What Should I Clean Before the Holiday Season Arrives?

With only a couple of weekends to go before the holidays kick in, here is a checklist of home storage areas you may want to purge and clean right away:

Kitchen cabinets

At least one time per year, it is a great idea to sift through stored dried and canned food items, discarding anything that’s past expiration or best-by use dates. With everything else that has been sitting out for quite some time, think about donating to area food pantries or shelters. Finding new houses for pantry foods may free up sufficient space for stowing holiday food ingredients and keeping countertops and additional food-preparatory areas as clean as possible.

Freezer and fridge

Holiday food cleanup is a lot easier as there’s plenty of free space for the storing of leftovers inside the freezer and fridge. Like cabinets, you also will probably find a couple of items which are past their safe-to-use dates. Particularly with frozen food items, you may be shocked by how brief the safe storage guidelines actually are.

Silverware/glass/dish storage

Odds are, at least a couple of your holiday visitors will pitch in either with cleaning up or serving the feast; make things simple for them by making sure that storage areas for glasses, dishes, serving utensils, platters, napkins, silverware, etc., are easy to access and well organized. While you are at it, be certain to have a huge supply of clean, fresh, dish-drying towels available.

Food storage container supplies

Taking a couple of brief minutes to evaluate your food storage container inventory, neatly stack, sort, as well as discard orphaned containers and lids will pay off when you’re attempting to pack holiday leftovers. A great touch for visitors includes having additional containers available so they may take leftovers away as they leave.

Living area/coat closet storage

Picture your gorgeously decorated holiday setting strewn up with visitors’ electronic gadgets, keys, cameras, diaper/baby bags, handbags, jackets, coats, shoes, boots, etc. Now, go and make an abundance of storage space available, which includes empty hangers and hooks, in which guests neatly can stow all the items they’ll likely carry with them inside your house.

Guest bathrooms/bedrooms

If you’re fortunate enough to have additional bathroom or sleeping spaces dedicated for visitors, there also is a good opportunity that these rarely-used areas haven’t been deep cleaned in quite some time and/or have been utilized for overflow storage. Knock those cleaning chores off your list sooner than later in order for you to spend more time in a couple of weeks concentrating on the fun tasks, such as menu planning and decorating.

Storage of Decorations

Speaking of decorations, how long has it been since you have given your supply a good dusting purge, and sort? Remove and buff the items up you intend to utilize this year, and—like all long-range storage spaces in the house—if you have not used something within the past one or two years, it is time to consider moving it along!

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Living Room Cleaning Tips

MintyMaids understands that in some ways, a living room is the most challenging room to tame, because it receives almost as much traffic as a kitchen. Besides cleaning your living room’s surfaces and floors and organizing the clutter, there are some other spaces inside the living room which usually get overlooked–the walls, blinds, and windows. Now if you are attempting to consider strategies for how to clean the living room, you will want to include the following important areas.


Blinds: they’re something that are taken for granted, yet they also can be a harbor for grime and dust. How frequently do you clean the blinds and how will you do it? Routinely dusting the blinds decreases the necessity for the periodic overhaul. You ought to begin with reading the manufacturer’s guidelines to make sure you follow the proper steps to getting the blinds clean without having to damage them. One general rule of thumb is that it’s possible to utilize a damp cloth to wipe down the blinds followed by a dry microfiber cloth that dries and releases any additional dust.


If you reside with someone who is a smoker, or you have kids, you know you must clean the walls. If you don’t, the walls might be one of the most overlooked spaces in the house as it’ll come to cleaning. As it’ll come to a cleaning solution, it’s possible to use water and vinegar (1 qt. water dilution to ¼ c. vinegar). Simply apply the solution using a cloth and follow it up with a dry cloth to take off. If there are stubborn stains, it’s possible to attempt a baking soda paste (1 Tbsp. water and ¼ c. baking soda). Apply then scrub the paste using a clean cloth then follow up with a damp washcloth to wipe off the stain then scrub. Before you apply any solution to the backsplashes and walls, take some time to test the solutions to ensure they do not stain or negatively affect the walls.


