Why You Should Consider Residential Cleaning Services

residential cleaning services

You could always clean your house yourself. Seriously, that weekly job of cleaning for hours, arguing with everyone in the house to do their chores, when in reality, it all falls on you.

That would mean using up a significant amount of time to do the work. You can have professional services in keeping your household tidy. Residential cleaning services can do a full cleaning of your household.

You won’t have to use your time and effort with the cleaning. There are many benefits with getting a house cleaning service and you’re about to learn some of them. Start having residential cleaning services to enjoy the many benefits.

There are many reasons why you need to start looking for the cleaning services company of your choice. Here are reasons why you should hire house cleaning services.

Customized House Cleaning Services

Customized House Cleaning Services

You should hire customized house cleaning services. The cost of the service can depend on the size of your room or house and services required. The amount of cleaning to be done is also a factor.

Customized house cleaning services is great because you can choose the schedule of the cleaning. The cleaning services industry offers customized house cleaning services so they can adjust to the clients’ needs.

It guarantees clients get what they need at the time that is convenient for them. For all your cleaning needs, have a house cleaning service done.

Satisfaction Is Guaranteed

Some companies that offer residential cleaning services have a flat-rate pricing structure. With a flat-rate pricing structure, satisfaction is guaranteed. Maids are there to stay and keep cleaning until the job is done.

It allows your house to be cleaned any time you desire. A maid is well-trained and knowledgeable in all aspects of house cleaning. Maids ensure your house is properly cared for as the cleaning is being done. They have years of experience while giving quality service.

They make sure that satisfaction is guaranteed. Maids make sure consistent excellent service is given each time.

Residential Cleaning Services Have Affordable Rates and Discounts
You might think that house cleaning services are expensive. Residential cleaning services have affordable rates and discounts.

House cleaning services are affordable in order to ensure you can afford their services anytime. There are many types of house cleaning services and each one has a decent price tag. Some cleaning services company offer discounts.

residential cleaning services

If you get to be a regular client, they can give you discounts enabling you to get a lower cost for their service.

There are many other benefits of having residential cleaning services. It’s a business that can let you have more time for yourself and for your family.

It can let you have a merry life by removing the stress of having to clean your house yourself. Hire the best house cleaning services company like MintyMaids. They are the authority and the best for a reason.

Their prices are fair and you can have customized house cleaning services. Satisfaction is guaranteed and you won’t have to stress about the clutter in your home anymore.

Benefits of Organic Cleaning Products

You might have thought that the cleaning products you use are all well and good. Sure, everyone else uses them. However, the chemicals that’s in your cleaning products are actually not very healthy for you and for your family, and of course, the environment.

You might be using products you’ve seen from commercials or simply at the mall that looks attractive and seems effective. Using those products can actually be very harmful to your health and be causing irreparable harm to the planet. When you’re a housekeeper or the one that cleans the house, you need to realize the danger some cleaning products can cause.

A household needs to be safe and chemicals that can be toxic should be used sparingly. Instead, use organic cleaning products to clean your household. Organic cleaning products are natural and safer to use than stronger chemicals. There are also many benefits with using organic cleaning products.

Organic Cleaning Products Are Safer

Organic Cleaning Products Are Safer

Conventional cleaning products can be very harmful and may cause a lot of health issues. Organic cleaning products are safer and should be ones you use at home. You should also realize the hazard that conventional cleaning products can cause.

When you go to a store, don’t just go for brightly packaged cleaning products. Go for the natural ones because organic cleaning products are safer and also effective. Green cleaning is a wonderful choice, environmentally friendly and cleaning products made of natural ingredients can actually be homemade.

A recipe of an organic cleaning product can be easily followed with items you have at home.

Healthier Home with Green Cleaning

With your cleaning products, you need to go for better and safer solutions. You’ll have a healthier home with green cleaning. Green cleaning is also eco-friendly.

If you plan to hire a cleaning service, check out those that offer or make use of organic cleaning products. A healthier home with green cleaning should be a priority for a safe household.

Don’t just go for any power cleaning agent, use natural ones because you’ll have a healthier home with green cleaning.

Less Stress with Green Cleaning

Less Stress with Green Cleaning

Using conventional cleaning products can lead to a lot of worries, especially if you have kids. Kids can often be naughty around the house and can get their hands on things they shouldn’t be touching.

