How to Declutter your Closet

Here, we offer 10 steps in decluttering your closet:

Evaluate Your Main Obstacles

Are your shoes taking over your closet space? Try to get an over-the-door organizer or hanging-shoe rack. Are your clothes overcrowded? Thinner hangers will create space in order for you to locate things more conveniently. Feeling hurried every morning?  Dividing dresses, shirts, jeans, etc. bring a sense of organization and saves you time. Solving your main problem motivates you to make your dream closet.

Make it a Family Effort

Getting your husband and children involved in organizing may make a difference in your family’s daily life. Everyone ought to be in charge of her or his own accessories, clothes, and toys. It’ll cut your cleaning time by 50% and make sure nothing critical is mistakenly tossed out.

Take One Hour

Scheduling a mere 60 minutes per week really can make a dent within your cluttered, overstuffed closet. If you cannot spare that much time, try 2 (30 minutes) sessions. If you constantly are being interrupted by “Hey Mama!” — ask your husband to take the children out for the afternoon.

Start from Scratch

Take all items out of the closet. If you do not remove it all, odds are the same unworn clothing will be moved around your closet. Now it is time to sort. Toss away damaged and old clothes. Donate what you do not need or do not wear.

Out with Old

Remove things which have no business in the closet. Insurance information, bank statements, or tax documents do not belong next to your sweaters, scarves, and shoes. Make a Life.doc that organizes and stores all your critical paperwork in one place. File the rest of the documents inside a milk crate or office cabinet.

Organize Sections

Designate a space for everything in the closet. Sweaters in one place, shoes in another, etc. It’ll assist you in keeping order and save you time every morning. Make good use of the space. Putting in shelves is going to double your storage and assist t-shirts and sweaters in better keeping their shape.

Apply 80/20 Rule

You might not want to admit it; however, most clothes you own likely go unworn. It is said that the average person in America only wears 10% – 20% of their clothes. To slash down on the fluff, take out items you have not worn in one year. Drop off all excess at the Goodwill or arrange a clothing swap with pals.

Place One In; Take One Out

For every new item you purchase to put inside the closet, donate one thing (or throw it away if it is past its prime). It’ll keep you from going back to your hoarder ways.

Keep It Going

Commit 15 minutes per week to straightening the closet after a “big clean”. Spending this tiny quantity of time will make sure you never need to go through a huge rehaul again.

Reward Yourself

Recognize then celebrate what you have accomplished. Treat yourself to new hangers or purchase that silk shirt you have had your eye on. Now, there’s room for it!

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Green Cleaning: What are the Pros and Cons?

Green cleaning offers a doable option to the tried and true products in the marketplace today. However, green cleaning has its own disadvantages and advantages. When properly used with the adequate care, traditional cleaning products are safe, yet of more concern are small children and pets who accidentally could come into hazardous contact with them. Safety concerns alone make green cleaning a better option, and there are also other advantages. There are, however, some cons to the use of green cleaning solutions even if they’re better for our environment.

Let us look into green cleaning’s pros and cons.


  • Known Elements – Green cleaning, as well as the products utilized to achieve a green clean contain ingredients which are known to the user. It’ll make a healthier home and an eco-friendly atmosphere.  Specialists have come to the conclusion that even utilizing a standard household spray on a week-to-week basis may boost the risk of one of the most rapidly advancing diseases, asthma.
  • Reduced Expenses – Most individuals are under the impression that purchasing green or utilizing green cleaning products is costly. It may be a determining factor for most to remain with the status quo. Realistically, the price of baking soda, vinegar, and some of the additional ingredients necessary to blend your own natural cleaning sprays are low.
  • Clearer Environment – The antibacterial that is used in traditional cleaning products allows the release of hazardous chemicals within the environment. Green cleaning assists in lessening pollution to lakes, rivers, as well as oceans, in conjunction with the minimization of the effect of ozone depletion and global climate change.


  • Questionable Ingredients: While these green cleaning components blended by your own hands are known, manufacturers of green cleaning products aren’t required by law to list all of the components on their packaging.  It may lead to ‘greenwashing’ or labeling of false ingredients.
  • Greenwashing – Within recent years several organizations and companies have started to see the advantage of using the green movement in order to market their services and products. It has led to the practice of greenwashing.  Plainly put, greenwashing is shown as any organization utilizes more money and time claiming they’re ‘green’ through marketing techniques than actually using the services and products which curtail the carbon footprint.
  • More Time Utilized Cleaning- While green cleaning agents are better for our environment overall, they aren’t as severe. That means the time spent cleaning may take much longer and winds up not being cost effective.

As there are mixed cons and pros when it’ll come to green cleaning, it’s important to know that all green cleaning is one step in the right direction in helping our environment.

