Housekeeping 101: Quick Kitchen Cleaning Tips

Cleaning Your Kitchen with a Kitchen Cleaning Service

The kitchen is one of the rather more challenging spots to thoroughly clean in your house. Logically, this is because although there may be less foot traffic in this area of the house, the kitchen is still overly utilized. Think of all the food preparation and arrangement, actual eating, and clearing the table and countertops of used utensils and other kitchenware. On top of that, putting away the leftovers in bins prove to be pretty laborious relative to tidying up your bedroom, the living room or the receiving area and lounge. That is why kitchen cleaning is the most dreaded of tasks.

If you want your kitchen and everything in it flipped upside down and cleansed inside out, it is best recommended to hire the expert residential kitchen cleaning services. Call MintyMaids today and set up a time to have one of our kitchen cleaning professionals come out.

At the moment, let us walk you through how to clean a messy kitchen quickly. This is so you can at least keep up with the everyday maintenance of your kitchen – particularly every after meal – while waiting to schedule for the professional house cleaners to come over and do the expert kitchen cleaning for you.

Kitchen Cleaning Services

Do the Dishes Right Away and Then Wipe the Sink Dry

Do not wait for the end of the day when you get back home to do the dishes. The task should not take very long, or make you arrive late to work. You can manually do this, or easily load the utensils and silverware in the dishwasher.

Remember to wipe them dry which, just the same, would not take too much of your time. After wiping them dry, place them carefully on the kitchen shelves and racks where they are supposed to be.

Take Care of the Leftovers When Kitchen Cleaning

As much as possible, empty your kitchen bin and take the food debris or leftovers which are wet garbage. They are a source of growth of molds, and a favorite breeding ground for bacteria and germs.

If it truly is beyond the capacities of your time to do so, then ensure that you close and secure the lid of your kitchen trash bin; at least to keep the insects away.

Wipe Down Splatters, Splashes, and Spills

Very quickly yet efficiently still, wipe the dining table and the countertops. Include the visible parts of the gas range too. Splatters and splashes along the upper walls – which probably went over there as you were cooking or washing the dishes – should be easily wiped off too. Do so while they are still fresh and moist, making them come off much more easily.

Do Not Discount the Kitchen Floor

Cleaning Your Kitchen with a Kitchen Cleaning ServiceIt is very important to note that you mop the wet and slippery areas on your kitchen floor; not only for the purpose of kitchen cleaning, but it is for your safety too.

You may include quickly inspecting the shelves and cupboard doors for more splatters and spills; then wipe them as necessary.

These quick and easy to follow procedures are only for the purpose of daily upkeep of the kitchen; perhaps the most utilized part of your home. It is not like saying that you have to thoroughly clean the deepest nooks and recesses of your kitchen appliances on an everyday basis.

You can always leave the deep kitchen cleaning in the hands of professional housekeepers, who you can consult and call to hire. For now, just make certain that you do away with slippery kitchen tiles because of water spills, and keep the bacteria and insects off and away in the best and fastest possible way which you can do and achieve on a daily basis.

DIY: Easy Oven Cleaning Tips

Oven cleaning alongside cleaning other appliances such as the refrigerator, the dishwasher, and the gas range – proves to be one of the more taxing household chores.

These appliances run on electricity, so that you have to be careful not to spill water over some delicate parts. They too are intricately designed with all the corners and nooks, drawers, racks and dividers, grills, and knobs.

You have to be very meticulous in taking out all these detachable items in order to clean them. Plus, you do not clean them with just any chemical-based solutions which you may have bought from the grocer’s. Their materials have specific requirements for cleansing agents.

Hiring Professional Help

Oven Cleaning ServicesFor better, safer, and more secure oven cleaning, it is best recommended that you call and hire a professional cleaning services provider.

For cleaning your home in Winnipeg, it is Mintymaids who can very well take on the task. Mintymaids offer several packages for these cleaning services.