Conventional cleaning products can be dangerous and shouldn’t be handled by children. You’ll have less stress with green cleaning. It’s friendly to the environment and safe for everyone. Having safe products is essential when you want to keep a safe home.

Use natural cleaning products for all your cleaning needs. Have less stress with green cleaning.

Remember to use natural cleaning products when cleaning your home. They are safe, effective and better to use than conventional cleaning products which can be toxic. You should also be aware of the benefits of green cleaning.

Your cleaning supplies at home should include natural cleaning products from trusted cleaning company. So try green cleaning and experience the satisfaction it can give you.

The Reasons Why You Should Hire a Professional Couch Cleaner

advantages of couch cleaning services

Home furniture, particularly the couch and the sofa, are some of the most extensively used household items, and therefore are more prone to wear and tear. Basically, they get worn out and messy more than anywhere else you sit.

A professional couch cleaner will make a big difference in the proper upkeep and maintenance of your living room seats and sofa sets.

reasons why you should hire a couch cleaner

Why You Need to Regularly Clean Your Living Room Couch

The frequency of calling and counting on the services of a professional couch cleaner depends on the use of your living room couches and who are using them.

We all know that children tend to be messy on couches, playing and jumping on them, spilling food and liquid, causing stains, and oftentimes leaving muddy footprints on them.

Your couches also attract and accumulate pet dander and shedded fur (or hairballs!) which sticks to them and is difficult to get off, unless properly vacuumed.

Why Not DIY Couch Cleaning Instead?

While DIY couch cleaning is possible and you can certainly give it a try, you may not want to, because cleaning them yourself can actually cause more mess or worse, to even end up damaging your couches altogether, since you are not really well-versed with the correct couching cleaning techniques and procedures.

Living room couches and sofa sets require methods of cleaning and maintenance much different from what regular seats and furniture made out of plastic or wood need.

Presented here are the reasons why you should leave the upkeep and maintenance of your living room couches and sofa sets to the expert hands of a professional couch cleaner.

The Advantages of Hiring a Professional Couch Cleaner over DIY Couch Cleaning

Certified and Accredited House Cleaning Technicians Specializing in Couch Cleaning Will Know How to Meticulously Handle Any Sofa Fabric

Experienced professional housekeepers have worked with many different materials used in couches and sofa sets and know how to perfectly handle each type.

Their experience and training are crucial, so they can identify and determine the best procedure to clean each type of fabric used in different couches and sofas. They know the best treatment to use too, which cleaning solutions and agents will be most fitting to be used on which kind of fabric staining.

If your couches and other living room seats have particularly delicate materials and fabrics, then the services of a professional couch cleaner will definitely be the best and most appropriate decision for you to make.

advantages of couch cleaning services

An Experienced Couch Cleaner Will Know How to Utilize Fast Drying Processes Which Will Be Safe, Effective and Convenient

Another one of the advantages of hiring a professional couch cleaner over DIY couch cleaning is the use of fast drying procedures which will leave your couches and sofa sets dry in only a short period of time.

With your lack of knowhow on the job, you will most likely have a difficult time drying your couches, especially if you have unwittingly used excessive amounts of water or other chemicals on it.

Couches and sofas which are not completely and properly dried will result in the growth of mold and mildew and will also cause the furniture to smell.

Not only will this cause more trouble for you, but this can also be harmful to the health of your family and affect the sanitation and hygiene of your entire household.

Ultimately, a professional couch cleaner will be of great help and assistance to the proper caring and preservation of your furniture. Give Minty Maids a call and we will send you the best couch cleaner right away.

Our clients who have used our couch cleaning services have also been interested in our move out cleaning services which you may need for house relocation in the future.

The Different Homemade Carpet Stain Remover and Solutions

With years of experience in providing housekeeping services to many homes, MintyMaids has made a great and reputable name for itself as a cleaning services company.

We offer carpet cleaning services all over Winnipeg, Manitoba, amongst many other household cleaning and maintenance services. You can also purchase gift cards from us to better enjoy the wonderful and refreshing atmosphere feeling you get from having a professionally cleaned home.

vinegar as one of the most effective carpet stain remover agents

However, there are times when your living room carpet gets stained, and you cannot wait to get it resolved and remedied.

