Kitchen Cleaning Ideas for a Healthier House

The kitchen will get dirty quickly. It is one of the highest-traffic spaces in a home. Those filthy counter tops, that smelly garbage disposal, those sponges hanging out in the sink–they are all teeming with bacteria. It’s possible to do something about it. Taking some time weekly and daily to clean the kitchen or hire a professional to clean is going to assist you in resting assured that the kitchen is appearing its best. At MintyMaids, we are dedicated to using chemical free cleaning solutions; therefore, we suggest the same for anyone who wishes to tackle a cleaning task on their own. The spaces which receive the most traffic require the most consistent attention. That means cleaning the refrigerator, countertops, appliances, range, floors, and cabinets.

The surfaces used to store food, cook and prepare meals often need cleaning. Granite counter tops, additional stone counters, as well as composite counters must be wiped and sanitized. A day-to-day wipe down is suggested. The best method of cleaning granite countertops includes mixing a bit of warm water and dish detergent. The soapy mixture followed up with rinsing then drying using microfiber cloths is going to take care of the day-to-day maintenance of the counters. As you clean the counters, it is better to take off everything from them: utensils, foods, dishes, and appliances.

The cabinetry is one of the most overlooked spaces which must be cleaned. You’ll transfer bacteria from the hands to the handles each day. The lower kitchen cabinetry oftentimes gets soiled from spills which occur while cooking and preparing meals. Routinely cleaning both the outside and inside of the cabinets is going to keep the kitchen looking fantastic and deter bacteria from setting shop up. To get the cabinets appearing their best, you have a few options. Blend water with either detergent, baking soda, or vinegar to treat the affected surfaces and rinse away using a wet, clean sponge then dry using a microfiber cloth or paper towel.

One general rule includes cleaning from top to bottom: begin with the top of your refrigerator, the highest cabinets, plus the range hood then work your way down, and finish with sweeping, taking the trash out and mopping your floor. As you get started, fill up the sink with soapy, hot water to soak all pesky items such as the crumb trays, microwave turntable, or refrigerator drawer. As you are finished with the items inside the sink, drain your sink then rinse it out with warm water. Wipe the basin out using a mild abrasive cleaner and microfiber cloth and rinse it out with warm water.

As you deep clean the kitchen, you ought to take some time to clean the appliances, refrigerator, and range top. For stubborn spaces, it is better to soak them inside cleaning solution for a couple of minutes before you try to scrub them clean.

If that all sounds a little overwhelming, we are with you. That is why we at MintyMaids have committed ourselves to providing expert home cleaning services.

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