Cleaning Granite Countertops

The kitchen often is the heart of a household, and its countertops might make or break a kitchen design. It is the surface where you gather with friends, enjoy family meals, and prepare food. As you search for countertop materials, natural stone is an excellent option for both its durability and beauty.

As you pick natural stone countertops, you are opting to add character to a house, because no natural stone is the same. The imperfections and even differences are what make granite countertops so unique.

Additionally, natural stone countertops will hold up against wear and tear better than any additional material with little maintenance needed.

A granite countertop is an excellent addition to any residence and is perfect for bathrooms and kitchens. As granite is notorious for its special character, as well as its antibacterial properties, granite, unfortunately, also is notorious for being a more challenging cleaning surface. But, do not despair–that does not mean you cannot have granite in your kitchen; you simply need to know how to take care of these types of countertops.

Cleaning Materials You Will Need

Cleaning these types of countertops is fairly easy. Here are some things you will need:

  • Microfiber cloths
  • Warm water
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Baking soda
  • Dish detergent

Protecting the Countertops

Before you move ahead with cleaning the entire counter, always test out the cleaning mixture on a less noticeable part of the stone to check how it’ll react to the granite counters. You do not want to damage the granite counters by applying a mixture which negatively reacts to them. And speaking of damaged granite counters, never utilize vinegar or acid-based cleanser on the granite as it’ll etch and dull the stone.

Instructions for Cleaning

The best method of cleaning these types of countertops is by blending a bit of warm water and dish detergent. Apply the soapy mix followed up by a complete rinse. Next, dry the surface using microfiber cloths. Tip: It is vital to dry your counter in order to avoid any water stains.

How to Treat Any Stubborn Stains

If stains settle upon the countertop, do not panic. You have a couple of natural available options.

  • Try to create a baking soda solution that takes care of stubborn stains on the granite.
  • If a stain is water based, utilize a combination of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda.
  • If the stain is oil based, utilize a blend of water and baking soda to make a mixture. Spread the mixture over the stained space and allow it to sit for a few hours.
  • For stubborn stains, it’s possible to leave the paste overnight. Then dry and rinse the next morning.

Oftentimes keeping the granite counters clean may become just an additional item on a long to-do list. Allow MintyMaids to assist in easing your burdens. Our cleaning ideas are here to aid you in keeping your house in good condition between full cleanings. Permit MintyMaids to deal with the rest! For a complimentary estimate, click here.

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Cleaning a Shower

Showers are a haven for bathroom germs. Getting the shower to shine may be a tough activity as you are battling with hard water stains, soap scum, hard-to-clean grout, or mildew. But, there’s great news! Once it’s clean, it is simple to keep the shower looking good between cleanings. It’ll just take a bit of self-discipline and planning to stay ahead of grime. That is why we are glad to share some of our shower cleaning tips from the house cleaning pros at MintyMaids.

Here’s a guide on how you can clean a shower:

  • Remove the shower mats, liners, and all personal products; therefore, the whole space is clear.
  • Spray your whole shower space with a diluted vinegar mixture and allow it to stand for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Utilize a toothbrush or soft bristle brush to scrub all spaces that are affected with soap scum or additional stains. If there are stubborn stains, it is possible to treat the affected spaces with a water and baking soda paste. Apply that paste, allow it to sit for fifteen minutes, and spray the space using the vinegar mixture. Scrub the space.

Rinse off with clean water utilizing a shower spray head or utilize a sponge, frequently rinsing.

 Healthy Shower Cleaning Mixtures

  • Vinegar – This is an excellent green cleaning solution to use inside showers. Vinegar is fantastic as an herbicide, brightener, as well as all-purpose cleaner. It is amazing for shower cleaning as lime or mold is present.
  • Hydrogen Peroxide – Utilize hydrogen peroxide to destroy mold and mildew and use along with baking soda while making grout cleaning pastes. It’s an antiviral, antifungal, an antibacterial and is an eco-friendly alternative to bleach.
  • Baking Soda – Due to its alkaline pH, it’s an excellent moisture-absorbing mold destroyer, as well as mild abrasive cleanser. Utilize baking soda instead of chemical abrasives and additional harsh options.
  • Tea Tree Oil – It is possible to use a tea tree oil dilution as an antifungal and antibacterial agent to assist in keeping the shower free of mold and additional bothersome germs.

