Don’t Hold Back On Wine (Just Don’t Spill)

Cheers! Goodbye 2017. You have so much work to do, 2018! A lot of great things happened last year, a few not-so-great, but overall, amazing.

With all the parties that happened during the holiday season, I think it’s safe to assume that wine was a regular part of the menu.

Every time I attend a party that serves alcohol, my mind keeps going back to this quote from W.C. Fields, “I cook with wine, sometimes I even add food to it.”

 Don’t Hold Back On Wine (Just Don’t Spill)

Too Much?

I wonder why that is. I wonder why people think getting wasted on wine is acceptable. I mean, let me get this straight. It’s ok to get drunk with wine, it’s part of the social culture.

But if you get intoxicated with “other” alcoholic drinks, you’re a drunkard.

I just can’t imagine a drunk person trying to stay social, trying to maintain composed, upright enough not to spill what they’re holding because they don’t know how to get wine out of clothes, or the carpet for that matter.

And this is acceptable because it is only a social party.

Here’s something to think about. If you plan to drink and you have a car, the highest allowable measurement is 0.12% of BAC (blood alcohol concentration) for you to drive.

If you don’t have a personal breathalyzer (you probably should have one if this is a common occurrence), then some symptoms would be a red or flushed face, some flawed decision-making, but you necessarily won’t show any signs of physical impairment.

What About the Kids

Now this would be much worse for those under 18. According to the law, you have to be of legal age to purchase (and therefore to drink) alcoholic beverage.

The age limit varies from area to area but the point is you are not allowed to have any significant amount of liquor in your body if you are below that.

They’re not mature enough to drive and yet they’re already looking for techniques how to get wine out of clothes so they’re not caught by the parents, or worse, the law officers.

It all starts with us, though. We should all be adult enough (pardon the pun) to take care of the next generation. We should learn to moderate how they view alcohol and who they hang out with.

I’m not saying that you should micromanage everything they do, watch, go with, or send sms to. I’m just saying you need to check what they’re doing every now and then.

Drink Moderately

“So are you telling me how to enjoy a party? You must be crazy!”
Absolutely not. And maybe I am.

You can throw your own party the way you want. You can get wasted when you want to. Doesn’t matter if you don’t know how to get the %$*# wine out of clothes, both yours and the others that you puked on.

I’m just suggesting to watch how much alcohol you consume and put into your body. Maybe health reasons, for starters.

 how to get wine out of clothes

2018, Yeah

And if you ever need people who know how to get wine out of clothes, I’m pretty sure you can google them and they’re close by, ready to offer their services.
Let me end by saying — I hope that the year 2018 is your best one yet. May you enjoy every minute and every second of it, wine or no wine.

A Guide On How To Clean Wood Furniture

Are you looking for a guide on how to clean wood furniture that have been staying in your home for quite a long time now?

Wood furnishings are among the sturdiest and most durable belongings that we can have at home. Especially if they are made from hardwood, they can last for even centuries.

However, one drawback of these wooden furnishings is that as they become older, dust, dirt, and mildew start to accumulate onto them, creating an untidy look on the furniture.

In order to retain its good condition, regular sweeping, dusting, and wiping on them just isn’t enough.

A Guide On How To Clean Wood Furniture

Remove Mold, Mildew, Dust, And Stains From Your Furnishings

As we use our wooden furnishings over the years, we cannot totally keep it from becoming dusty. Moreover, stains from different liquid drink, food, and other factors can make them look untidy.

We also have outdoor wooden furniture that might have been stained by molds and mildew.

Sometimes, because of too much dirt that have accumulated, we jusjt want to throw them away.

However, there are effective techniques to remove mold, mildew, dust, and stains and reconditioning them again for them to look good as new.

Check out below for tips for cleaning antique wooden furnishings:

How To Clean Wood Furniture

1. Dusting and Vacuuming

First, you have to remove the dust from the outermost layer of the furnishing.

You may do this by sweeping, However, if you have a vacuum cleaner, removing the dust can become efficient. Vacuum clean the dust to prepare it for a deep cleaning.

2. Cleaning

Once the dust residues are gone, there are still dirt and dust that has not been removed by the vacuum cleaner.

Safely remove them without damaging your furniture. Your cleaning agents that you can use can either be a dishwashing soap and water, vinegar and water, lemon and water, or paste wax.

Get a soft cloth and start wiping the wooden finishing finish to clean off the dirt, stains, mold, and mildew.

3. Removing the Moisture

After you remove mold, mildew, dust, and stains from the furniture, the next steps are for restoring their natural quality.

First is by removing moisture. Get a dry clean cloth. Scrub the cloth in a circular motion onto the furnishing to dry and remove its moisture.

You can do it again if you think that it hasn’t completely dried yet.

4. Polishing

The last on the tips for cleaning antique wooden furnishings is to polish them to restore its brand new look.

Do this by wiping your furniture with vegetable or olive oil. To maintain it in good quality, polish your furnishings about twice a year.

Check Out These Tips For Cleaning Antique Wooden Furnishings

Check Out These Tips For Cleaning Antique Wooden Furnishings

Your wooden furniture can be quite expensive, yet you can be assured that they will last longer. In case you need, MintyMaids can help you with that.

However, you also have to maintain the cleanliness in order for it to be aesthetically usable.

Check out this guide on how to clean wood furniture and floors and add natural beauty to your home with these great quality furnishings.

