Closet Cleaning and Organization Tips

When spring rolls around, most people get the sudden urge to clean and organize their entire home. They may fly through their junk drawers, straighten up the linen closet, and even restack all of the pots and pans. However, it’s not uncommon to find people who stop right in their tracks when faced with a bedroom closet. You might take one look at the clothing that tumbles onto the floor before turning around and running. Taking care of the closet just seems like a task that is far too arduous to consider right now.

With the right cleaning and organization tips, taking care of your closet doesn’t have to be a miserable affair. You can easily sort through your belongings and help them to find a home if you know what to keep an eye out for. Take a look at a few of these expert tips to get you started.

Take everything out of your closet

Most people aren’t really sure what is buried in the back of their closet. If you want to get to the bottom of the mess, you need to take everything out of your closet in order to sort it. As you handle each item, decide whether you want to keep it. Set these items in one pile to keep them away from the items you will donate or throw away. Don’t be afraid to get rid of items you don’t actually use. According to research, we only use 20 percent of the things we own. Toss the other items that simply take up space!

Make multi-level storage space

Do you ever wonder what to do with all the wasted space beneath your hanging shirts and sweaters? You could make better use of it by installing a second hanging rod that allows you to hang more underneath. This is a great area for more shirts, shorter skirts, and even pants folded over the hanger.

Use open containers instead of drawers

Drawers give you a lot of space, but you often lose things deep in the furthest corners of the dresser. There are no really efficient ways to make your dresser drawers display all of your items in the best possible way. An open container placed in the top or bottom of your closet can definitely help though. This is an ideal place for tights, underwear, socks, and other small items that can get pushed around and lost in the mess of a tight drawer.

Don’t forget the closet door

You can make the best use of your space by installing organizers over the back of your closet doors. This can be a great place for jewelry, shoes, or extra hooks for your bathrobe. Take a look at what you use most often in your closet before deciding what needs to be hung on the inside of your doors.

Once you’re finished organizing, it’s time to get your house to a final state of cleanliness. You can take a break from all of the scrubbing and allow MintyMaids to help. We offer qualified cleaning services that can perfectly polish off your spring organizing!

How Should I Use Magic Cleaning Sponges?

A lot of people heard about the magic cleaning sponges when they first released more than a decade ago. Since then, there has been some controversy involving whether they were safe for indoor use. The proof is finally available that these magic cleaning sponges are honestly safe for use around the home, even if you have small children or pets. They are a marvelous cleaning tool that can help you in almost any room.

It’s time for everyone to learn more about how to harness the impressive cleaning power associated with these magic sponges. We’re going to give you a quick and easy way to get started with your magic cleaning sponges.

The Basics of the Magic Cleaning Sponges

You might not want to spring for the name brand version of these magic cleaning sponges. A quick search online will show you plenty of options for generic versions that work just as well. The magic cleaning sponges are essentially melamine sponges with a cleaner worked into them. This is what you should be searching for in order to find the best deal on what is bound to be your new favorite cleaning product.

When you finally receive your first magic cleaning sponges, you are going to be eager to put them to work. Keep in mind that they do have a fair amount of abrasion on them. Before you clean a delicate surface, you will need to test a small area to ensure that it doesn’t scratch first. Take your time testing spots around the home before you dive into the cleaning.

Some people don’t care for the feel of the melamine sponge on their skin. If you fall into this category, you might want to wear a pair of gloves while you clean. This can help your skin from feeling the powder residue of the sponge as you work.

Are you finally ready to get started? Wet the eraser at the sink and then get started scrubbing! That’s all there is to it.

Where to Use Magic Cleaning Sponges

The number of places where you can use a magic cleaning sponge is almost endless. Every area of the home can benefit from these handy scrubbers, but you can even use them outdoors. Here are a few of our favorite suggestions for where to use your magic cleaning sponge:

  • Polished silver
  • Coffee and tea stains on the counter or coffee mugs
  • A splattered microwave with staining
  • Adhesive residue
  • Crayon and other artwork on the walls
  • Dirty shoes, both the fabric and the sole
  • Scuff marks on the floor, furniture, or light-colored shoes
  • Mold, mildew, and soap scum stains
  • Tire hubcaps
  • Dried paint
  • Hard water stains on the sink or toilet

At Minty Maids, we can help you to keep your entire home fresh and clean. Our bonded housekeeping service makes it easy for you to feel more at peace in your own home. Give us a call today and take advantage of our money back guarantee!

Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products That Are Safe for Young Ones

Choosing cleaning products that are healthy for the whole family can be a bit of a challenge. Most people automatically reach for a bottle of bleach when they have a tough mess on their hands. A quick trip to the store can easily reveal how many harmful chemicals are in the store-bought items you may naturally gravitate toward.