At MintyMaids, we know how simple it might be to overlook completely cleaning the shower. As it’ll come to shower cleaning, we have you covered. With MintyMaids in your corner, it is possible to rest assured that, after we have provided your house the professional cleaning it deserves, the shower will appear like a million bucks!

Our cleaning secrets are supposed to keep the shower looking incredible between cleanings. One other handy idea includes spraying the shower using a vinegar solution on a daily basis after use. It’ll assist in keeping soap scum, mold, and mildew away until you see the house cleaning pros at MintyMaids the next time.

If you are prepared to take the following step, please feel free to get in touch with your local MintyMaids location or call us at right away (204) 272-7337.

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What Should I Clean Before the Holiday Season Arrives?

With only a couple of weekends to go before the holidays kick in, here is a checklist of home storage areas you may want to purge and clean right away:

Kitchen cabinets

At least one time per year, it is a great idea to sift through stored dried and canned food items, discarding anything that’s past expiration or best-by use dates. With everything else that has been sitting out for quite some time, think about donating to area food pantries or shelters. Finding new houses for pantry foods may free up sufficient space for stowing holiday food ingredients and keeping countertops and additional food-preparatory areas as clean as possible.

Freezer and fridge

Holiday food cleanup is a lot easier as there’s plenty of free space for the storing of leftovers inside the freezer and fridge. Like cabinets, you also will probably find a couple of items which are past their safe-to-use dates. Particularly with frozen food items, you may be shocked by how brief the safe storage guidelines actually are.

Silverware/glass/dish storage

Odds are, at least a couple of your holiday visitors will pitch in either with cleaning up or serving the feast; make things simple for them by making sure that storage areas for glasses, dishes, serving utensils, platters, napkins, silverware, etc., are easy to access and well organized. While you are at it, be certain to have a huge supply of clean, fresh, dish-drying towels available.

Food storage container supplies

Taking a couple of brief minutes to evaluate your food storage container inventory, neatly stack, sort, as well as discard orphaned containers and lids will pay off when you’re attempting to pack holiday leftovers. A great touch for visitors includes having additional containers available so they may take leftovers away as they leave.

Living area/coat closet storage

Picture your gorgeously decorated holiday setting strewn up with visitors’ electronic gadgets, keys, cameras, diaper/baby bags, handbags, jackets, coats, shoes, boots, etc. Now, go and make an abundance of storage space available, which includes empty hangers and hooks, in which guests neatly can stow all the items they’ll likely carry with them inside your house.

Guest bathrooms/bedrooms

If you’re fortunate enough to have additional bathroom or sleeping spaces dedicated for visitors, there also is a good opportunity that these rarely-used areas haven’t been deep cleaned in quite some time and/or have been utilized for overflow storage. Knock those cleaning chores off your list sooner than later in order for you to spend more time in a couple of weeks concentrating on the fun tasks, such as menu planning and decorating.

Storage of Decorations

Speaking of decorations, how long has it been since you have given your supply a good dusting purge, and sort? Remove and buff the items up you intend to utilize this year, and—like all long-range storage spaces in the house—if you have not used something within the past one or two years, it is time to consider moving it along!

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Tips to Clean Your Home Blinds

Thankfully, cleaning blinds is not that challenging of a chore. Discovering ways to clean blinds is as easy as knowing which material they’re made of. The majority are designed from either plastic or wood. Read below for ideas on cleaning blinds.

 Easy Blind Cleaning

The majority of the dirt you will see on blinds is dust. Water and dust may equal an awful mess; therefore, it is better to begin dry while cleaning. Here are ways to clean plastic and wood blinds:

Utilizing a microfiber duster

  • Leave your blinds within the open position then run the duster alongside them from the upper part to lower part. Be certain to work from the top so that all dust which falls when cleaning blinds is going to be removed when you make your way down to the lowest level.
  • After you have dusted all of the way down, utilize the vacuum cleaner attachment to clean all dust which has fallen.