So, the first thing you think to do is grab the nearest cloth or chemical carpet stain remover and clean it up. Hang on and think again. Maybe you’re compounding the problem or not doing a thorough enough job in handling the spill in this manner.

Read on and learn some tried and tested methods and techniques for carpet stain removal. You may want consider taking the advice offered in the following sections straight from the experts in the field.

Some Natural Homemade Carpet Stain Remover and Solutions

Presented here are some of the carpet stain remover and solutions which you can find around your kitchen. While some of the solutions can be used alone and independently as they are, others may need to be mixed with another solution in order to work more effectively.

Vinegar as One of the Most Effective Carpet Stain Remover Agents

These are the homemade vinegar-infused formulas for you to try on different kinds of stains on your carpet. Watch them work in no time.

For light carpet staining. Dissolve two tablespoons of salt in ½ cup of white vinegar. Wet a clean dish cloth with the solution and rub it on the light carpet stain. You may repeat the process a couple of times and let it dry until you see the stain finally come off. Vacuum the affected area of the carpet after it dries.

For darker and bigger stains. Add two tablespoons of borax to ½ cup of white vinegar. Proceed as you would for the lighter stain on your carpet until you see the desired results.

For spilled paint on the carpet. Be quick before the paint completely dries out. Blend in a mixing bowl 1 ½ teaspoons of white vinegar, two cups of water and 1 ½ teaspoons of laundry detergent. Use a sponge to hold some of the concocted solution and rub it on the paint before it starts to set. Then wash the affected area with cold water.

For fruit juice staining. You will need a mixture of two cups of water, 1 ½ tablespoons of white vinegar and one tablespoon of laundry detergent. Again, use a sponge to gather enough of the mixture to be applied to the fruit juice staining on your carpet. Rinse it with water and then allow it to dry.

For coffee and tea splatters. Remove these liquid spills using a mixture of equal parts water and vinegar. This should do the trick.

These are cleaning solutions are why we consider vinegar one of the most effective carpet stain remover agents.

natural homemade carpet stain remover and solutions

Salt as Part of Some Very Good Natural Homemade Carpet Stain Remover and Solutions

For spilled red wine. Immediately grab white wine and pour some onto the red wine spills to reduce the effects of the color. After which, you have to clean the affected spot with a sponge slightly dipped in cold water. You can then tap a dash of salt onto the affected area and wait for about 10 minutes until you see the red wine come off the carpet. Vacuum where the spill was once dry.

For greasy food staining. Use a mixture of four parts rubbing alcohol and one part salt. Rub the solution hard enough on the greasy stain, but be sure to rub in the normal direction of the carpet’s natural fibers.

For catsup spill. For this one, like paint, you need to be quick before the stain sets in. Immediately dash some salt over the catsup on your carpet and leave it as is for a couple of minutes and then vacuum the affected spot. Clean any residue with a dry sponge. Repeat the process of salting and vacuuming until the catsup stain is completely removed.

These are only some of the natural homemade carpet stain remover and solutions which are easy to follow for carpet staining which can’t wait for the carpet cleaning services of MintyMaids.

Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Home Cleaning Services Provider in Winnipeg

where to hire the best home cleaning services in winnipeg

When choosing a home cleaning services provider, you have to be truly careful with which company you will want to work on your house cleaning.

The home cleaning service provider will need to be reliable and reputable with not only highly trained and skilled housekeepers but they also have to be completely trustworthy.

However, there some important things which you may tend to overlook as you hire a home cleaning service provider.

Browse through and be reminded of these things which you have to always factor in and take into account when selecting a home cleaning service provider.

how to properly hire home cleaning services near you

Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Home Cleaning Service Provider

Hiring Housekeepers While Depending Solely on Low Pricing as Your Priority Criteria

There are several indications which can be deduced from certain extremely low costs of house cleaning services. While low pricing is good, you have to first and foremost consider the quality of work of your chosen housekeepers and look at the affordability and proper pricing appropriate with the said quality of work.

Low pricing of housekeeping services can mean inexperience of the house cleaner or the company itself. It may also mean that there is no bonding or insurance coverage. There may not have been screening and background checks conducted on the housekeepers which a certain amount of budget should have been allocated for by the company.