If you have spent a few hours cleaning then sit down and peer out of a filthy window, it may dampen your mood. That is why it is vital that you include window cleaning within any living room cleaning routine. Here’s the good news: you easily can clean the windows and make your very own green cleaning agent, so you do not need to rely upon toxic chemicals to clean the house. Inside a spray bottle, utilize a soap and vinegar solution (½ tsp. of liquid soap, ¼ c. vinegar, 2 c. water) to treat the windows. Merely wipe away using a clean cloth and, there you have it! Clean windows!

The MintyMaids Difference

 As cleaning your home keeps getting moved down on the to-do list, it is time to contact MintyMaids. As you select MintyMaids to keep your entire house, which includes the living room clean, you may trust us to keep you and your loved ones away from dangerous chemicals utilizing our Green Clean Certified solutions.

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Floor Cleaning Tips

At MintyMaids, we know that keeping your flooring clean is surely a chore, and some kinds of floors are simpler to care for than others. That is why we are sharing some of our most popular tips on green floor cleaning. Laminate flooring is simple to clean with easy techniques, whereby tile and marble require a little more tender loving care. Therefore, if you are wondering about the top method of cleaning your floors, you have arrived at the right place.


Hardwood flooring is both enduring and beautiful, particularly when given the type of care they’ll deserve. Routine upkeep and cleaning, along with the periodic re-coating every couple of years will make sure that the hardwood flooring lasts a lifetime. When you mop, utilize as little liquid as you can, consistently wringing out the mop. For cleaning hardwood floors, we suggest mopping the floors with a mix of vinegar and water followed up by a hot water rinse and drying the floors to remove excessive moisture.


Tile flooring is durable and beautiful, yet sometimes they may be a challenge to clean. The grout between the tiles will hold onto stubborn stains. In order to clean the tile flooring, first, sweep the space and extract all surface dirt. An equal-parts mix of warm water and vinegar will work well for tile. If you must address grout stains, we recommend using the exact same solution and scrubbing between the tile using a firm toothbrush. As the floor is clean, rinse using clean water and wring your mop out as much as possible to remove dampness from the tile.


Marble flooring is trickier than hardwoods or tile. Marble scratches easily; therefore, it is vital that you correctly clean it. To avoid the dulling and scratching of marble’s shine, stay away from acidic cleaners, which includes vinegar. We suggest a highly diluted mix of water and ammonia (1/2 c. ammonia/gallon of water). As you have mopped, dry your floor with a soft towel so you can avoid the marble absorbing dampness.


Laminate flooring is durable and simple to clean. We suggest regularly dry mopping or sweeping to keep them in good condition. When it is time to clean the laminate, the safest method of cleaning is with warm water, because laminate is available in various varieties, some of which are sensitive to acidic cleaners and soaps. Utilize a sponge mop then wring it out well so the mop is just moist. Go about carefully cleaning and dry the space using a microfiber cloth or towel. You also can consider utilizing vinegar or soap solution to mop with yet be certain that you know what type of laminate there is and how to take care of it.

The MintyMaids Difference

If you need assistance in keeping up with all of your floor and home cleaning needs, allow MintyMaids to help you out. We will properly clean your flooring, no matter which type of material you have, and keep your home free of chemicals utilizing Green Clean Certified agents so you’ll breathe easy.

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Kitchen Cleaning Ideas for a Healthier House

The kitchen will get dirty quickly. It is one of the highest-traffic spaces in a home. Those filthy counter tops, that smelly garbage disposal, those sponges hanging out in the sink–they are all teeming with bacteria. It’s possible to do something about it. Taking some time weekly and daily to clean the kitchen or hire a professional to clean is going to assist you in resting assured that the kitchen is appearing its best. At MintyMaids, we are dedicated to using chemical free cleaning solutions; therefore, we suggest the same for anyone who wishes to tackle a cleaning task on their own. The spaces which receive the most traffic require the most consistent attention. That means cleaning the refrigerator, countertops, appliances, range, floors, and cabinets.