Utilizing microfiber cloths

  • Shut the blinds so the concave side faces you and wipes away the dust, beginning from the top then working your way down. Make sure that you work from the top down while cleaning blinds, so all fallen dust particles are cleaned in the process.
  • Turn your tilt wand until your blinds are shut with their convex side towards you. Dust that side from the upper part to the lower part, like you did the other.
  • Vacuum all fallen dust with your attachment.

Ways to Clean Heavily Soiled Blinds

If the blinds are soiled heavily, they will require more than a dusting. But, the cleaning procedure used is going to vary depending upon whether the blinds are wooden or plastic.

Ways to Clean Plastic Ones

  1. You will first use the aforementioned steps within the easy Blind Cleaning part to extract as much dust as you can from the blinds.
  2. Take the blinds from the window then fill your tub with hot water.
  3. Soak your blinds inside the bathtub for at least an hour.
  4. Take off blinds from the bathtub then wipe all of the rest of the dust away using a microfiber cloth.
  5. Wipe the blinds dry or you can hang them outdoors to air dry before you place them back inside your window.
  6. Clean your bathtub so that you do not need to shower with dust at your feet.

Ways to Clean Wood Ones

  1. Follow all measures in the Easy Blind Cleaning part to get rid of as much dust as possible.
  2. Attempt to remove additional dust with a brush attachment on the vacuum cleaner.

Finish cleaning wood blinds using a microfiber cloth and cleaner. Wipe down one part with the cleaner and cloth. Turn the tilt wand until your blinds are rotated 180° then wipe down the other.

As it’ll come to cleaning blinds, that is all there is to it. But, that dust quickly will pile up. In order to keep your blinds easily maintained, clean them every couple of weeks.

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Cleaning Your House Regularly with Bleach may be Killing You

There are a wide variety of different products and chemicals in the world that we can use to clean a home; as a consumer, it’s hard to keep track of them all! One of the most commonly used and available cleaning products is bleach. Bleach is excellent for whitening clothes and disinfecting surfaces, and is used in our homes as well as commercial and industrial spaces due to its efficiency and availability. The issue here is the properties that make bleach so effective carry serious health risks; here’s why you should use less bleach when cleaning your home.

Bleach is incredibly reactive, which gives it whitening and disinfectant properties. The problem with reactive substances like bleach is that they are indiscriminate in what they react with; they’ll destroy most organic matter, which is what makes them so good at killing bacteria. There’s a reason that corrosive warning label is front and centre on your bottle of bleach; it’s so reactive it can damage skin just by touch. Ingesting bleach is a medical emergency. There’s no surprise, then, when we learn that constantly ingesting bleach fumes can cause irreversible lung damage. One study showed that nurses who were exposed regularly to bleach due to their working conditions were 32% more likely to get Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). Just like it kills the cells in bacteria, bleach fumes can begin to work away at the proteins and cells in your lungs and respiratory passages.

A further complication from bleach is when it is combined with other cleaning products. As we’ve discussed, bleach is highly reactive, which means it can form new and dangerous bonds with other chemicals. Combining bleach with ammonia creates chloramine, and bleach and vinegar create chlorine gas; both powerful irritants which can quickly damage your lungs, tear ducts, and other sensitive areas. Bleach and rubbing alcohol can create chloroform gas, which while not as fast-acting as the movies, can lead to serious health problems. As a rule, unless you are an expert, well-trained cleaner, don’t combine bleach with anything but water.

This isn’t to say you can never use bleach; it’s a useful chemical with some helpful properties, but overuse can result in severe health complications. Try to limit your use of bleach, and when using it, precautions like a face-mask and making sure the area is well-ventilated can go a long way to reducing your risk of problems in the future. When doing your own at-home cleaning, research the different cleaners and disinfectants you can use, but remember not to combine anything if you don’t know the possible consequences.

The simplest and safest way of avoiding the toxic combinations bleach can create, as well as limiting your exposure to bleach, is to hire a highly-trained home cleaning service. Minty Maids offers home cleaning services in Winnipeg, so we can keep your home spick and span with a wide variety of cleaning products, so your exposure to toxic and corrosive chemicals is washed away.