But, unlike the majority of products, green cleaning is a theory and a product. The ones who actually believe in ‘going green’ are going to do so and figure out the best methods of utilizing green cleaning products.  

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6 Fantastic Tips for House Cleaning

Are you having troubles cleaning your home? Your home cleaning routine never will be the same after you learn the following incredible home cleaning tips. Below we list 6 mind-boggling home cleaning tips which will assist you in keeping a clean home:

Scrub the garbage disposal using a toothbrush

A good house cleaning tip includes taking an older toothbrush to the garbage disposal to clean it. Many times, we’ll pour things down our drain such as bleach and baking soda to kill the odor; however, we do not actually clean our garbage disposal. Get out a little bowl and fill with a mild detergent and hot water. Take the toothbrush; start scrubbing.

Add cleaner to the toilet brush holder

Does the toilet brush cleaner have a little holder to set it in when you are finished with it? Fill the bowl with a disinfecting cleaner such as Mr. Clean. Apart from keeping the toilet brush clean, it will also assist in deodorizing the bathroom. This is because no one wants to clean a toilet using a soiled toilet brush.

Get clean walls using a Swiffer

If you do not know this, your walls may get fairly dirty. Particularly if they go neglected for a while. Get your Swiffer or dust mop out and connect a dry dusting cloth to its end. Lightly spray it using a little antibacterial dusting spray then run it along your walls. It’ll have the walls clean and room immediately smelling fresh.

Dust your blinds with tongs and a cleaning cloth

Microfiber cleaning cloths now are taking over the world of house cleaning. This fact is longer a secret. Take some kitchen tongs and wrap each in one of the cleaning cloths then secure it using a zip tie or rubber band. Spray your cloth using dusting spray then run the tong alongside the inside of every blind.

Shine faucets using dryer sheets

There are some things to do around your house utilizing used dryer sheets and one of them includes shining the sink faucets. If there are chrome faucets in your home this tip works like magic. Plus, it also assists in preventing and repelling future grime and water stains. Take the dryer sheet and utilize it as a buffer alongside the outside of your faucet to get them appearing like new.

Remove grime from burners using ammonia

Are you tired of endlessly scrubbing the burners and not getting any results? It’s possible to remove burnt-on food and other grime from the stove top burners with the use of this easy cleaning hack. Take one cup of ammonia then pour it inside a Ziplock bag (one for every burner) and permit the burners to soak overnight. When morning arrives, you will have the ability to rinse off the burners to be clean, shiny, and like new!

MintyMaids Professional Home Cleaning

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Why is Move In/ Out Cleaning Important?

Why is Move In/ Out Cleaning Important?

Moving represents a big turning point within your family’s lives yet it also can bring upheaval, stress, as well as huge interruptions to your schedule. The last thing you want to be concerned with, on top of all other things, is move in/ out cleaning.

As you move, there are a couple of sets of cleaning activities to take into consideration: the ones at your old home and the ones at your new home. An expert cleaning crew is able to deal with both and get them accomplished more effectively and faster than you might do on your own.

At your Old Residence:

Once you have loaded your truck and moved all items out of your old home, you will be surprised by how much of a mess gets left behind. Your cleaning team will take care of it while you are on your way to your new residence. Make certain to ask about the following services:

  • Carpet Cleaning: If you have not yet sold your old home, cleaning the carpeting might be the most critical thing to do to make sure your home is as appealing to house hunters as possible.
  • Windows: Grimy windows obstruct lighting, and make the house seem dirtier and darker than it actually is. Have your sills, tracks, and windows cleaned professionally.
  • Whole Home Cleaning: Even if your home already has been sold, the realtor (and new homeowners) are going to appreciate it if you leave the home in move-in shape.

At the New House:

The last thing you need to see as you enter the new house is somebody else’s dirt. Have a cleaning crew enter before you get there to inspect and clean the important systems in the home, so it is prepared the minute you arrive. If the home is not in move-in shape, consider booking the same service at the new home that are important at the old house. There are some also essential services you will want to include at your new residence:

  • Removal of debris: If you have had any work done on your new home, like remodeling or painting, there might be construction debris left over. Your contractor ought to clean their mess up, yet there might be dust, dirt, or small pieces of trash that they have missed. An expert cleaning team will look for those things then remove them.
  • Air Duct Cleaning and Inspection: The HVAC systems in your house keep you comfortable yet they also can collect years of pet dander, dust, and additional contaminants. Have them cleaned before moving in, particularly if you or somebody in your family experiences asthma, allergies, or respiratory issues.

Having a cleaning team care for the inevitable mess ought to make the move less stressful and easier. Make certain that you hire an experienced, reputable professional like Anago to make sure everything goes smoothly.

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