The surfaces used to store food, cook and prepare meals often need cleaning. Granite counter tops, additional stone counters, as well as composite counters must be wiped and sanitized. A day-to-day wipe down is suggested. The best method of cleaning granite countertops includes mixing a bit of warm water and dish detergent. The soapy mixture followed up with rinsing then drying using microfiber cloths is going to take care of the day-to-day maintenance of the counters. As you clean the counters, it is better to take off everything from them: utensils, foods, dishes, and appliances.

The cabinetry is one of the most overlooked spaces which must be cleaned. You’ll transfer bacteria from the hands to the handles each day. The lower kitchen cabinetry oftentimes gets soiled from spills which occur while cooking and preparing meals. Routinely cleaning both the outside and inside of the cabinets is going to keep the kitchen looking fantastic and deter bacteria from setting shop up. To get the cabinets appearing their best, you have a few options. Blend water with either detergent, baking soda, or vinegar to treat the affected surfaces and rinse away using a wet, clean sponge then dry using a microfiber cloth or paper towel.

One general rule includes cleaning from top to bottom: begin with the top of your refrigerator, the highest cabinets, plus the range hood then work your way down, and finish with sweeping, taking the trash out and mopping your floor. As you get started, fill up the sink with soapy, hot water to soak all pesky items such as the crumb trays, microwave turntable, or refrigerator drawer. As you are finished with the items inside the sink, drain your sink then rinse it out with warm water. Wipe the basin out using a mild abrasive cleaner and microfiber cloth and rinse it out with warm water.

As you deep clean the kitchen, you ought to take some time to clean the appliances, refrigerator, and range top. For stubborn spaces, it is better to soak them inside cleaning solution for a couple of minutes before you try to scrub them clean.

If that all sounds a little overwhelming, we are with you. That is why we at MintyMaids have committed ourselves to providing expert home cleaning services.

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Expert House Cleaning Tips

The best method of ensuring that your home remains a healthy and clean atmosphere is to use MintyMaids, yet we know that an expert cleaning service is not for everybody. Whether it is an unexpected visitation from relatives or friends, spills on your carpet, or just in case “things happen”, we are here to be of assistance, even if we are not the ones who are doing the cleaning. Because you must know immediately, we have put together a list of some of the most popular tips for house cleaning.

Our aim is to assist in ridding your house of the harmful toxins utilized in several daily household agents. Some of these include:

  • Fabric Softener
  • Bug repellents
  • Glass cleaners
  • Disinfectants
  • Floor cleaner
  • Over cleaner
  • Dishwasher detergent
  • Air freshener
  • Furniture polish

Why use air deodorizers?

We do not believe in scented sprays, perfumes, or anything that is similar that pollutes the fresh air. Our dedication is an eco-friendly, clean, and healthier house all around!

How to Keep the House Green and Clean

Practical tips for green cleaning may assist every homeowner in keeping their house clean, organized, as well as safe from toxins to ensure that you have a safe and clean-living space. From utilizing microfiber to making your own cleaning products, the following tips may contribute to making your house, as well as the environment safer.

Low Effort

  • Purchase microfiber cloths in order to clean better with less chemicals.
  • Utilize microfiber mops to extract day-to-day dirt, traffic, and pet hair. It’ll keep you from stirring more allergens up.
  • Utilize the gentlest cleaning agent possible based upon the task at hand.
  • Be on the lookout for signal terms on the labels of products. Stay away from anything stronger than “Caution!”.
  • Use rubber gloves in order to prevent absorption of any chemical agents and vapors through your skin.

Medium Efforts

  • Buy green cleaning agents within concentrated form then dilute them on your own. Utilize spray bottles which may be cleaned then reused to save waste and money.
  • Purchase products which are available within recyclable containers.
  • Pick solutions made to work along with cool water.
  • Buy quality entryway mats that decrease the presentation of new chemical residues and dirt particles from the outside.
  • Stay away from products that contain suspected or known neurotoxins, carcinogens, developmental toxins, endocrine disruptors, or reproductive toxins.

