3 Kitchen Cleaning Myths Debunked

Here, the experienced maid service of MintyMaids debunks some kitchen cleaning myths:

Myth 1: Stove tops and floors are the most unsanitary kitchen surfaces

While kitchen stovetops and floors are, without a doubt, greasy, the surfaces are more than likely to spread foodborne illnesses to your sponge and sink—which are utilized for all things from scrubbing raw chicken juice off of cutting boards to rinsing E. coli, as well as additional germs off lettuce leaves. The issue is that the majority of folks do not pause to correctly disinfect and clean their cleaning basins and tools, essentially crafting the ideal environment for germs to multiply and thrive. Your kitchen drain and sponge stink because they house a breeding, germ party!  How will you close down their microscopic good time? Clean, dry, then disinfect. Germs dislike clean, dry surfaces as it starves them to death; therefore, put the sponge through the washing machine or just toss it out for good.

Myth 2: It’s possible to clean stainless-steel appliances with only polish

It feels as if we are telling a kid that Santa Clause is not real, yet here we go: Those bottles of stainless-steel polish and cleaner are lying to you. They do not really clean, at least not well. Legally, because oils inside the product lubricating some dirt, they technically can refer to it as a cleaner; however, the fact is that it doesn’t have any disinfectants or detergents to remove germs and dirt. Even worse, the waxes and polymers in most of those products actually produce a film which traps any dirt you haven’t removed. Oily, trapped dirt makes it more convenient for new germs and dirt to stick, as well as spread on your appliance. Instead, you should clean before polishing! Particularly for kitchen appliances that you’re frequently touching with raw-meaty, dirty hands, it is vital that you choose a disinfecting, quality, all-purpose cleaner that’s safe for stainless steel. Next, just wash down the unit. After drying, buff in a tiny bit of polish to enhance the stainless-steel’s natural beauty.

Myth 3: The kitchen cabinets do not have to be cleaned frequently

We’re frankly not certain why this myth grew so popular. The truth is, the cabinets, particularly the handles, include some of the most consistently touched and unfairly neglected kitchen surfaces. Just consider how frequently your sniffly kiddo rubbed her dripping nose then opened up the cabinet for a treat; or how frequently mid-recipe you have opened a cabinet for that final ingredient with your meaty or raw-egg hands. We will not even talk about your family’s overly speedy restroom hand washers.  And beyond germs, steam that rises off the stovetop also carries food particles and oils which ultimately coat all surrounding cabinetry with a fine layer of gooey grime. Countertop fryers speed up this process tenfold. The cabinets deserve a thorough wipe down each week using a disinfecting, high-quality, all-purpose cleaner, particularly inside the areas that surround the handles.

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Ways to Spend Less Time Cleaning

Use the following 3 time-saving tips from MintyMaids, the top home cleaning services, and you will have the ability to maintain your house and take control of your down time.

  1. Set a timer for fifteen-minute cleaning bursts. One easy way to save time when cleaning includes doing a bit of decluttering each day.
  2. Begin from the top then work your way down. Gravity impacts everything, even dust in the household. Save your flooring for last.
  3. Clean on the go. It’s a tried-and-true method of saving time while cleaning, particularly as it’ll come to your bathroom and kitchen.

4 Ways to Spend Less Time Vacuuming

The usual family of 4 vacuums their living room around 104 times per year. While the following tips will not cut down on the quantity of times you must vacuum – families will be messy! – they’ll make vacuuming more effective.

  1. Prepare your room. One easy way to save time while vacuuming is having your room prepared: Pick loose items up off the floor and pull furnishings away from your walls to make operating your vacuum easier, with fewer stops and starts.
  2. Perform routine maintenance. Most vacuums are thrown to the curb as their belt wears out or breaks. If the vacuum loses suction, it is probably because its rubber belt is stretched, impeding the brush. For a couple of dollars and the assistance of a repair shop, it’s possible to oftentimes revive the vacuum for less than the price of a new one.
  3. Invest in a few options. Having a small handheld vac that has a beater bar will be very useful while vacuuming carpeted stairs and upholstery. Their maneuverable, handheld nature will save you endless time and assist you in avoiding the trouble of using a bigger vacuum.
  4. Empty out the debris bin or bag. Always begin vacuuming using a clean debris bag or bin. It assists in creating more suction, as well as prevents you from stopping and dumping debris in the midst of vacuuming.

