Finding the Best Hotels in Winnipeg

Always wanted to visit Winnipeg? With so many hotels in Winnipeg it can be a challenge to choose where to stay. However, there are many ways how you can narrow down your list.

You can then pick your best choice based on the method we shall share with you. However, there are things to do first before you leave your place. Of course, there is the packing of things that you shall bring.

You also have to clean your house before you love so when you come back everything is in order. We’ll also give you some tips on how you can be worry-free with all the cleaning tasks.

Look for Excellent Hotels in Winnipeg on the Internet

Look for Excellent Hotels in Winnipeg on the Internet

First thing’s first, look for excellent hotels in Winnipeg on the internet. This shouldn’t be too hard. Make a list and don’t worry if it gets too long. Another tip is to look at reviews.

Don’t mind about the price for now. Just read the testimonials of guests. List down those that have good reviews. Also, look at photos and also know the location of the hotel.

If the hotel looks stunning and is placed on a convenient area, list it down. It’s great if the hotel is near the airport or downtown.

Choose Hotels in Winnipeg Based on Your Budget

Now, it’s time to compare the prices of each. Choose hotels in Winnipeg based on your budget. If you want a cheap hotel, only choose from those that you can afford.

The reason why you don’t want to mind about the price earlier is if in case you would want to go for a pricey one even with a limited budget. Try and see if you can have great deals before you book. Hotels usually have free breakfast so at least you can save on one meal.

Also, try and see if you can avail discounts to lessen the fee when you book. Know that the city also has motels and inns if you want a more affordable place to stay in. However, if you want to experience luxury, search for well-known hotel brands.

Choose Hotels in Winnipeg Based on Your Budget

A House as Clean as a Hotel Room

Now, before you leave or when you arrive at your home after the vacation, you might want to clean your room. If you want a house as clean as a hotel room, MintyMaids can help you out. A quality cleaning service is a guarantee with their cleaners.

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Booking and packing should only be your worries before you travel to Winnipeg. With hotels, make a list, check your budget then book. Make your holiday one of your rewards for yourself and MintyMaids another.

If you want your house to be as clean as the hotels in Winnipeg, give MintyMaids a call today. They offer great house cleaning services which can be very convenient for you. Have your house cleaned before you travel on the highway. You might even just do a cancellation of your trip after your house has been cleaned.

What Winnipeg Hotels Can Offer to the Winnipeg Nightlife Scene

Manitoba is known for its tourist destinations and attractions. That is why the city is sprinkled with high-end and luxurious Winnipeg hotel and bar establishments such as the MintyMaids. They do not only offer great lodging and accommodations but they also contribute to the amazing and colorful Winnipeg nightlife scene.

If you are ever in the vicinity, here are some of the hotels and inns with matching bars and music pubs you can check out and enjoy.

famous winnipeg hotels and bars

The Marion Hotel and Bar

The family-owned and-operated Marion Hotel and Bar is popular to the locals and the tourists alike.

The hotel and bar is known for musical gigs and live band performances. They also have a pool club and league which welcomes everyone interested in the sport. They also house other entertaining events every night during the week.

The Marion Hotel and Bar has a unique gimmick wherein in the names of regular customers and nightlife aficionados are literally etched in gold plate along the walls of the hotel and bar combo.

The Marion offers great entertainment, great food and beverages. These are all packed with great and fun-loving people who love to be part of Winnipeg’s inviting nightlife and enticing bar scene.

The Canad Inns Destination Centre Club Regent Casino Hotel

The Canad Inns Destination Centre is home to six one-off entertainment venues which are all uniquely themed clubs. With the consistent excellence of quality entertainment factor, food and beverages, and even the services of the staff members, each of these Canad Clubs is a hub for a fantastic nightlife. So if you are looking for the best hotel and bar in Winnipeg Manitoba, you must try the Canad Inns. You need not worry because you can always choose to hop from one of them to the other in order to see, feel and savor the unique amusing offerings of each Canad Club.

The REIGN Nightclub

The REIGN Nightclub is one of the Canad Clubs which is famous for its versatility in terms of entertainment and amusement. It is also known for its stylish modernities, class and sophistication which you will never tire of. Plus, it offers only the first-rate services.

The REIGN Nightclub offers a variety of music events which you will get to enjoy even more and better owing to the club’s advanced audiovisual technologies and effects. It will truly provide you with an unforgettable Winnipeg nightlife experience which you will crave to come back to soon.

The Cowboys

The Cowboys is the center for country music amongst the Canad Clubs. It has a western American and Texan theme that is apparent in its two storeys of entertainment centers.

The Cowboys is indeed a world class music stage that has witnessed some of the performances of the world’s most famous music acts such as the Black Eyed Peas.

the best night life and hotels in winnipeg

The Great Western Roadhouse

The Great Western Roadhouse is the social hub of the Canad Clubs. Its focus and highlight includes a dance floor of elevated platforms lit with intricate lights and filled with state of the art digital sounds.

At The Great Western Roadhouse, you can go about dancing as if no one is watching or simply stop by for dinner while enjoying the boisterous and fun dance scenes.

The rest of the Canad Clubs are The Nashville’s, the TYC Event Centre and the Essence Event Centre.

Of course you would not want to miss out on the Playmaker’s Gaming Lounge of The Canad Inns Destination Centre either. This is a boutique casino where Winnipeg nightlife gamers can try their luck at gaming actions in a Las Vegas manner.