazardous to you and your loved ones.

Deodorize the Mattress

Does your mattress have to be deodorized? There is an efficient household agent which can do it for you without having to leave hazardous toxins behind. Try some baking soda!

  • Spread the baking soda across the bedding and allow it to sit for a few hours. Once it’s done, completely vacuum the powder.

How to Prevent Allergies

Taking preventative measures will decrease possible allergy triggers and assist in protecting the mattress from gathering the skin, dust, and additional particles that attract dust mites. For extra details on decreasing allergy and asthma triggers in your house, read the below tips:

  • Make certain that the bed features a mattress pad. It’ll help to absorb any fluids, oils, or skin particles, as well as keep them from getting to the mattress.
  • In addition, think about an allergen-proof bed cover. Similar to a mattress pad, it’ll protect your mattress from particles and dust mites which feed on them.
  • Hypoallergenic pillows are also an investment you should consider. Move stuffed animals, pet beds, and all clutter close to the bed to additional areas and organize them.

Cleaning the mattress is only one facet of keeping a bedroom feeling and looking fantastic.

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