How to Spend Less Time Dusting

Make dusting as efficient it can be with MintyMaids methods of saving time while dusting. Reclaim that down time today!

  1. Dust before vacuuming. When you dust, bits of dust and dirt naturally will fall to the floor. In dusting first then vacuuming second, you will not need to vacuum the same floor two times.
  2. Move from the top down. Likewise, while dusting wall shelves and units, begin at the top. Start by first dusting and lifting every object then dust the whole shelf.
  3. Use a microfiber cloth. For the best results, use a clean, damp microfiber cloth. To moisten the cloth, hold it by a corner and gently mist it using clean water from the spray bottle. You want your cloth to be moist enough to pick dust up without leaving damp streaks behind on surfaces. Utilizing this technique ensures that your home’s furniture and surfaces are cleaned in a green and safe way.

How to: Minimalist Decorating

Every decade has its memorable trend in designs — vibrant colors ruled the 1960’s, shag carpeting covered floors in the 1970s, and no 1990s house was complete without floral drapes. And as for the last couple of years, no trend has permeated houses quite like minimalism (thank you, Marie Kondo!).

As it might be simple to assume a minimalism-inspired house is simpler to design (because there actually are fewer items to pick out, right?), it actually is the opposite. Contrary to belief, minimalist decorating may be as tricky as other styles of design. Luckily for you, the Winnipeg home cleaning services of MintyMaids is here to assist you in kicking off spring and summer the proper way — with a minimalist house that is Instagram-worthy!

Break out the trash bags

Before even thinking about decorating and organizing, you have to declutter. We understand that it may be difficult, yet take a closer look into your kitchen or living room and ask yourself, “Do I actually love or need this?” If the answer is “no,” it is time for this item to be thrown out or donated.

You can never have too much neutral

As it’ll come to major pieces like your area rug, couch, and bedding, do not be afraid to stick to an extremely neutral pallet. Those basics aren’t just simple to match, yet they are going to automatically give your house a coordinated feel. As the basics are covered, add texture, pattern, as well as color in the form of greenery, throws, and pillows.

Allow natural light to flood the room

With the darkness of winter, at last, behind us, spring and summer is the ideal time to trade that heavy drapery in for light curtains which blow with the breeze and allow more natural lighting in. Plus, if all major pieces in the room are neutral and sleek, curtains are an additional excellent place to add a pop of texture and color.

Go frameless inside your bedroom

Are you looking to actually embrace the concept of less is more? Get rid of that bed frame and trade it in for a box spring and a mattress that is covered in a colorful throw and modern pillows.

Every house needs plants

Plants tend to be that trend that spans generations. If there is something every house needs, it is greenery! Plus, have no fear if you do not have a green thumb, as rubber and fake houseplants have come a very long way since you were young and are a low-maintenance, fantastic alternative to green, live plants.

Live Life in a House You Adore

Because neutral colors and clean lines rule the house, minimalist design does not hide messes as well as additional styles. Although, do not allow that to stop you from living your decorating dream! Rather than spending time cleaning the house, you ought to simply be enjoying it. MintyMaids is here to make sure that happens.

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Why Does Cleaning an Empty Home Take More Time?

When you imagine house cleaning, you might believe that cleaning an occupied house might take more time. But, most times that’s not the case. When you’re changing places, you ought to do a move in/move out cleaning, with the house cleaning services  of MintyMaids, which is an in-depth cleaning which takes a little longer than a routine cleaning because there are several surfaces and areas that aren’t typically cleaned.

Why does cleaning empty homes take longer?

An empty home takes longer to clean; the primary reason is that spaces that aren’t typically cleaned are going to get a cleaning.

