4 Tips to Keep Your Mudroom Clean

The mudroom can easily become one of the messiest areas of the entire home. Kids kick off their dirty shoes, throw bookbags on the floor, and generally leave clutter to clean up in their wake. Keeping up with this small area of the home can be a real chore for most individuals, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be. You can do a lot to prevent the mess from taking over the mudroom and spilling out to other areas of the home. All it takes are a few creative solutions to minimize the chaos.

Are you ready to have a cleaner mudroom that doesn’t spiral out of control into other parts of the house? Take a look at some of these top tips to keep your space neater and tidier than ever before.

Place mats inside and outside the door

One of the biggest issues for a mudroom is the amount of dirt, mud, and water that get tracked in along with shoes. This mess tends to carry over into the rest of the house, prompting you to vacuum and sweep far more regularly. An easy solution to keep this dirt from straying outside the mudroom is to eliminate it right at the source. Place mats both inside and outside the doors in order to keep the dirt from being tracked inside the rest of the mudroom.

Make sure you have plenty of hooks

Are you tired of having coats and jackets tossed on the floor when your kids come home in the afternoon? Make sure that you have plenty of hooks on the wall so that everything can be neatly hung up the way it is supposed to be. This makes the room look neater and makes it easier for you to clean up when you need to.

Install a shoe rack

Shoes can quickly take over a room when they are tossed haphazardly in a corner. Start giving your family a place to store their shoes with a rack. Make sure that it is an option that allows air to circulate around the shoes. Give each family member a space to call their own so that there are no excuses about using the new shoe rack!

Store cleaning products in the mudroom

You might be more apt to clean up that mess when you see it if there were cleaning products handy. Purchase a small bin that can hold a couple basic cleaning supplies such as an all-purpose spray and some floor cleaner. Store it up and out of reach of children and pets. Don’t forget to keep a broom and a small mop handy too! This small addition can make for a much cleaner and more convenient mudroom.

Taking care of your mudroom can feel like a monumental task, but it doesn’t have to be. Taking some simple steps to help keep the mess under control from the very beginning can help. When you need an extra hand taking care of your mudroom, try using the bonded housekeeping from Minty Maids! We offer you satisfaction-guaranteed services that are convenient for you to book online.

Regular Cleaning is Essential for Your Health

Clean Your Kitchen Sponge in the Microwave

You might have always thought that cleaning was good for your home, but did you know that it is actually good for your health as well? Dusting, doing the dishes, and vacuuming the floor might all sound like chores from your childhood. However, they are just as important now as they ever were before. You have to make sure that you are prioritizing your health by taking care of the interior of your home sufficiently.

If you’re ready to learn more about the potential benefits of having a cleaner home, look no further. This handy guide to the health benefits of a clean home will apply whether you decide to clean the house yourself or enlist the help of a professional to get you started.  

Better Indoor Air Quality

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, our indoor air can be up to five times more polluted than the air outdoors. This comes from the overwhelming amount of chemicals, sprays, and buildup that we have in our homes. If the house were to be cleaned on a more regular basis, you could see a decrease in the number of pollutants and irritants floating around in the air inside your home. For sensitive individuals, routine cleaning could help eliminate itchy eyes, a runny nose, or frequent headaches.

Improved Mood

Most people already know that they feel better when all of their chores are officially done for the day. You can have an improved mood and a better start to your days when you don’t have to trip over your belongings or avoid the mess on the kitchen counter. Studies have shown that people who have cleaner houses tend to be happier than those who live in a chaotic environment.

Lower Stress Levels

Stress can have a serious impact on your overall health. Chronically high stress can be somewhat alleviated by regularly cleaning your house. This allows you to breathe easily while you are at home, regardless of how you might feel during the rest of your day. You can be both happier and less stressed when you regularly clean your home. For some people, the simple act of cleaning might even be a stress-reducing activity.

More Likely to Exercise

According to a recent study, it seems that people who live in cleaner houses are more likely to have the motivation to exercise than their non-clean counterparts. You might want to consider giving your home a thorough cleaning if you have been struggling to motivate yourself to get to the gym. The results of the study showed that the state of the interior of the home was a far bigger indicator than even the walkability of the neighborhood.

Are you ready to start living a healthier life? You can have a clean home without ever having to lift a finger with a little bit of help from the experienced cleaning services of MintyMaids. Contact us today or book your services online to start taking advantage of all these benefits!

