Top Reason to Use a Steam Cleaner

Do you have children or small pets? Maybe both? I am the proud owner of two small cats. I love my furry pets yet at times they get a little mischievous.

One of my cats decides to go running and they both take off throughout the house. Typically their antics end in one of two ways, either the garbage or some kind of liquid lands on the floor.

What do you do when your carpet soaks up a beautiful red chateau? Not much that you can do really. I have tried wet towels and lite dabbing of my carpet with vinegar. The stains never seem to come all the way up.

This is when I started to use a steam cleaner in my home. I personally like Bissell for steam cleaning, but my wife is more of a Shark cleaner.

steam cleaning machine

Best Home Steam Cleaners

Bissell for me is my favorite steam cleaner through and through. With most Bissell steam cleaners, you can clean your carpet fairly quickly. I love the little green machine, it takes me less than 30 minutes to get up most stains.

My wife however is a huge fan of Shark’s Duo Cleaner. With the Duo my wife can clean the carpet in the same amount of time as my little green, but it is more compact.

My wife is of the opinion that if she can tuck the machine away, that it is the more superior product. I however think the little green is a lot easier to clean. They both have their perks which is why we choose to own both.

Handheld Vs. Push Machines

Whether you want to use a handheld steam cleaner or a steam machine is entirely dependent on your mess.

I personally have back pain and hate to get down on the ground and clean the carpet, This is why I opted for a steam machine.

My little green allows me to stand upright while cleaning my carpet. However, a handheld steamer runs at a cheaper price and is great for little messes on occasion.

If you are more nimble and don’t mind getting down on the ground to clean, a handheld steamer can do the trick.

Typically you can buy a handheld steamer for under $100. The Oyster steam cleaner would be the best handheld option I recommend. If you have frequent messes, it is worth investing in a steam cleaning machine.

Steam cleaning push machines are the best home steam cleaners when you have children or small pets.

Our pets running around all day tend to wreak havoc on our carpet at least twice a week. All I have to do is pull out the Bissell and spend about 30 minutes drawing up any juices or spills.

hand held steamer

What If You Lack The Time To Clean?

Cleaning is never fun and personally my wife and I take turns and hold a schedule for our steam cleaning.

Unfortunately we all don’t have time to break out a schedule and take the time to properly steam clean our homes.

If you are having trouble finding the time to clean, you can always contact us about our residential cleaning options.

If you do take pride in cleaning company and have the time to do the steaming yourself, I recommend you choose one of the steam cleaners mentioned in this article.


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