5 Things You Need to Clean on a Daily Basis

Keeping a tidy household can be a chore! We know how nice it is to live in a clean space; our minds are more at ease, and it’s simple to relax and enjoy life in a well-kept space. This said, we don’t always have the time to do all the cleaning we might like to; between our other chores, work, kids – it can get to be too much! There are, however, some things that you should absolutely clean every day. These items could pose health risks if not cleaned regularly, so make sure to clean them!

Hand Towels

Hand towels are a hot spot for bacteria! They get damp and moist, and are often touched by dirty hands that have worked with food. They might seem clean, because they’re usually only damp with water from our hands, but bacteria and other germs thrive in dampness! Be sure to change the hand towels in your bathroom and in the kitchen daily, especially if you’ve used your hand towel to dry dishes.

Bathroom Tiles + Sinks

Bathroom tiles and sinks also have to be cleaned daily. This can definitely feel a bit overwhelming, as many folks relegate their bathroom cleaning to once-and-awhile. Bathrooms are terrible for bacteria; again, the moisture is the culprit here. Shower tiles can quickly fill up with grime and germs, which is a huge problem when we shower to get clean! Sinks have the exact same issue, and should be cleaned daily to keep their shine and cleanliness.

Kitchen Counters

Kitchen counter cleanliness should also fall into your daily chore routine. Food, hands, utensils, and any other number of things can touch the kitchen counter. This means there’s a wide variety of possible cross-contaminants. The Food Network has a few tips on avoiding cross-contamination, and a big one is making sure you wipe down those counters with hot, soapy water! An unclean kitchen simply isn’t worth the risk.

Kitchen Floor

The kitchen floor is another spot you should strive to clean every day. This time, the worry isn’t germs and bacteria, but our other small foes – vermin! Bugs, mice, and other pests are attracted to crumbs of food that may be left on the floor; a good sweep every day, making sure to get into every nook and cranny, is essential for warding off would-be home crashers.

It’s important to strive to keep your house as clean as possible; as we’ve seen, it’s not just about the peace of mind that comes with a tidy space, but about the safety of you and your family. We want to reduce the likeliness of illness or pest invasion in your home; it’s understandable if you can’t find the time in your busy schedule, so let us help you. We’re Minty Maids, a fully insured home cleaning company ready to help you with any home cleaning needs you have. Keep your family happy and healthy, and don’t fret the cleaning; we’ll be there for you, and clean to your specifications, taking a load of your mind.

Easy Tips to Organize the Bathroom

The advantages of an organized bathroom go beyond mere aesthetics. A bathroom where everything is neatly stored looks more appealing, but it also is easier to use. As you need a cotton ball or a Band-Aid, it’s possible to find one; as you open a cabinet door, cleaning solutions do not tumble out onto the rug.

Organize Bathroom Closet

First off, figure out what you want to store inside the closet and what you want to store inside the bathroom itself. Arrange all items so that the most utilized items are towards the center and front. Group smaller items inside storage boxes or bins. Make towels easier to locate by grouping them by color, size, or in sets, whatever makes sense for you.

Organize the Bathtub and Shower

Bathtubs and showers may be difficult to keep organized because they aren’t always constructed with storage in mind. However, keeping your conditioner, shampoo, body scrub, razor, and whatever else you require within easy reach should be a must. All organizers used inside the shower must be reliably stable; therefore, be wary of soap dishes which suction to the wall, as well as towering caddies which claim to perfectly stand upright in the corner of the bathtub.

Organize the Counter Spaces and Sink

Keep as few items on your counter top as you can. For one thing, this makes the counter easier to keep clean, and also, it decreases the opportunity of other objects creeping in to join the ones already there. As you organize objects on the counter, always keep them nearest to where they’re used. For example, hand soap should go directly next to the sink. You also might want to have hand lotion available, or whatever items you utilize daily to wash your face.

