Cleaning Services in A House with Pets

As anyone who has a pet can attest to, pets often are one of the messiest – and happiest—addition to any loving family. Apart from the happiness of giving a homeless pet somewhere to live, having furry friends additionally provides us with an abundance of reasons to open our doors, our hearts, as well as…our cleaning cabinetry.

Animal owners have a unique set of issues as it’ll come to housekeeping. There are stains, hair, accidents, as well as footprints. Remaining on top of everything is important. That is why the majority of folks who have animals hire a cleaning company.

Why Should You Select MintyMaids When You Have an Animal?

Cleaning homes that have animals is a specialty for our team of maids. Our deep cleaning services freshen up with healthy cleaning products which aren’t just safe for you, as well as your loved ones, yet also the animals you share your residence with.

  • We’ll vacuum using HEPA filtration that is able to extract as much as 99% of pet dander and allergens (in conjunction with bacteria and pollen).
  • Our team of maids clean underneath beds, in which clumps of animal hair love to accumulate.
  • MintyMaids integrates eco-preferred options into our cleaning regimens, so it is possible to trust that we are utilizing pet-safe cleaning agents.
  • We thoroughly dust to eliminate all of that dust and dirt they’ll bring in with their dirty paws.
  • Our maid teams additionally hand scrub hardwood floors, make beds, disinfect toilets, as well as wipe kitchen cabinets down.

Go forth and spend more time at a dog park. We will care for your house while you are away, in order for you to come back home to a sparkling home both you and Fluffy will love.

How Often to Clean Your Home When You Have Pets

Some owners of pets use MintyMaids week-to-week or on a bi-monthly basis, in order for the messes and pet hair never to get out of hand. We understand that extracting pet smells and eliminating urine stains are crucial to the health of your residence. No matter how you see it, having a pet-friendly cleaner at your service may greatly improve your quality of life, as well as the quality of all relationship with the pets you share it with.

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Let us be honest: Having a pet may make your house messy. And it isn’t just you who is impacted. Consider all of your visitors who do not want to sit down on sofas that are full of hair or notice grimy paw marks all over your kitchen floors. However, do not worry if you would rather spend all of your downtimes with your animal rather than a broom and a mop. You can count on MintyMaids to get your house in top condition each time. Get in touch with MintyMaids right away for a complimentary price quote. We are prepared to get your house sparkling clean!

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