High Effort

  • Buy a vacuum with high-filtration that has a closed canister unit that traps and removes more than 99 percent of the particles that are measured at 1 micron or bigger.
  • Change to a dry steam, chemical-free vapor system to kill, disinfect, deodorize, and clean mildew and mold utilizing water alone.
  • Create your own organic cleaning agents using lemons, baking soda, borax, vinegar, as well as vegetable-based oil soaps.

Residential Cleaning Pros

Today, cleaning is more complex than it was even a couple of years ago. There are several various surfaces, and each one requires unique care. Keeping the house clean may be a time-consuming task in an increasingly busy life. That is where MintyMaids cleaning comes in.

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The Importance of Maid Service for Seniors

If your grandparents or parents are at the age in which daily tasks are becoming more and more challenging, you may be considering hiring a maid service for them. Home cleaning services for seniors may be a lifeline for the elderly, the majority of whom no longer have the energy, flexibility, mobility, and strength to clean on their own.

MintyMaids housekeeping services are relied upon by many seniors. Our cleaning professionals have seen how cleaning services are able to help the elderly live more comfortably, maintain a healthy house, as well as decrease their risk of at-home injuries.

 Difficulties of Cleaning for the Elderly

As we age, lifestyle changes become inevitable. With every passing year, it’ll become increasingly challenging for older adults to maintain healthy joints, physical coordination, and muscle mass. There will come a time in which every elderly person starts to rely on other people for specific activities and tasks.

Cleaning might be a problem for older adults who have advanced or moderate physical difficulties. Typically, problems begin with certain cleaning tasks. Activities which require heavy lifting, uncomfortable positions, or substantial stress to joints are going to be hard for the majority of older adults. Those involve activities such as dusting high spaces, carrying a bucket of water, or cleaning the toilet. Seniors oftentimes begin to skip these activities, which leads to an unhygienic house.

Elderly folks who continuously perform these activities may place themselves within an even worse position. While house cleaning may be good exercise for seniors, they place themselves at higher injury risk if they over-exert themselves. It might mean developing a hernia, throwing out their back, or breaking a bone in a fall — injuries which may have severe consequences for older adults.

 Benefits of Maid Services for Seniors

Hiring a housekeeping service for your parents may make a huge difference. Maid services are going to ensure that your dad or mom will not be trapped performing cleaning work they should not be. It’ll permit them to live more comfortably, and it even could save them from a visit to the hospital.

Maid services for seniors additionally make it possible for them to live healthier. A cleaner house is a healthier and more hygienic house, decreasing the odds of viral and bacterial infections.

Older folks who have respiratory problems also can benefit from maid services who utilize non-toxic cleaning products, as well as take additional measures to maintain air quality. MintyMaids housekeeping services, for example, involve zero harsh irritants or fumes. We additionally utilize HEPA-filter vacuums that keep dust and other particles out of the air. It may be useful for elderly individuals who have respiratory illnesses or COPD

Please get in touch at (204) 272-7337 today to arrange a free housekeeping services estimate with your area MintyMaids cleaning professionals.

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Unpaid Housework

There is a growing tendency in our society to evaluate work that was once taken for granted and recognize its importance. This trend is best understood through the lens of feminism; as women began to enter the workforce in droves during and after World War II, old conventions of splitting labour between men and women changed. The days of single-income households are quickly entering the rearview mirror, and now that both parties are often working full time, it’s becoming clear that we’ve undervalued the work it takes to maintain a household.

The difference between the division of labour between men and women in the household remains stark; women still do over 50% more unpaid housework than men do, with women averaging 13.8 hours a week versus the 8.3 hours per week of men. There are other estimates which indicate women may work 3.6 hours per day on unpaid housework. This contrast likely comes in part from traditional gender role, but the gap is more obvious when there is a single-earner household and the single earner is male. This creates a real challenge when it comes to determining the value of work; when one partner takes care of household duties significantly more than the other, is it fair that the work should be unpaid, or should there be compensation for the hours spent?

