Simple Steps for A Shiny Hardwood Floor

Many houses come with hardwood floors, whether it’s in traditional timber or the more affordable timber laminate. As you have hardwood floors you’ll see a variety of things – for instance, dust, food particles, dog hair, and scuff marks all easily show up. But, this may be good news because it means you know when it’s time to clean and it’s possible to remain in control of the allergens, dirt, and mess. Here are a few easy methods of keeping your hardwood flooring sparkling even with the consistent wear and tear of your loved ones.

Polish, Mop, Vacuum

Hardwood floors shouldn’t be cleaned using anything. Soaking its floorboards with domestic cleaner or bleach may make them fade while using an overabundance of water may cause them to expand and rot. The positive news is that there are many specialty cleaners available in the cleaning aisle at your local grocers which are made for hardwood flooring.

1). Vacuum: How often you have to vacuum the floors will depend upon the traffic. As you have a pet and kids, you might be vacuuming on a daily basis or at least every other day.

2). Mop: Mopping your laminate or hardwood floor will remove all footprints and bring back its shine. But, an overabundance of water may lead to complications. Use a lightweight mop which is possible to rinse before touching the floor. You might want to add a traditional soap or a touch of cleaner to the mix.

3). Polish: You do not have to polish the hardwood floors all of the time. As a matter of fact, polishing them one or two times per year might be all that’s needed to keep them appearing new and shiny. Avoid the need to over polish because it may cause problems with the adhesion if you have to recoat your floors.

Eliminating Scuff or Scratch Marks on the Floors

You also may see over time that hardwood floors may show scuff marks, particularly from high-heeled shoes. Or the hardwood flooring might become scratched if you have a dog or cat that has long claws. Avoid walking on the hardwood floor in high heels and keep your dog or cat’s nails trimmed. If you see some dents or scuff marks in the floor, there are do-it-yourself solutions to fix the issue without having to fully re-install the flooring or move the furniture around to conceal the spot. The top method of removing these tiny marks is to color them out. It’s possible to buy specialized wax crayons in a variety of shades which are made to conceal the marks on the timber floors. All you have to do is color the scratch using the crayon to fill the problem in. Use a damp cloth to extract all excess crayon around the space once you’ve finished. Hardwood flooring is made to last for several years, so long as you keep them up and clean them the proper way.

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