Low pricing may also mean that their cleaning equipment, tools, and agents and solutions may not be updated and may end up being too harsh on your appliances and furniture. You would not want them damaged only because you are trying and skimping on house cleaning services costs.

Hiring House Cleaners Without Making a Thorough Research

With the internet right at your fingertips, this step should come easy and convenient.

It is best recommended that you gather details about the cleaning services and comments from the company’s other clients.

Check out the company website and its other social media platform accounts. Even the presentation of these online sites of the house cleaning service company will say so much about its reputability and reliability.

Notice how seriously they take their online marketing and advertising campaigns and initiatives as well as how they respond to and acknowledge customer feedback on their online sites.

where to hire the best home cleaning services in winnipeg

Letting in Your Home a Housekeeper Sent by a House Cleaning Services Company

As an employer of cleaning services, you have the right to transparency of background details and information about the cleaner whom you are welcoming in your home.

A rather expensive performance of background checks on cleaning technicians will only be done by a house cleaning service company that is serious about keeping their clients by protecting them from any untoward incidents which may be caused by an untrustworthy worker.

Ultimately, you will only want highly skilled and constantly trained cleaning employees to work in your household in Winnipeg. So choose us and book online now with MintyMaids.

What Winnipeg Hotels Can Offer to the Winnipeg Nightlife Scene

Manitoba is known for its tourist destinations and attractions. That is why the city is sprinkled with high-end and luxurious Winnipeg hotel and bar establishments such as the MintyMaids. They do not only offer great lodging and accommodations but they also contribute to the amazing and colorful Winnipeg nightlife scene.

If you are ever in the vicinity, here are some of the hotels and inns with matching bars and music pubs you can check out and enjoy.

famous winnipeg hotels and bars

The Marion Hotel and Bar

The family-owned and-operated Marion Hotel and Bar is popular to the locals and the tourists alike.

The hotel and bar is known for musical gigs and live band performances. They also have a pool club and league which welcomes everyone interested in the sport. They also house other entertaining events every night during the week.

The Marion Hotel and Bar has a unique gimmick wherein in the names of regular customers and nightlife aficionados are literally etched in gold plate along the walls of the hotel and bar combo.

The Marion offers great entertainment, great food and beverages. These are all packed with great and fun-loving people who love to be part of Winnipeg’s inviting nightlife and enticing bar scene.

The Canad Inns Destination Centre Club Regent Casino Hotel

The Canad Inns Destination Centre is home to six one-off entertainment venues which are all uniquely themed clubs. With the consistent excellence of quality entertainment factor, food and beverages, and even the services of the staff members, each of these Canad Clubs is a hub for a fantastic nightlife. So if you are looking for the best hotel and bar in Winnipeg Manitoba, you must try the Canad Inns. You need not worry because you can always choose to hop from one of them to the other in order to see, feel and savor the unique amusing offerings of each Canad Club.

The REIGN Nightclub

The REIGN Nightclub is one of the Canad Clubs which is famous for its versatility in terms of entertainment and amusement. It is also known for its stylish modernities, class and sophistication which you will never tire of. Plus, it offers only the first-rate services.

The REIGN Nightclub offers a variety of music events which you will get to enjoy even more and better owing to the club’s advanced audiovisual technologies and effects. It will truly provide you with an unforgettable Winnipeg nightlife experience which you will crave to come back to soon.

The Cowboys

The Cowboys is the center for country music amongst the Canad Clubs. It has a western American and Texan theme that is apparent in its two storeys of entertainment centers.

The Cowboys is indeed a world class music stage that has witnessed some of the performances of the world’s most famous music acts such as the Black Eyed Peas.

the best night life and hotels in winnipeg

The Great Western Roadhouse

The Great Western Roadhouse is the social hub of the Canad Clubs. Its focus and highlight includes a dance floor of elevated platforms lit with intricate lights and filled with state of the art digital sounds.

At The Great Western Roadhouse, you can go about dancing as if no one is watching or simply stop by for dinner while enjoying the boisterous and fun dance scenes.

The rest of the Canad Clubs are The Nashville’s, the TYC Event Centre and the Essence Event Centre.