Organize Bathroom Cabinetry

If the bathroom contains a medicine cabinet above your sink, reserve that space for objects you most frequently use, such as eye drops, toothpaste, or daily medications. The medicine cabinet is an excellent place for things used almost but not quite as often as the very few things you store right beside your sink.

Cabinets underneath the sink, if they are there, may be great for storing extras such as toothpaste and toilet paper, although you should remember that they oftentimes also house pipes, and any drips may damage paper products. The cabinets always are an excellent place for sponges, bottles of cleanser, and other cleaning products.

Organize the Bathroom Vanity

If there’s a vanity, you likely already have a great sense of what part of your routine you like to do there. Organize your skin and hair products, as well as makeup as you realistically utilize them. If you think moisturizing your face to be a part of your shower regimen, keep your moisturizer on your bathroom counter or inside your medicine cabinet. However, if moisturizer feels like it’s a part of your make-up application, keep it with your eyeshadow and foundation on your vanity.

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Hiring a Cleaning Company to Help You Catch Up

Adults spend around 13 hours per week performing household chores, according to a recent survey. That isn’t really part-time job territory; however, it is pretty close! If you are time-crunched and always have longed to throw down your duster and spend more time with your loved ones or catch up on your favorite TV shows, it might be time to get some help.

Take a look into the benefits of professional housekeeping services to check how some help with household chores may assist in claiming some free time once again.

Organization and Decluttering

Did you have a goal to clear out unneeded junk and clean your house? As you probably can imagine, purging storage bins and closets may be a time-consuming chore. Plus, as chores drag on for days or perhaps weeks, most folks abandon them altogether.

But, there isn’t any need to tackle this huge undertaking all by yourself. Keep your goals on track by hiring the assistance of house cleaning services. An expert housekeeper is able to pitch in with regular house cleaning and leaves you more time to concentrate on your agenda. Alternatively, professional housekeepers may help you declutter the closets or get your garage into tip-top shape by showing you organizational tricks and tips and teaching you the top methods of sorting everything from your linens to your shoes.

Kitchen Cleaning

Most people make a goal to prepare food at home more or consume healthier options. Of course, this means spending more time inside your kitchen. As a result of this increase in activity, the kitchen must be cleaned more often. Where are you going to find the time when part of your goals involves attending the gym 5 times per week?

Again, you might reap the benefits of expert housekeeping services. Whether you are searching for regular kitchen cabinet and countertop cleaning or specialized services, like fridge cleanouts, maid services ae able to deal with these chores for you.

Bathroom and Bedroom Cleaning

Another goal most folks make includes spending more time with loved ones. It may be quite challenging with your hectic schedule, particularly if you have kids. After all, it is difficult to find the time to see the newest animated film when you need to be concerned with karate class, soccer practice, and keeping all of the bathrooms and bedrooms in your home clean.

House cleaning services to the rescue!

Professional maid cleaning services may save you time as it’ll come to tidying and cleaning bedrooms. Maids are able to offer a variety of bedroom services, from cleaning surfaces and floors to sweeping cobwebs from corners. As it’ll come to your bathroom, maids not just save time, they’ll spare you the unpleasant activity of scouring commodes, showers, and sinks, as well as polishing all of those fixtures. Plus, when you do not need to be concerned with these chores, you’ll have more time to watch that movie with your kids.

For more information on hiring a cleaning company to help you catch up contact the    experienced cleaning services of MintyMaids today!

Simple Steps for A Shiny Hardwood Floor

Many houses come with hardwood floors, whether it’s in traditional timber or the more affordable timber laminate. As you have hardwood floors you’ll see a variety of things – for instance, dust, food particles, dog hair, and scuff marks all easily show up. But, this may be good news because it means you know when it’s time to clean and it’s possible to remain in control of the allergens, dirt, and mess. Here are a few easy methods of keeping your hardwood flooring sparkling even with the consistent wear and tear of your loved ones.

Polish, Mop, Vacuum

Hardwood floors shouldn’t be cleaned using anything. Soaking its floorboards with domestic cleaner or bleach may make them fade while using an overabundance of water may cause them to expand and rot. The positive news is that there are many specialty cleaners available in the cleaning aisle at your local grocers which are made for hardwood flooring.

