How to Clean Your Microwave

Do you have a dirty microwave? Do you want to get it squeaky clean with minimal work? Not just is it possible to get a clean microwave without having to use harsh chemicals in an area in which we heat our food, this also is the easiest method of cleaning a microwave.

That is right — if you have been avoiding cleaning the microwave, this natural lemon trick will make you happy.

It really is a simple idea: Merely squeeze lemon juice into water, drop the lemon rinds inside the water, and then microwave. As liquid boils, it’ll condense on the sides of the microwave, and loosen gunk and dissolve food splatters. Lemon juice is a natural cleaning solution, and all you need to do is utilize a clean towel to wipe everything down.

Vinegar-water solution for cleaning a microwave

If you have not cleaned the microwave in quite some time, you may see a buildup of gunk. If it has been sitting in there for quite a while, the chunks of food might’ve hardened to the point of making it nearly impossible to wipe clean. Steam-cleaning the inside of your microwave using a vinegar-water option will eliminate the mess without a lot of effort. Here is what you must do.

Collect these materials:

  • Sponge
  • Water
  • Vinegar
  • Stir stick or toothpick
  • Microwave-safe bowl

Follow these instructions:

Pour equal parts water and vinegar inside the bowl. Measure based upon how long you’re prepared to steam the microwave for. Using 1/2 a cup of each liquid is fine, however, if it needs a deeper clean, use 1 c. vinegar and 1 c. water.

Insert a small wooden object or toothpick inside the water-vinegar solution. It’s a cautionary measure that not everyone must take, yet it’ll minimize the opportunities of explosions. It isn’t necessary, yet I do this to be on the safe side.

Bubbles are going to form on the wooden implement or toothpick, allowing it to boil without exploding. Bubbles cannot form on smooth surfaces, causing it to boil into an explosion as the bowl is moved suddenly. Most bowls and plates are not completely smooth; therefore, you do not usually need to be concerned with this.

For this cleaning, I utilized a wooden stir stick rather than a toothpick since I did not have any available.

Heat the bowl for 5 – 10 minutes, depending upon how messy your microwave is. As the time is up, leave it inside for a couple of minutes to allow it to steam up more.

After allowing it to sit for a while, take the bowl out using oven mitts because it will be extremely hot. Next, take a sponge and then dip it inside the hot water/vinegar mix and scrub down the microwave. More than likely you will not require a sponge, and the junk will easily come off with a couple of swipes of a paper towel or rag.

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