Of course you would not want to miss out on the Playmaker’s Gaming Lounge of The Canad Inns Destination Centre either. This is a boutique casino where Winnipeg nightlife gamers can try their luck at gaming actions in a Las Vegas manner.

How to Clean Fridge with Vinegar and Water Solution

Have you ever wondered how to clean your fridge with a solution of vinegar and water? It is an easily accessible cleaning solution which most people have in their home kitchen.

Presented here are steps to follow on how to clean a refrigerator using vinegar and water mixture.

to clean a refrigerator using vinegar and water mixture

How to Clean Fridge with Vinegar and Water Solution: The Simple Steps

What Tools and Implements You Need to Prepare

In order for you to make the most out of your fridge-cleaning, you need to have the right cleaning materials available.

Prepare a few clean, microfiber cloths or fabrics so that you have extras for use in case one gets damp and accumulates too much dirt and grime from wiping.

You will need a spray bottle to pour the vinegar and water solution in. Finally and most importantly, you will need your cleaning vinegar and some warm or hot water. Cleaning vinegar is not regular vinegar, but a vinegar made from select, sun-ripened grain, diluted with water to a special 6% acidity level.

Regular distilled vinegar has an acid strength of 5%. For the purpose of this article, the word vinegar stands for cleaning vinegar.

How to Clean Fridge with Vinegar and Water Solution: The Mixture

To clean a refrigerator using vinegar and water mixture, just remember that the ratio of the mixture is always three parts warm or hot water and one part cleaning vinegar.

Place your blended cleaning solution in the spray bottle. Shake well.

How Do You Go About How to Clean a Refrigerator Using Vinegar and Water Mixture?

How to Clean Fridge with Vinegar and Water SolutionEmpty your fridge of all its contents. It will be best to clear the appliance of everything before you start wiping the interior. Take out its removable and detachable plastic dividers, drawers and shelves.

Spray the vinegar and water solution onto the clean microfiber cloth until it is damp but not soaked.

You may start wiping off dirt and grime from the plastic containers and dividers from the fridge so that they can start drying while you are occupied with the rest of the interior parts of the fridge. As soon as you are done wiping the removable plastic parts with the solution and are sure that they are thoroughly cleansed, then you can wipe them off the solution with a dry non-abrasive towel.

Now you may proceed with the rest of the interior parts of the fridge. Just the same with the detachable plastic containers, you wipe the walls down removing all dirt, liquid spills and splatters, and grime.

For stubborn caked-on stains and spills, you may directly pour a small amount of undiluted vinegar onto the area. Leave it that way for a couple of minutes until the stain is moist, then wipe it off.


Remember to switch cleaning fabric when necessary as you clean the fridge.

For more thorough and definitely expert cleaning services, book online with MintyMaids now. The company houses the best and most professional housekeepers in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

As well, at MintyMaids, cleaning your fridge will be an optional add-on which you can choose to complement their other home cleaning services.

Boisterous Merrymaking at Winnipeg Bars: A Part of the Lively Manitoba Nightlife

Hitting up Winnipeg bars is a great way to cap off your Winnipeg night.

Winnipeg bars are classy and each one of them has identifying features that make them a one-off. They offer thrilling and exciting foods, drinks and fun activities too. Every night in Manitoba will be a different experience when hitting up Winnipeg bars with all their excellent and exceptional offerings for you and your friends to enjoy.

Presented here are some of the reasons why hopping from one Winnipeg bar to another is an awesome way to complete your Winnipeg nightlife experience.

the best bars and night life taverns in winnipeg

Hitting up Winnipeg Bars for Their Brewing of Tasty & Unique Drinks

From craft beers to cocktails to pure fine wines to whiskeys and rums to gins to mocktails, name it and a bar in Winnipeg bar will surely concoct it to your liking.

Winnipeg pubs offer some of the best alcoholic beverages for you to see, smell and sip or even gulp in one go. That is, depending on your taste and style of drinking. These taverns house and feature only the best bartenders and flairtenders in town to brew and create your drinks as well as for your entertainment too.

Hopping from One Winnipeg Bar to Another Winnipeg Pub for Their Amazing Dishes

Winnipeg bars can virtually take you to trot around the world with their wide range of meals. Their dishes are influenced by just as wide a variety of cultures and cuisines as their drinks, from all over the globe.