Any time spent on housework could be spent furthering a career, or hobbies, or anything else you might like; when it is unpaid, there is a discrepancy between the labour being done and the compensation that could be had. This is especially unfair in a dual-income household; if one partner is working significantly more than the other, it might be best to arrange payment. This is untenable for many partnerships, however; perhaps because of our social standards, it feels strange to pay a spouse for labour, and such payment might be rejected, to begin with. The problem is aggravated in households with children, where women might spend more than 50 hours a week on childcare; that’s more than a full-time job.

When we add up one male and one female partners’ unpaid household labour hours in a week, we end up with about 22 hours a week spent unpaid on housework; assuming a similar division of labour between same-sex or otherwise oriented partners, it may be fair to say the average Canadian spends about 11 hours a week on housework. The average hourly wage paid to Canadians is about 27 dollars an hour; if 22 hours are spent on labour per household, the unpaid labour being done amount to $594 per week.

Considering this, it can be an excellent idea to smooth the division of labour and hire experienced cleaning services. These services will generally clean much faster than the average Canadian, given their experience; you might actually save money in unpaid labour by hiring the service, because your time is worth money, and 22 hours a week is a lot of time. This can also smooth over the gender gap; if you’re not going to pay your spouse for unpaid labour, hire a cleaning service instead, and split the difference by going on a date. You’re worth it.

Things to Remember Before Your Vacation

You’re going on vacation; for what is such an enjoyable part of life, the preparation can certainly be stressful. The best way of handling this stress is to begin preparing for your trip at least a couple of days before you actually leave; assuming you’re leaving an empty house, there might be a lot to prepare!

A week or two before your vacation, you should ask someone to house-sit for you; this can be as big a task as living at your house when you’re away (especially useful if you have pets) or simply coming by to check the mail and water the plants once a day. You’ll want to get your ducks in a row; pay all of your bills, make sure you have all the items you need for your trip, refill any medication that may run out during your travels, and put holds on any mail items you might receive if you can’t find a housesitter. Let friends and family know where you’re staying and what your itinerary looks like.

The day before you leave, it can be prudent to confirm the details of your trip with the housesitter, as well as reviewing what will be required of them. You’ll want to confirm your flight, the location you’ve booked, and any other reservations. Download music and movies, stock up on reading materials, and acquire any other entertainment that will make the travel portion of your vacation easier. Charge all of your electronic devices, exchange any money that needs exchanging, and run your dishwasher and laundry. Call your bank to let them know you’ll be travelling, and set an away email for work.

The day you leave is the day of double-checking; make sure your bag is compliant with airport guidelines, make sure you lock all the windows and doors, and make sure to set the thermostat lower to save energy. Wash any residual dishes, make sure you’ve taken all the perishables out of the fridge, and take out any remaining garbage. Remember to pack your toiletries, and double (or even triple) check that you’ve got your wallet, keys, phone, medication, and other essentials.

There are checklists tailored to families and individuals to help you pack appropriately for your vacation; keep the weather of your destination in mind, but be sure to pack for fluctuations in temperature. Make sure you have your passport at the ready for international flights, and be sure to purchase travel insurance in case of injury.

Going on a long vacation is relaxing, and coming home can be an equally wonderful part of the experience. When you return, you’ll want a clean, comfy place to lay your head, so you can rest from all the resting you’ve been doing. Minty Maids offers home cleaning services in Winnipeg, so get in touch before you leave to arrange for a customized cleaning that will have you on cloud nine, even when you return to the -40 weather from Cancun.



Hosting an Unforgettable Party

Hosting a dinner party is one of the most exciting things you can do in your home; the joy of having dear friends share their time in your space, enjoying good company and good food. The feelings we get when we attend a great party; relaxed, happy, conversational; the electricity that keeps the party buzzing until the early hours of the morning – these are the hallmarks of a well-hosted event.

A great host creates a positive vibe, and there’s no way of doing that when you feel too stressed; your guests will pick up on it if you feel rushed, so be sure to prepare as much as possible before the main event. Invite your guests to the event at least two weeks in advance; this will give them the time to reply, which helps you to plan the meal. You’ll certainly want to create a theme or aesthetic for your party, so your invitation can include information about what to expect at the event.