1). Vacuum: How often you have to vacuum the floors will depend upon the traffic. As you have a pet and kids, you might be vacuuming on a daily basis or at least every other day.

2). Mop: Mopping your laminate or hardwood floor will remove all footprints and bring back its shine. But, an overabundance of water may lead to complications. Use a lightweight mop which is possible to rinse before touching the floor. You might want to add a traditional soap or a touch of cleaner to the mix.

3). Polish: You do not have to polish the hardwood floors all of the time. As a matter of fact, polishing them one or two times per year might be all that’s needed to keep them appearing new and shiny. Avoid the need to over polish because it may cause problems with the adhesion if you have to recoat your floors.

Eliminating Scuff or Scratch Marks on the Floors

You also may see over time that hardwood floors may show scuff marks, particularly from high-heeled shoes. Or the hardwood flooring might become scratched if you have a dog or cat that has long claws. Avoid walking on the hardwood floor in high heels and keep your dog or cat’s nails trimmed. If you see some dents or scuff marks in the floor, there are do-it-yourself solutions to fix the issue without having to fully re-install the flooring or move the furniture around to conceal the spot. The top method of removing these tiny marks is to color them out. It’s possible to buy specialized wax crayons in a variety of shades which are made to conceal the marks on the timber floors. All you have to do is color the scratch using the crayon to fill the problem in. Use a damp cloth to extract all excess crayon around the space once you’ve finished. Hardwood flooring is made to last for several years, so long as you keep them up and clean them the proper way.

For more steps for a shiny hardwood floor contact the home cleaning services in Winnipeg of MintyMaids today!

How to Clean Your Microwave

Do you have a dirty microwave? Do you want to get it squeaky clean with minimal work? Not just is it possible to get a clean microwave without having to use harsh chemicals in an area in which we heat our food, this also is the easiest method of cleaning a microwave.

That is right — if you have been avoiding cleaning the microwave, this natural lemon trick will make you happy.

It really is a simple idea: Merely squeeze lemon juice into water, drop the lemon rinds inside the water, and then microwave. As liquid boils, it’ll condense on the sides of the microwave, and loosen gunk and dissolve food splatters. Lemon juice is a natural cleaning solution, and all you need to do is utilize a clean towel to wipe everything down.

Vinegar-water solution for cleaning a microwave

If you have not cleaned the microwave in quite some time, you may see a buildup of gunk. If it has been sitting in there for quite a while, the chunks of food might’ve hardened to the point of making it nearly impossible to wipe clean. Steam-cleaning the inside of your microwave using a vinegar-water option will eliminate the mess without a lot of effort. Here is what you must do.

Collect these materials:

  • Sponge
  • Water
  • Vinegar
  • Stir stick or toothpick
  • Microwave-safe bowl

Follow these instructions:

Pour equal parts water and vinegar inside the bowl. Measure based upon how long you’re prepared to steam the microwave for. Using 1/2 a cup of each liquid is fine, however, if it needs a deeper clean, use 1 c. vinegar and 1 c. water.

Insert a small wooden object or toothpick inside the water-vinegar solution. It’s a cautionary measure that not everyone must take, yet it’ll minimize the opportunities of explosions. It isn’t necessary, yet I do this to be on the safe side.

Bubbles are going to form on the wooden implement or toothpick, allowing it to boil without exploding. Bubbles cannot form on smooth surfaces, causing it to boil into an explosion as the bowl is moved suddenly. Most bowls and plates are not completely smooth; therefore, you do not usually need to be concerned with this.

For this cleaning, I utilized a wooden stir stick rather than a toothpick since I did not have any available.

Heat the bowl for 5 – 10 minutes, depending upon how messy your microwave is. As the time is up, leave it inside for a couple of minutes to allow it to steam up more.

After allowing it to sit for a while, take the bowl out using oven mitts because it will be extremely hot. Next, take a sponge and then dip it inside the hot water/vinegar mix and scrub down the microwave. More than likely you will not require a sponge, and the junk will easily come off with a couple of swipes of a paper towel or rag.

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