You can go French or Italian or English with the delicacies and meals which you can choose to order. Whichever it may be that you fancy, you can count on the reliable and reputable Winnipeg chefs to blend your foods into delightful dishes with a sprinkle of different cultures and a twist of sweet and spicy.

Explore the Winnipeg Live Pop Music at Winnipeg Bars

Delight is found in local up and coming Winnipeg musicians at Winnipeg pubs and taverns.

You will get to enjoy listening to amazing acoustic covers of the most popular songs on the charts. Find the best of the music scene as well as original composition of young local talents that the Manitoba city boasts of.

You and your friends also definitely do not want to miss Winnipeg’s share of affinity to electro-dance music to which you and your company can groove and sway to.

the best clubs in winnipeg for a night out fun

Fun Game Nights at the Winnipeg Bars

From dice drinking contests to tabletop games to social and card games and even to classic darts, you will have so much fun playing along with your friends. Don’t forget about bar roulette, “beat the bartender” contests, “name that tune”, and all the other trivia games you can play.

All these and more you can find at the Winnipeg bars during your various nights out on the town. They even have a sports night when you can watch live streaming of soccer and baseball games.

During these exciting game nights, you will get to meet new people and make new friends while winning prizes. Keep bringing your A-game on and keep taking home prizes in the process.

Thereafter the energy consumed in the Winnipeg pub and nightclub parties has died down, it may be time to call leading Winnipeg cleaning services provider MintyMaids for a thorough and exhaustive clean up.

The Most Popular and Storied Winnipeg Sports

Winnipeg has contributed greatly to the entirety of Canadian sport. Manitoba’s capital city is home to the Manitoba Sports Hall of Fame and Museum, which exhibits proof of Manitoba’s contribution to sport in the form of preserved artifacts and photographs of Winnipeg’s sports icons and heroes who boosted Canada’s name in the sports arena and placed the country on the world’s sports map.

Here are some of the most celebrated and cheered for Winnipeg sports from its lengthy sports history.

Modern Field Hockey

modern field hockey in winnipegBrought to Canadian soil by the English, modern field hockey is a physically demanding game that requires endurance, bravery, and courage from each of its players in order to bring home the bacon and forever make a mark in hockey’s history.

A sport that is well renowned and revered in Winnipeg as well as the rest of Canada, modern field hockey brings a grand sense of pride, spirit, passion, community, belongingness, and oneness among Manitobans and the people of Winnipeg in particular.

Winnipeg has produced modern field hockey hall of famers and has contributed over 180 professional major league field hockey athletes to the Canadian hockey community, and in turn, to the world. These names have certainly put the country in the international limelight in terms of excellence in modern field hockey.


Winnipeg houses approximately 5,000 amateur and minor league baseball players.

The sport is a way of educating Winnipeg’s youth about camaraderie, sportsmanship, and independence just as much as interaction, participation, and teamwork. These young baseball champions in the making are categorized according to age and level of baseball skill.

The Winnipeg Goldeyes prides itself in winning three league championships and nine division championships.

Horse Racing

Another one of the oldest sports in Winnipeg, horse racing first took place in Winnipeg way back in the early 1920s. Back in the day, parks were used as race tracks.

These days, horse racing is a huge sport on this side of Canada. The thoroughbred horse race is particularly watched for the entire year by enthusiasts.


Bandy is an amateur sport that is exclusively played in Winnipeg.

It is a cross between football and ice hockey. Although so many of its elements can be identified and attributed to hockey, bandy has no other variant and is only played on ice.


Skateboarding is a serious sport to many young Manitobans. The cool and risky sport, which depends entirely on the player’s sense of intuition and physical balance, has been rolling around Winnipeg for almost four decades now.

These days, plazas in Winnipeg serve as official venues for several international skateboard competitions. Non-competitive exhibition skateboarding events also draw a huge and fun throng in Winnipeg.

Sports are definitely a part of Manitoba’s local culture. Sports are practically in the blood of the people of Winnipeg, so much so that they even greatly support amateur sports and exhibition events. It is a way for the Winnipeg community to come together and cheer and applaud for their local sports talents who have so much potential to make it to the national sports scene.

maid service in WinnipegWhile you may be watching in awe and amazement at skateboarders or perhaps glued to the television to tune into Canada’s number one sports channel, do not discount the clutter around you as you focus on your favorite emerging Winnipeg sports heroes. Call the Winnipeg maid service Mintymaids to do the tidying up for you and your home.