Cleaning Services for Your Outdoor Area

Summertime means more evenings spent outdoors, huddled around a firepit or relaxing by the grill. It makes sense that more than half of all homeowners are making their outdoor spaces into an area for entertainment. Summer is one of the few times out of the year that you can truly enjoy the weather and beauty that surrounds your home. You might spend way more time outside than you do in your house during this season that happens to be filled with beautiful weather. Have you thought about how you’re going to keep this area clean this season?

If you’re like most people, you tend to hire a cleaning service to help with your indoor chores but forget about your outdoor living area. Here are a few chores that you might want to consider having a home cleaning service help with this summer.

Cleaning the Glass

Most patios and outdoor living spaces have a lot of glass that needs to be cleaned on a weekly basis. A cleaning service could help you clean the glass on the outside of a sliding glass door, your glass coffee tables, and even on any decorations that you might have. This can keep them from looking grimy or dingy whenever you have guests over for evening dinners or sunset swims in the pool.

Scrubbing the Grill

You do have to clean your grill with more regularity than you do your oven. Many homeowners wish they could skip this part of cleaning because it does require a great deal of elbow grease. The grill should be scrubbed with a simple cleaner like lemon juice or baking soda to eliminate the grease from your burgers, hot dogs, and other grilled meats. While it is ideal to do this on a daily basis when you use it, weekly would also be an acceptable timeframe in which to clean your grill.

Washing the Patio

If you don’t own your own equipment, you may want to consider hiring a professional to pressure wash your patio once a month. This can be helpful for eliminating algae growth or dirt buildup on your wood, stone, or concrete patio. In between these professional cleanings, you should consider using a stiff-bristled push broom with a gentle soap and water mixture to scrub off the dirt. Dish soap and water are usually sufficient for this task but be sure to rinse everything really well with the garden hose when you’re finished.

Taking Care of Furniture

Outdoor furniture can accumulate a lot of dirt and potentially even mold growth. A cleaning service can help you to keep this growth under control by wiping down your waterproof cushions and rinsing the furniture on a weekly basis. They may recommend that you get any fabrics professionally cleaned or machine washed on occasion.

When you need home cleaning services in Winnipeg, take the time to evaluate which services you really need. This can be a great first step toward having a cleaner home, inside and out. You can book your services online with MintyMaids and enjoy our money-back satisfaction guarantee!

5 Ways to Keep Your Pantry Neat and Clean

Getting your pantry under control might seem like an impossible task. In fact, more than thirty percent of people never address their cluttered areas because it feels too overwhelming at the very beginning. For many people, their pantry is a dark area filled with too many boxes and cans to count. Food items get shoved in places they don’t belong and it feels too impossible to sort it all out. Organization is really the key to keeping your pantry controlled and uncluttered.

With just a few hours, you can get your pantry neat and clean so that it’s far easier to maintain moving forward. Here are our top five tips to get you started with an immaculate pantry.

Remove everything and clean the shelves

The best thing you can do for yourself is to start with a clean slate. Remove everything from the pantry so you can identify what items are inside and clearly see how much space you have to work with. This is also a great opportunity to clean the shelves. Wipe them down with a rag and some warm water. When they’re dry, go ahead and install new shelf liners so that it is easier to clean in the future.  

Put everything in clear containers

Do you ever struggle to figure out what’s in the pantry because it’s filled with too many boxes and bags? You can end the struggle by investing in clear containers or jars that house your foods. These containers make it easy to see what foods are inside and give everything a more uniform appearance. Of course, it is always a good idea to label your containers with a paint pen, chalkboard sticker, or an old-fashioned labeler.

Rotate expiration dates

There is no sense in having food in the pantry that has already expired. Take this opportunity to look at the cans for expiration dates and toss the expired ones. Organize the remaining items according to which one expires first, placing it at the front of the shelf. Remember to keep rotating the items as you add new ones to the pantry.

Purge items once per year

Many of your items are no longer good after a full year of sitting in the pantry. Spices and baking goods typically fall into this category. However, seasonal items like Easter candy or Christmas cookies can also qualify as items that need to be purged following the holiday. Take an opportunity once each year to toss these items and replace them, if necessary.

Tidy up for ten minutes per day

Keeping your pantry neat and clean is going to require a little bit of work from you. You should plan to spend about ten minutes per day restoring order to this area. Tidy things up and straighten up the shelves to keep yourself from ever becoming overwhelmed by a major pantry overhaul again.

Do you need a little help getting your pantry under control? If so, then you need a fully insured home cleaning company like MintyMaids. Give us a call or book your session online today!