Children could face long-term consequences from being exposed to too many of these harmful chemicals. In fact, it could be just as detrimental as smoking a pack of cigarettes a day. It’s time to make the switch to more environmentally friendly cleaning products. Consider these top five cleaners next time you’re faced with a major mess.


Do you already have a giant jug of white vinegar hiding in your pantry? This is a hidden gem for homeowners looking for environmentally friendly cleaning products. Kids can pick up a bottle of vinegar and take a big gulp with no repercussions except a bad taste. You may be deterred from using vinegar by the pungent smell, but rest assured that the aroma will dissipate as it dries.

Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap

Many people love the cleaning concentrate available with Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap. It comes straight from plant extracts instead of harsh chemicals derived from a factory, making it safe for your young children. Because it is a cleaning concentrate, a single bottle of this cleaner can last you for a long time.

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day All Purpose Cleaner

Much like Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap, this cleaner is also a concentrate that can be easily mixed with water in a spray bottle. It comes in a variety of scents that allow you to avoid the strong smell associated with vinegar. Some people hesitate to use cleaners like these in their bathrooms and kitchens, but Mrs. Meyer’s is proven to be effective in every area of the home.

Seventh Generation

When it comes to green cleaning supplies, Seventh Generation is one of the most well-known companies. They produce a line of cleaners that run the gamut from all-purpose sprays to disinfectant wipes to granite cleaners. Rest easy knowing that this company fully discloses all of the ingredients found in their bottles so you know that your kids are safe. The cleaners come in both scented and fragrance-free varieties.


Similar to Seventh Generation, Method cleaners have a long list of products available on the market. You can choose from all-purpose cleaners, furniture polishes, wood floor cleaners, and more. All cleaners are biodegradable, non-toxic, and only derived from natural substances. Even the packages are recyclable. They are extremely committed to creating products that are safe for your family and the environment. All of the scents are very natural without artificial fragrances in any of the bottles.

Allow our experienced cleaning services to help you get to the bottom of your home’s filth. MintyMaids can even offer green cleaning that only uses the environmentally friendly cleaning products that will be safe for your little ones.

Move-in Move-Out Cleaning

reasons why you should hire a couch cleaner

Are you heading to a new home or apartment in the near future? One of the worst things about moving is all of the cleanings you need to get finished. Your new home needs a thorough scrubbing before you can start putting away boxes, but you still have to clean out your old apartment. Most people have a list a mile long when they are in the middle of a major move. You have enough to do without worrying about the cleaning too.

If you want to be certain you can unpack those boxes or get your security deposit back, you should look into move-in move-out cleaning services. This lets you cross cleaning off your to-do list and regain hours that are better spent on other activities.

What does a move-in or move-out cleaning include? The average price for a cleaning service is roughly $150. Keep in mind that the costs will vary based on your square footage and the specific tasks you need to be accomplished. Make sure you’re getting your money’s worth the next time you hire a cleaning company to take care of your home. Here are a few of the things you might want to consider having done when you opt for your move-in or move-out cleaning service.

General Cleaning

Most companies will do just a general cleaning of your home. The standard will include one bedroom, a living room, dining room, kitchen, laundry room, hallways, stairs, and one bathroom. Depending on how many bedrooms or bathrooms you have, you may upgrade the package accordingly. Your cleaning crew should dust, wipe down surfaces, vacuum or mop the floors, and make sure your bathroom is sparkling and sanitary.

If these services aren’t quite enough for your needs, you could also opt to have the interior windows cleaned. Cleaning a basement would also be an additional charge.

Kitchen Cleaning

Every cleaning will include a brief touch-up in the kitchen. We will wipe down the counters, scrub the sinks, and wipe down anything obvious on the exterior of the cabinets. However, an apartment complex that is inspecting your place before you get a security deposit refund might require more attention than this cursory cleaning. You can add on services such as:

  • Cleaning the interior of the fridge
  • Cleaning the interior of the cabinets
  • Cleaning the interior of the oven
  • Cleaning the interior of the dishwasher

Many companies, including MintyMaids, will offer move-in or move-out bundles that clean the inside of all empty appliances and the interior windows for a discounted rate. This gives you the best deal and allows you to put your mind at ease that your new home or old home will be well taken care of while you tend to other matters.

Next time you’re getting ready to make a move, call MintyMaids to utilize our fully insured home cleaning service. We have experience dealing with local Winnipeg agencies including Shindico and Towers. Our experienced and professional staff know just what they look for when inspecting an apartment. Let us help you make moving significantly less stressful and book your customized package online today!