Things to Do in Winnipeg

When in Manitoba: Things to Do in Winnipeg

Whether you are a visitor or a local, things to do in Winnipeg just never run out.

There is only so much that Winnipeg has to offer for you to see and experience. From getting in touch with the history buff in you in age-old museums, to just leisurely walking in the meticulously designed and mown parks where you can pause to breathe in the smell of flowers, to getting up-close and personal with your four-legged friends at the zoo, to land and water sports, straight to a very lively nightlife. All these you will revel in and savor in Winnipeg.

Get Busy with the Numerous Things to Do in Winnipeg and Let Mintymaids Take Care of Your Housekeeping.

housekeeping services in WinnipegWhile you are gleefully busy with your recreation and relaxation, you may leave the house cleaning to Winnipeg’s best maid services company and that is Mintymaids. At Mintymaids, your home’s utmost cleanliness is guaranteed. You instead devote your time to your family and enjoy the many things to do in Winnipeg as Mintymaids takes care of your household chores.

The Things to Do in Winnipeg, in a Nutshell

Hop from one historical museum to the next. Get to know prominent Canadian athletes who placed the country on the world sports map in the Manitoba Sports Hall of Fame and Museum. You also feel and touch the history that molded and sculpted Manitoba into the way it is today in the Lower Fort Garry National Historic Site.

Thereafter, complement your new learnings from the Lower Fort Garry National Historic Site with other new knowledge and historical trivia in the 56-acre Forks National Historic Site which has been doing great at summing up the thousands over thousands of Winnipeg history.

Learn more and get hands-on even with large Canadian aviation industry in the Royal Aviation Museum of Western Canada. You may opt to walk around the vicinity along with a guided tour or just lounge and linger in the Flight Deck where you may hover over the busy runways and watch the air traffic.

You would also not want to miss the one-off railway system-focused museum that is named the Winnipeg Railway Museum. The exceptional place is such an eye-opener, a window through which you can look back at the amazing and colorful history of Canada.

The Winnipeg Railway Museum not only focuses on the history of the railway system that connects the Canadian regions but it is also a manifestation of the many struggles of the locals from centuries ago before transitioning into the present state of Canada which we get to enjoy now.

Music and Dance

Witness and feel cosmopolitan culture in music and dance festivities. Merry-making that is brimming with dance, live music, food and drinks is a part of the Winnipeg culture. You can take you entire family to the very family-oriented Canada Day celebration at The Forks or Assiniboine Park, among other sites of the festival, where there are fireworks display and fun activities which you get to enjoy amid live music.

Pop music is also a mainstream hit in the Winnipeg festivities scene. Listen to the latest and most popular songs as they are belted out in theatrical productions at the Rainbow Stage in Kildonan Park.

Winnipeg, Manitoba, would not miss out on the worldwide hit electronic music either. If electronic dance music is your jam, then do not forget to drop by the Cube Stage.

Let us not forget the significant contribution of aboriginal music and partake too in the merriments at Manito Ahbee where aboriginal music and arts are well celebrated.

You can also go Caribbean amid Winnipeg and groove to the island sounds at the Soca Reggea Music Festival.

Be introduced to Arctic species swimming behind the clear glasses of a colossal aquarium. Personally say “hello” to polar bears and seals at the Journey to Churchill. Watch these lovely pawed creatures swim and flip and dance in the waters to entertain you and put a smile on your face.

After, follow up your visit with the seals and polar bears with a stroll at the Assiniboine Park Zoo. In Assiniboine Park Zoo, you will have a close encounter with life-size and moving dinosaur models which will practically take you back in time.

call housekeeping in winnipegDo Not Miss Any of the Winnipeg Adventures.

What might you still be waiting for?

There are so many things to do in Winnipeg. Never miss out on them.

Housekeeping holding you back from enjoying the day-out with your family? Worry no longer and phone Winnipeg cleaning services Mintymaids via (204) 272-7337 or email us at support@mintymaids.ca to take care of your home’s utmost cleanliness. You can also easily book for our cleaning services at our website.