You’ll want to keep in mind that your guests may have certain dietary restrictions or health concerns so you can accommodate their needs. Decide on a dinner menu once you’ve got this information; keep in mind that your guests will want to snack throughout the night, so having a variety of snacks placed throughout the eating area is essential before supper. A great host will always keep a variety of alcohol on hand to keep a buzz going throughout the night.

Design a playlist before the night begins, tailored to the mood you want to set for the night. One of the thrills of hosting is the diversity of atmospheres you can create, using colours, music, scents and foods holistically to create whatever mood you’d like. Keep the vibe in mind constantly when you prepare your party, so that every detail works in your favour.

The night of the party, you’ll want to have most of your meal prep already done, so that the only thing you need to do is actually cook the food. Have snacks and drinks already set out on the table, with a fully stocked cooler nearby. There will be guests who arrive early who aren’t interested in just sitting around while you work; have tasks for these guests to do, like setting the table or helping with remaining prep, but don’t rely on them – have enough work done that doing the rest yourself won’t be burdensome. Gregarious guests are helpful for taking drink orders, restocking coolers and welcoming people to the party.

The New York Times recommends you outsource everything that you don’t need to do yourself, including the cleaning. A fully insured home cleaning company will help you get the job done; remember, a relaxed host is the number one predictor of a good dinner party. A clean place will relax your guests, as they’ll see there’s no work to be done, and they’ll feel your positive energy, so having your home professionally cleaned before and after the party is a great way of setting the mood!

Hiring a Cleaning Company to Help You Catch Up

Adults spend around 13 hours per week performing household chores, according to a recent survey. That isn’t really part-time job territory; however, it is pretty close! If you are time-crunched and always have longed to throw down your duster and spend more time with your loved ones or catch up on your favorite TV shows, it might be time to get some help.

Take a look into the benefits of professional housekeeping services to check how some help with household chores may assist in claiming some free time once again.

Organization and Decluttering

Did you have a goal to clear out unneeded junk and clean your house? As you probably can imagine, purging storage bins and closets may be a time-consuming chore. Plus, as chores drag on for days or perhaps weeks, most folks abandon them altogether.

But, there isn’t any need to tackle this huge undertaking all by yourself. Keep your goals on track by hiring the assistance of house cleaning services. An expert housekeeper is able to pitch in with regular house cleaning and leaves you more time to concentrate on your agenda. Alternatively, professional housekeepers may help you declutter the closets or get your garage into tip-top shape by showing you organizational tricks and tips and teaching you the top methods of sorting everything from your linens to your shoes.

Kitchen Cleaning

Most people make a goal to prepare food at home more or consume healthier options. Of course, this means spending more time inside your kitchen. As a result of this increase in activity, the kitchen must be cleaned more often. Where are you going to find the time when part of your goals involves attending the gym 5 times per week?

Again, you might reap the benefits of expert housekeeping services. Whether you are searching for regular kitchen cabinet and countertop cleaning or specialized services, like fridge cleanouts, maid services ae able to deal with these chores for you.

Bathroom and Bedroom Cleaning

Another goal most folks make includes spending more time with loved ones. It may be quite challenging with your hectic schedule, particularly if you have kids. After all, it is difficult to find the time to see the newest animated film when you need to be concerned with karate class, soccer practice, and keeping all of the bathrooms and bedrooms in your home clean.

House cleaning services to the rescue!

Professional maid cleaning services may save you time as it’ll come to tidying and cleaning bedrooms. Maids are able to offer a variety of bedroom services, from cleaning surfaces and floors to sweeping cobwebs from corners. As it’ll come to your bathroom, maids not just save time, they’ll spare you the unpleasant activity of scouring commodes, showers, and sinks, as well as polishing all of those fixtures. Plus, when you do not need to be concerned with these chores, you’ll have more time to watch that movie with your kids.

For more information on hiring a cleaning company to help you catch up contact the    experienced cleaning services of MintyMaids today!