There are a multitude of areas of your house which do not get cleaned on a routine maintenance cleaning. These include: shelves inside the kitchen cabinetry, pantries, bathrooms, laundry rooms, under the sinks, drawers, shelves in closets, as well as the deep cleaning of air registers and light fixtures. Cabinetry fronts, door frames and facings; you’d be surprised to find out precisely how much dirt and dust actually is found in those spaces.

Routine house cleanings may assist in keeping your house free of bacteria, dust, and dirt. But, in the time you reside in one house, the quantity of build-up, grime, and dirt may increase in these places that aren’t regularly cleaned. There are multiple areas which most folks forget about or simply don’t believe they need to clean. It permits your house to gather a layer of dust, making you ill from the bacteria which live in the dust and dirt. For people who have allergies, this may make their symptoms worse over a period of time.

Without any appliances and furniture in your house, there are more spaces which weren’t cleaned before and must be deep cleaned to ensure the new tenants will receive a sparkling clean home. It may take time because every room must be cleaned from top to bottom, from the ceiling fans down to the baseboards. Blinds may receive special treatment because of build-up which might accumulate over time. The flooring, walls, and baseboards in which the washer and dryer and refrigerator once were, require additional time and attention. Also, there’s no dusting involved, surfaces are cleaned with microfiber cloths, professional products, as well as a number of cleaning techniques that ensure that all of the surfaces are disinfected and clean.

Why’s a move in/ out so critical?

A move in/ out also is an important part of the process of home buying. Killing off bacteria residing in the house you’ve just purchased may help to prevent an undesired situation. If you have kids in your house or family members with weaker immune systems the quantity of bacteria in our houses may make some folks sick, even if no one in your house has been ill. It’s why you ought to arrange a move in/ out cleaning with the house cleaning services of MintyMaids in order to decrease the possibility that you or your loved ones won’t become ill from the new environment.

How to Organize a Playroom

Once you’ve determined where your playroom space is going to be, it’s possible to start organizing. Here are tips that are provided by the experienced maid service of MintyMaids to make an organized playroom.

Clean Home

Remove and declutter as much excess items as possible. Part with things your children have outgrown by donating them to a charity, relative, or friend who is going to make good use of them – It’s an excellent lesson for children. In addition, make sure you eliminate obvious clutter and move out of place objects back to their appropriate spaces. Broken toys either should be retired or fixed. A choice few favorite outgrown toys may be set aside for memory boxes.

See Things from a Child’s Viewpoint

You have heard of a bird’s eye view, yet have you gotten down on your hands and knees and looked at your home from your child’s viewpoint? Lower down to their level and browse your space – be on the lookout for hidden dangers – outlets, tippy furniture, breakable objects. Prime real estate for children is down low; therefore, keep the most-used things low and store any less-frequently used objects up on higher shelves. Select storage and furniture solutions they’re able to reach.

Get All Family Members Involved

Getting the entire family on board in the process of organization will help make sure that everyone is going to be involved with keeping up with the new set up. Children may assist in making decisions about what goes where, pick their favorite containers and create labels. If they’re able to get it out, they’re able to put it away.

Return Back to School

Kindergarten and preschool classrooms are a great showcase of organization; the key is to set zones up – crafts, reading, blocks, kitchen, etc. Sort out items and provide them main categories. The categories ought to make sense to the children.

Select the Proper Containers

Use well-labeled and clear open containers so contents are identified easily. That way everyone may assist with clean up. Keep all containers manageable and small for the kiddies, so they do not wind up dumping them everywhere. If children know where items go and it is easy to place it there, they will be more likely to help place all of it away.

Make a Toy Library

If you do not have room to have all the toys out, try to rotate toys. Do that by sending a choice to a ‘toy library.’ Toy libraries may be a closet or bin out of the way in which excess toys can be stored. Children may bring a toy to their toy library to be changed out with something else as they require a change of pace.

Keep it Simple and Take it Easy

Keep in mind that life with children is a little messy – and that is okay! While keeping organized as you have children is both beneficial and possible, it also is great to remember that life with children can simply be messy. The key to remaining sane and your keeping your home in check includes having simplistic systems which make for easy and quick clean up.