Particularly talking about tidying up appliances – such as oven cleaning – it specifically falls under Mintymaids’ add-on services if you want your oven to be thoroughly cleaned inside out.

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Oven Cleaning Tips and Tricks

For now, let us browse through these oven cleaning tips and pointers which you can also do on your own should you find some spare time to do so. Also mentioned here are the cleansing solutions which you may employ.

Because of splatters and splashes of water, oil, and other food condiments on the interior of your oven is inevitable, cleaning it on a regular basis is well advised for the purposes of sanitation; as well as maintenance of proper functioning of the oven.

It is hygienic, and it will give your oven a longer life of service to your household.

Cleaning Oven Racks

Gently remove the oven racks from where they aren’t permanently installed inside the oven.

Use a regular dishwashing liquid diluted with water. This is where you will soak the oven racks for an hour or more.

Thereafter, scrub the oven racks with a sponge. Rinse them well, and then dry them with a clean towel.

Leave them to dry even better on a surface covered in dry fabric, as you now turn your focus on the interior of your oven.

The Cleaning Paste Containing Baking Soda

Mix ¾ cup of baking soda with ¼ cup of warm water.

Should you need more paste for a large oven, just follow the ¾:¼ ratio between baking soda and water.

Blend them well until the baking soda is nearly completely dissolved in the solvent.

If you wish to use this DIY paste oven cleaning and for the racks, you may do so. It is very important to note though that you should only use this paste solution on stainless steel parts of the oven, as it would not work with aluminum and can cause discoloration.

Oven Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Cleaning the Interior of the Oven

This is the part of the cleaning where you have to be extra careful with the parts of your oven. Ascertain that all openings within the appliance are covered. Foil will make for a good coverage.

After ensuring that all the delicate openings of your oven are blocked with foil, start the application of the paste which you concocted on the sides, and upper and lower surfaces of your oven interior. Keep in mind to avoid the bare metal surfaces, as well as the door.

It is best advised to leave the solution on the surfaces overnight and that is when you scrape off the paste with the use of a plastic scraper. Repeatedly wipe off the residue and the remaining streaks of paste with a damp cloth until thoroughly clean.

Cleaning the Oven Door: The Cleaning Solution Containing Vinegar

Use a mixture of water and vinegar. Use the 1:1 ratio.

Moisten a soft cloth with the mixture. Carefully wipe the interior side of the oven door, while meticulously avoiding the metal or rubber gasket.

Finish off the task of oven cleaning by wiping the both sides of the door with a clean and damp cloth.

There you have it: you just managed to pull off oven cleaning on your own.

Then again, you know who else can pull off the job even better and tidier? It is the housekeepers of Mintymaids in Winnipeg.

If there is truly no gap in your busy schedule to tidy up your appliances – or your entire house at that – give us a call at Mintymaids, and we will be more than willing to do the housekeeping for you.

3 Bathroom Cleaning Tricks to Keep Your Bathroom Safe and Clean

They say people can judge homeowners according to their bathroom, and somehow this is true. A bathroom reflects our hygiene and often unseen habits.

It’s easy to keep our living rooms and kitchens clean at all times because these are the areas that we see all the time, but to keep a spotless bathroom requires a whole other level of dedication to cleanliness that only a few possess. A busy schedule should not be an excuse. You can always hire affordable bathroom cleaning services to take care of the matter for you.

Regular bathroom cleaning is a necessity to keep us safe from health complications. Here are a few things you can do to stay on top of bathroom cleaning week after week:

Clean Bathroom Showers After Every Use

Bathroom showers are neglected on a daily basis simply because we’re often in such a hurry to get out of the shower and get the day started.

Yet, you need to clean bathroom showers after every use because shower-heads can harbor a pathogen linked to pulmonary disease, which is known as Mycobacterium avium. If your shower-head is infested with this pathogen, turning on your dirty shower-head, you’ll shower your lungs with a million disgusting germs.

