What You Should Know About a Green Carpet Cleaner

It is inevitable for carpets both at home and offices to accumulate significant amounts of dirt over time; it is this dirt and lack of proper cleaning practices which ultimately causes the carpet to appear ill-maintained and old.

Now, however much we would want to maintain the cleanliness and general look of the carpet, we cannot fully control movements that happen around them.

In this situation, most people opt to hire professional carpet cleaning companies to deal with the dirt and grime; the good news is that they offer a wide variety of cleaning options chief among them being green carpet cleaner which is environmental safe and friendly.

The following are why you should opt for a green carpet cleaner:



It is safe


The use of this organic solution does not pose any health risk to you, your kid and pets. It is hard to predict the outcome of the other toxic chemicals used in regular cleaners even when dry because they could still be inhaled. It is not a surprise that most companies advice their users to stay away from their carpets when they are drying. The best thing about a green carpet cleaner is that it is made from natural and organic ingredients which are biodegradable, non-toxic and effective; you can never be so sure about other cleaning products.


Quick drying times


Unlike other cleaners, which require lots of water to work efficiently, it is the exact opposite with the green carpet cleaner; the use of less water translates to shorter drying times say an hour or two. This is quite interesting because with regular cleaners, the drying time takes up to two days. If the carpet dries up quickly, then the probability of poisonous molds growing is greatly reduced.


The carpet’s lifespan is increased


Since these organic cleaners use little water, it means that you do not have to soak the carpet; soaking causes the fibers in the carpet to break down leading to breakdown of materials used in making the carpet. Surprisingly, you even have an opportunity to clean your carpet often without worrying that it will fast wear out.


It is effective


The effectiveness of a green carpet cleaner is similar to that of the regular detergents. It leaves your carpet sparkles and removes all contaminants; this implies that there are reduced allergies and you no longer have to worry about the safety of your loved ones. It is actually a win-win situation, where you get your carpet all cleaned without posing any health risk.

Improved quality of indoor air

Traditional cleaners leave behind synthetic fragrances which are pleasant but with the capability of aggravating respiratory problems, Organic cleaners on the other hand do not leave behind a strong scent and do not compromise the quality of indoor air.

Apart from the need for clean carpets, the use of a green carpet cleaner is instrumental in homes with members suffering from various health issues or homes that are conscious of the foreign products introduced to the environment.

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