4 Tips to Keep Your Mudroom Clean

The mudroom can easily become one of the messiest areas of the entire home. Kids kick off their dirty shoes, throw bookbags on the floor, and generally leave clutter to clean up in their wake. Keeping up with this small area of the home can be a real chore for most individuals, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be. You can do a lot to prevent the mess from taking over the mudroom and spilling out to other areas of the home. All it takes are a few creative solutions to minimize the chaos.

Are you ready to have a cleaner mudroom that doesn’t spiral out of control into other parts of the house? Take a look at some of these top tips to keep your space neater and tidier than ever before.

Place mats inside and outside the door

One of the biggest issues for a mudroom is the amount of dirt, mud, and water that get tracked in along with shoes. This mess tends to carry over into the rest of the house, prompting you to vacuum and sweep far more regularly. An easy solution to keep this dirt from straying outside the mudroom is to eliminate it right at the source. Place mats both inside and outside the doors in order to keep the dirt from being tracked inside the rest of the mudroom.

Make sure you have plenty of hooks

Are you tired of having coats and jackets tossed on the floor when your kids come home in the afternoon? Make sure that you have plenty of hooks on the wall so that everything can be neatly hung up the way it is supposed to be. This makes the room look neater and makes it easier for you to clean up when you need to.

Install a shoe rack

Shoes can quickly take over a room when they are tossed haphazardly in a corner. Start giving your family a place to store their shoes with a rack. Make sure that it is an option that allows air to circulate around the shoes. Give each family member a space to call their own so that there are no excuses about using the new shoe rack!

Store cleaning products in the mudroom

You might be more apt to clean up that mess when you see it if there were cleaning products handy. Purchase a small bin that can hold a couple basic cleaning supplies such as an all-purpose spray and some floor cleaner. Store it up and out of reach of children and pets. Don’t forget to keep a broom and a small mop handy too! This small addition can make for a much cleaner and more convenient mudroom.

Taking care of your mudroom can feel like a monumental task, but it doesn’t have to be. Taking some simple steps to help keep the mess under control from the very beginning can help. When you need an extra hand taking care of your mudroom, try using the bonded housekeeping from Minty Maids! We offer you satisfaction-guaranteed services that are convenient for you to book online.

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