Keep Your Bathroom Safe and Clean

Clean bathroom showers after every use by wiping off condensation from the shower-head. Leave the bathroom window open for one hour every day to lower the room’s humidity.

If you want to do a deep cleaning, pour white vinegar into a plastic bag, fully submerge the shower-head nozzle, tie it in place, and soak it overnight. Remove the plastic in the morning and rinse the nozzle with water.

Regularly Clean Your Bathroom Floor

A neglected bathroom floor will look yellowish after about one month, and you can be sure that by this time, every step you take exposes you to more germs on the floor. This is why you need to clean your bathroom floor every week.

To clean your floor, you first need to sweep to remove dust and other dirt particles. Then heat the tiles by sprinkling on some hot water. Then use soapy water to clean the entire floor surface, rinse it with water, and let it dry. After that, you need to apply your trusted bathroom cleaner, scrub, and rinse again.

Bathroom Cleaning Tricks

Hire a Deep Clean Bathroom Service

If it’s a challenge for you to set aside time every week for bathroom cleaning, and if all those steps made you wish you didn’t have a bathroom in the first place, you can always hire a deep clean bathroom service.

A deep clean bathroom service professional will clean your bathroom floor and clean bathroom showers thoroughly, giving you a clean bathroom minus the exhaustion.

We’ve never had so many ways to keep our bathrooms clean as we do today. You can get a deep clean bathroom service for an affordable price, or you can choose to do all the bathroom cleaning by yourself. No matter what method you choose, it’s important to always clean bathroom showers, floors, sinks, and toilets for hygiene purposes.

Thinking of Hiring House Cleaning Pros? What to Do First

Are you one of the million homeowners who find it tough to keep their homes sparkly clean week after week because of work and other life obligations? Then chances are you’ve considered hiring house cleaning services.

Professional house cleaners can tidy up your home and remove the toughest stains and dirt on any surfaces, so using their services is a great option. However, before you go and hire professional home cleaners, be sure to do these first to avoid a headache in the future:

House Cleaning Pros

Find Local Housekeeping Services

First off, it’s better to find local housekeeping services because of two main reasons. First, local housekeeping companies are easier to contact and access. You just have to hop in your car and go straight to their office if something needs to be talked about in person.

Second, they will arrive at your house faster than far away housekeeping companies. If you’re from Winnipeg, it just makes sense to hire Winnipeg cleaning services. Find local housekeeping services for practical purposes.

Ask About the Professional House Cleaners’ Training and Experience

It also pays off to know how the professional house cleaners are being trained. Ask how they were trained to ensure their competencies and if they have any areas of specialties.

If it would help you make up your mind, ask for some of their previous clients’ testimonies and experiences of their house cleaning services.

Check Their Average Hourly Rate for House Cleaning

Never go into a deal without comparing prices! Before you go and agree to a deal, check their average hourly rate for house cleaning and compare it with the prices of other housekeeping companies.

This will help you make sure that you’re getting the best bang for your buck and that you’re not being shortchanged.

The Best House Cleaning ServicesAlso, check what services and the areas of the house that are covered in the specific prices. Then compare which of the companies offer the most coverage and services for the most affordable price.

Of course, it’s never wise to base your decision solely on price. If the housekeeping company is a bit pricier than the rest, but you’re confident that their professional house cleaners can deliver quality results, then don’t write off that company too quickly.

Ask What Cleaning Products They Use

Professional house cleaners have their own cleaning products that are proven to be effective, but you still need to make sure that their products won’t harm you and your family.

Check if they use eco-friendly and non-toxic products. This is especially important if someone in the family is pregnant or suffering from respiratory difficulties.

Key Takeaways

Before you hire a housekeeping company, make sure to find local housekeeping services to make it easier for you to get in touch with them. Check the qualifications and training of their professional house cleaners to see if they can get the job done quickly and competently.

You should also check their average hourly rate for house cleaning to stay on budget. Keep these things in mind before you hire a housekeeping company to make sure that you’re only getting the best of the best for you and your family.