Winnipeg Sports Teams: For Your Athletic Fix

From the dawn of time, human beings have entertained themselves by creating games and sports to play. Of course, what started with simple balls and sticks has now evolved into a worldwide phenomenon, making sports one of the most popular things to watch and experience worldwide.

While most of the western world has its focus on football, the act of kicking a ball into a net across a large field, places like the USA have their American Football, and of course, our lovely nation of Canada, has the ever loved sport of hockey.

Sports today are way more organized than they were in the past, going from simple Colosseum tournaments to having regulated worldwide rules and events such as championships and Olympics set it place for the game of ones choice.

Going and watching a game is a lot of fun. Whether you’re watching in the comfort of your own newly cleaned home to watching at your favorite restaurant or bar, or even if you have tickets to the game itself, watching sport has been a pastime loved by many and that can instill a sense of pride about ones city, team, or country.

Winnipeg is most certainly not immune from the sports fever, as there are many loved sports teams that reside in our fair city. In this article, we will introduce to you the most loved and well known of those sports teams.

Winnipeg Sports Teams

Winnipeg Sports Teams

If you’re like any proud Canadian and into hockey as your favorite sport, be sure to check out the Winnipeg Jets. Winnipeg has a long standing history of hockey prowess, all the way back to the 1800s with the Winnipeg Victorias and leading up to the two iterations of the Jets.

Are you a fan of American style football? Then the Blue Bombers, located in Winnipeg, might be the team you decide to throw your support behind. The Blue Bombers are 10 time Grey Cup winners, the Grey Cup being the biggest Canadian championship game.

While Winnipeg may not have a major league baseball team, they have a proud history of minor league teams that can help you get your baseball craving. While there has been multiple Winnipeg minor league baseball teams throughout Winnipegs history, the Winnipeg Goldeyes have been the longest lasting and will serve to help you get your baseball fix.

While those are the main major sports that Winnipeg hosts, there are dozens of minor sports that call Winnipeg their home.

Winnipeg is home to an amazing horse track from the popular days of horse racing that still hosts events throughout the summer, and Winnipeg is also home to a lot of great old skateboard parks that were popular through the seventies that are still around and functioning, making Winnipeg a great place to live if you’re inclined to skating.

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