What You Should Know About a Green Carpet Cleaner

It is inevitable for carpets both at home and offices to accumulate significant amounts of dirt over time; it is this dirt and lack of proper cleaning practices which ultimately causes the carpet to appear ill-maintained and old.

Now, however much we would want to maintain the cleanliness and general look of the carpet, we cannot fully control movements that happen around them.

In this situation, most people opt to hire professional carpet cleaning companies to deal with the dirt and grime; the good news is that they offer a wide variety of cleaning options chief among them being green carpet cleaner which is environmental safe and friendly.

The following are why you should opt for a green carpet cleaner:



It is safe


The use of this organic solution does not pose any health risk to you, your kid and pets. It is hard to predict the outcome of the other toxic chemicals used in regular cleaners even when dry because they could still be inhaled. It is not a surprise that most companies advice their users to stay away from their carpets when they are drying. The best thing about a green carpet cleaner is that it is made from natural and organic ingredients which are biodegradable, non-toxic and effective; you can never be so sure about other cleaning products.


Quick drying times


Unlike other cleaners, which require lots of water to work efficiently, it is the exact opposite with the green carpet cleaner; the use of less water translates to shorter drying times say an hour or two. This is quite interesting because with regular cleaners, the drying time takes up to two days. If the carpet dries up quickly, then the probability of poisonous molds growing is greatly reduced.


The carpet’s lifespan is increased


Since these organic cleaners use little water, it means that you do not have to soak the carpet; soaking causes the fibers in the carpet to break down leading to breakdown of materials used in making the carpet. Surprisingly, you even have an opportunity to clean your carpet often without worrying that it will fast wear out.


It is effective


The effectiveness of a green carpet cleaner is similar to that of the regular detergents. It leaves your carpet sparkles and removes all contaminants; this implies that there are reduced allergies and you no longer have to worry about the safety of your loved ones. It is actually a win-win situation, where you get your carpet all cleaned without posing any health risk.

Improved quality of indoor air

Traditional cleaners leave behind synthetic fragrances which are pleasant but with the capability of aggravating respiratory problems, Organic cleaners on the other hand do not leave behind a strong scent and do not compromise the quality of indoor air.

Apart from the need for clean carpets, the use of a green carpet cleaner is instrumental in homes with members suffering from various health issues or homes that are conscious of the foreign products introduced to the environment.

Finding the Best Hotels in Winnipeg

Always wanted to visit Winnipeg? With so many hotels in Winnipeg it can be a challenge to choose where to stay. However, there are many ways how you can narrow down your list.

You can then pick your best choice based on the method we shall share with you. However, there are things to do first before you leave your place. Of course, there is the packing of things that you shall bring.

You also have to clean your house before you love so when you come back everything is in order. We’ll also give you some tips on how you can be worry-free with all the cleaning tasks.

Look for Excellent Hotels in Winnipeg on the Internet

Look for Excellent Hotels in Winnipeg on the Internet

First thing’s first, look for excellent hotels in Winnipeg on the internet. This shouldn’t be too hard. Make a list and don’t worry if it gets too long. Another tip is to look at reviews.

Don’t mind about the price for now. Just read the testimonials of guests. List down those that have good reviews. Also, look at photos and also know the location of the hotel.

If the hotel looks stunning and is placed on a convenient area, list it down. It’s great if the hotel is near the airport or downtown.

Choose Hotels in Winnipeg Based on Your Budget

Now, it’s time to compare the prices of each. Choose hotels in Winnipeg based on your budget. If you want a cheap hotel, only choose from those that you can afford.

The reason why you don’t want to mind about the price earlier is if in case you would want to go for a pricey one even with a limited budget. Try and see if you can have great deals before you book. Hotels usually have free breakfast so at least you can save on one meal.

Also, try and see if you can avail discounts to lessen the fee when you book. Know that the city also has motels and inns if you want a more affordable place to stay in. However, if you want to experience luxury, search for well-known hotel brands.

Choose Hotels in Winnipeg Based on Your Budget

A House as Clean as a Hotel Room

Now, before you leave or when you arrive at your home after the vacation, you might want to clean your room. If you want a house as clean as a hotel room, MintyMaids can help you out. A quality cleaning service is a guarantee with their cleaners.

If you want to go on a holiday in Manitoba, MintyMaids can help you enjoy by letting you be worry-free of having to clean your house. You’ll just have fun being a guest in Canada. Go to tourist sites carefree.

Booking and packing should only be your worries before you travel to Winnipeg. With hotels, make a list, check your budget then book. Make your holiday one of your rewards for yourself and MintyMaids another.

If you want your house to be as clean as the hotels in Winnipeg, give MintyMaids a call today. They offer great house cleaning services which can be very convenient for you. Have your house cleaned before you travel on the highway. You might even just do a cancellation of your trip after your house has been cleaned.