You Should Know How to Clean Wood Floors

Importance of House Cleaning

Wooden floors are a crucial factor in the style and design of your house. Apparently, it is a major investment that needs quality control and high maintenance.

To protect and prevent your wood floors from looking dull, you need to master the art and patience of cleaning it.

Note that a hardwood floor care guide is essential particularly for beginners. This is to aid you in caring and cleaning your wooden floors the right way.

More so, you want to protect your loved ones especially the children from getting injuries on wet and dirty floors.

You Should Know How to Clean Wood Floors

How Do You Take Care of Hardwood Floors?

The basic cleaning materials that you’ll need in preventing your wood floors to look dull are microfiber mops and a soft broom.

They act as a good defense against damages and scratches brought by walking, running, moving of furniture and other things that we usually do on our wood floors.

Interestingly, microfiber cleaning pads trap dirt and other allergens thanks to its use of static electricity. Have a dustpan ready as well when you mop your wooden floors.

The best time in cleaning the wooden floors in your house is early morning or at night when everyone else is asleep.

Avoid the challenges of cleaning with distraction like the kids are playing or there are guests in the house. Only do so when necessary like an accidental spill of sauce on the floor or a glass just got broken.

Hardwood Floor Care Guide

How do you take care of hardwood floors? Do you clean it on a regular basis or do you hire a professional cleaner to do the job for you?

Of course daily dusting is recommended as liquid spills like milk and water are inevitable so as dirt and grime.

For wood floor areas that are difficult to reach, have a weekly cleaning of your hardwood floors.

Use wet mops and vacuums to remove dirt from the corners of hardwood and on spaces between each.

Be gentle and cautious in using mops and vacuums when cleaning your wood floors.

Don’t use water when mopping the wood floors, instead use a light wood cleaner.

As with the vacuum, make sure that its wheels and beater bar don’t damage the wood floor.

Tips on How to Clean Wood Floors

To lessen the accumulation of dirt on your hardwood floors, place mats on the door entrance.

Make sure that the floor mats that you are using are those designed for wooden floors. Note that rubber mats are not ideal as they easily cause damage on wood floors.

Avoid using soap cleaners, vinegar and water as cleaning materials on your wood floors.

Soap-based cleaners usually leave residue on the floor and vinegar and water make the floor look dull over time.

Importance of House Cleaning

Importance of House Cleaning

Regular house cleaning is crucial in maintaining order and cleanliness in the household.

By maintaining a tidy house, you are also protecting your family from sickness caused by allergens.

House cleaning is a major activity that involves all corners of the unit from floors to windows.

Don’t skip a day with a house full of dirt, live a relaxing and comfortable life with a spotless house.

How to Clean a Self Cleaning Oven: Why Moms Recommend It

The dawn of the new technology has enabled people to enjoy the convenience of doing fewer tasks that are less important but necessary, and these advancements have often come in the form of machine automation.

With that said, electric appliances like self-cleaning ovens now work automatically to minimize dirt buildup and make maintenance as less tedious as possible.

The thing is, you might still want to learn how to clean a self-cleaning oven, given that despite their range of advanced features, knowing the manual way of doing things can help you clean it in case this appliance gets dirty.

How to Clean a Self Cleaning Oven

Is It Safe to Use the Self Cleaning Oven?

Many of the people you know may recommend that you get one of these, given that these appliances come with instructions which are easy to follow but the thing is, these types of equipment also have hidden dangers.

For one, some of the underlying dangers all take root in health hazards.

Chemicals and gases may accumulate from grease setting in areas which are hard to reach, and this often results in respiratory problems for those with Asthma.

These are only some of the things you must consider in using such products, and you should see through the looking glass and look at how these ovens function.

How to Clean a Self Cleaning Oven without Using the Self Cleaning Feature

Because of the dangers of accumulated gases, you can get rid of the settled grease on your own without using the automated cleaning feature instead. Some of the easy cleaning tips and ideas for your oven are:

1. Pour baking soda at the base of the racks. Spray an adequate amount of distilled white vinegar to coat it, not drench it.
2. Let the Baking Soda and Vinegar coat settle for 4 hours. Close the door and turn the temperature regulator or heat.
3. Wipe it off. Scrub hard to remove stains when necessary.

How Long Does it Take for a Self Cleaning Oven to Do its Work?

Most experts don’t recommend the extensive use of the automatic cleaning features of an automatic cleaning oven, given that the risks associated with such ovens can be catastrophic.

Hence, most homemakers recommend using the automatic cleaning feature for an hour when needed. Additionally, most people suggest that you should get it cleaned and care for it the old-fashioned way. In case you prefer to do it this way MintyMaid can help you with this cleaning.

Get the Easiest Self Cleaning Oven Maintenance Tips

Get the Easiest Self Cleaning Oven Maintenance Tips

A lot of people have now gone to buy automated appliances and with the hazards associated with the use of ovens, people often ask if it is safe to use the self-cleaning oven, especially since leftover chemical and gas may build up if cleaning is not done efficiently.

Additionally, you will also have to learn how long it takes for a self-cleaning oven to do its work in a cycle, yet this may still leave residues of gaseous chemicals which can be harmful when they build up.

Hence, it may be time for you to learn how to clean a self-cleaning oven without using a self-cleaning feature to learn how to maintain this kitchen appliance in optimal condition.