Hire the Best Cleaning Services

Rugs are a beautiful accessory to any home, office, or establishments. Just like well-placed wall frame decor or expensive paintings, they contribute to the friendly character of an area or room.

However, unlike residential flooring, wall decor, and other figurines, rug cleaning usually receive a hassle life. Carpets are considered as one of the hardest things to clean in our house because of it is heavy, traps floor dirt, hide stains, and much more.

The carpet in your living room or the rug in your bedroom doesn’t just give decorations, it also livens up the mood of people and even protects these flooring spaces. But the question is, who is going to clean and protect the rugs?

rug doctor

Rug Cleaning Services

For sure, there are hundreds of oriental rugs cleaners near your place. They are professional enough to offer service that suits your need. They care for your house, that is why sometimes, the cleaner from a company may also help you repair broken appliances.

Big thanks to rug cleaning businesses that help homeowners clean the carpet in every area of the house so that it will look fresh and almost new. Firms that offer carpet cleaning services will send you rug doctor or cleaners that will save your life and your home. With the use of vacuums, they will do deep carpet cleaning and also perform wash and steam for you and the whole family.

The Best Company

Cleaning the carpet is a tough responsibility, especially if you do not have the right ideas to do it. However, you can always check the Internet to get some tips, reviews, and additional methods from an official homeadvisor.

However, if you cannot perform the rug cleaning on your house, it is better to hire legitimate contractors that will do it for you. And as a consumer, you may demand the schedule, an estimate of the service you want to avail, and the chem they will use for cleaning the carpet.

Choose a company that is established already for years. Company with good deals should be prioritized. However, it is also good to hire somebody who is near from you – New York, Los Angeles, Texas, Massachusetts, or any part of the states as long as it is just a plant away.

On Your Own

If you want to clean your oriental carpet, you can also DIY. Just Google how to clean rugs yourself, and you can see results that may help you start. You may use soaps that are made for carpets such as the Oxi clean and others.

You can also buy some tools that you might need in the rug cleaning that you plan to do. Make sure that before you start the carpet cleaning, there are no babies or kids roaming around the area. The carpet needs to be free from walking people or running children.

carpet cleaning services

Hire Rug Cleaners Today

It is better to hire someone who will perform an outstanding performance. He/she/they should be efficient and gentle in cleaning the rugs. A good carpet or rug cleaning not just wash the carpet but also undergone to the drying process.

Aside from that, professional cleaners should retain the dye and quality of the carpet. The colors need to be as is and gives more vibrant and freshness.


Top Reason to Use a Steam Cleaner

Do you have children or small pets? Maybe both? I am the proud owner of two small cats. I love my furry pets yet at times they get a little mischievous.

One of my cats decides to go running and they both take off throughout the house. Typically their antics end in one of two ways, either the garbage or some kind of liquid lands on the floor.

What do you do when your carpet soaks up a beautiful red chateau? Not much that you can do really. I have tried wet towels and lite dabbing of my carpet with vinegar. The stains never seem to come all the way up.

This is when I started to use a steam cleaner in my home. I personally like Bissell for steam cleaning, but my wife is more of a Shark cleaner.

steam cleaning machine

Best Home Steam Cleaners

Bissell for me is my favorite steam cleaner through and through. With most Bissell steam cleaners, you can clean your carpet fairly quickly. I love the little green machine, it takes me less than 30 minutes to get up most stains.

My wife however is a huge fan of Shark’s Duo Cleaner. With the Duo my wife can clean the carpet in the same amount of time as my little green, but it is more compact.

My wife is of the opinion that if she can tuck the machine away, that it is the more superior product. I however think the little green is a lot easier to clean. They both have their perks which is why we choose to own both.

Handheld Vs. Push Machines

Whether you want to use a handheld steam cleaner or a steam machine is entirely dependent on your mess.

I personally have back pain and hate to get down on the ground and clean the carpet, This is why I opted for a steam machine.

My little green allows me to stand upright while cleaning my carpet. However, a handheld steamer runs at a cheaper price and is great for little messes on occasion.

If you are more nimble and don’t mind getting down on the ground to clean, a handheld steamer can do the trick.

Typically you can buy a handheld steamer for under $100. The Oyster steam cleaner would be the best handheld option I recommend. If you have frequent messes, it is worth investing in a steam cleaning machine.

Steam cleaning push machines are the best home steam cleaners when you have children or small pets.

Our pets running around all day tend to wreak havoc on our carpet at least twice a week. All I have to do is pull out the Bissell and spend about 30 minutes drawing up any juices or spills.

hand held steamer

What If You Lack The Time To Clean?

Cleaning is never fun and personally my wife and I take turns and hold a schedule for our steam cleaning.

Unfortunately we all don’t have time to break out a schedule and take the time to properly steam clean our homes.

If you are having trouble finding the time to clean, you can always contact us about our residential cleaning options.

If you do take pride in cleaning company and have the time to do the steaming yourself, I recommend you choose one of the steam cleaners mentioned in this article.