Ways to Clean a Glass Top Stove

A glass top stove is a modern and smooth addition to any kitchen. So, what’s the problem? It’s hard to keep it clean – even the smallest drip from a pan will appear very conspicuous without instant cleaning. If you really don’t have time to do this on your own, simply call the Winnipeg home cleaning services of MintyMaids to handle it for you!

It’s possible to plan on spraying a cleaning agent and wiping down your stove after each use; however, odds are there are going to be times in which you choose to eat your food before you clean. After the fact, it’ll take a little effort to figure out how to clean the glass stove top; however, you’ll have the ability to get the glass top stove back to a new shine.

Cleaning the Glass Top Stove

We promised an easy and cost-effective method of learning how to clean glass stove tops; therefore, avoid purchasing cleansing solutions at the grocery store. Instead, collect some typical household items – that is all thats needed to efficiently clean the glass top stove.

1) Gather the cleaning products. Find your white vinegar and baking soda, as those items will be your main cleaners. In addition, acquire a spray bottle, a few towels or cloths, and either a graspable razor or scrub brush.

2) Wipe using vinegar. After ensuring that your stove top is cool, spray your glass top using white vinegar then wipe it down using a cloth. It’ll successfully remove all large surface scraps and degrease its surface. Of course, it’s possible to use any cleansing agent here, yet vinegar usually is the most available.

3) Sprinkle some baking soda. After all vinegar is removed from your stove, liberally cover the whole stove top with baking soda. It’ll breakdown the dirt which has built up on the stove top and makes scrubbing possible without having to scratch the glass.

4) Cover using a damp towel. Locate a towel big enough to cover the stove top and wet it with warm water. If you cannot find a big enough towel, it’s possible to piece together smaller towels. Leave your towel on top of the stove and baking soda for fifteen minutes to allow everything to soak.

5) Scrub. After the fifteen minutes are up, utilize that same towel to scrub using the baking soda then clean your stove. Frequently wring and rinse the towel and keep scrubbing until all of the baking soda leaves the surface.

6) Scrape with a scrub brush or razor. Use the scrub brush or razor to remove all stubborn debris that’s still stuck on your glass top stove. It’s vital to do that while the stove is still wet and work with an even motion, in order for you not to scratch the glass.

7) Finish using vinegar again. As the stove is looking a lot cleaner, polish it once more by spraying vinegar then scrubbing with a moist cloth. Clean all of it down using a dry cloth to make it shine.

Winnipeg Cleaning Service Minty Maids Celebrating Best Ever Quarter As Demand For Their Services Continues To Grow

Winnipeg Canada – Minty Maids, one of the fastest growing cleaning companies in Canada, is delighted to announce that they have just celebrated their best ever quarter in terms of overall business, new business and inquiries. The company has focused its attention and advertising budget on the millennial generation, and this strategy is starting to reap the rewards.

The company conducted significant marketplace research and identified that the millennial generation placed a huge value on their leisure and family time. The generation works very hard, sometimes working over 60 hours a week, and when they get home, the last thing they want to concern themselves with is having to undertake the chores and general housework.

Having identified their target market, they then updated their website to reflect and appeal to a younger generation and created promotions and advertisements designed to grab the attention of their target market. Now that the company brand is well known in and around Winnipeg, growth is becoming more organic, although the vast majority of their new customers still come as a direct result of referrals from delighted customers.

“As a business owner it is always critical to identify and then serve your target market, and that was a strategy we were determined to follow when we initially launched Minty Maids,” said Terry Williams. “We are now well established in the area and are contemplating expanding into adjourning cities to continue our remarkable growth. However, as with every aspect of our business, we will plan this expansion meticulously, because we never want to lower our standards, or disappoint any of our customers.”

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How to Clean Baking and Cookie Sheets

Whether you have been roasting a lot of veggies or you are merely on a snickerdoodle kick because you have been binging on too many TV shows about culinary competitions, sending the oven into overdrive may result in your baking sheets appearing downright gross. Thankfully, cleaning cooking sheets that are coated in grease is a snap! Here, we’ll learn how to clean baking sheets — and how to keep them from becoming gross again.

How to Clean Cookie Sheets that have Baked-On Grease Utilizing Ammonia

This handy do-it-yourself won’t just clean the baking sheet, it might also help remove grime from the inside of the oven.

You will need:

  • Dishwashing liquid
  • Dishwashing gloves
  • Microfiber cloths
  • A non-scratch scouring pad
  • A small bowl
  • ½ cup of ammonia
  1. Be certain the oven is off and cool.
  2. Pour ammonia inside the bowl. Set it on the top rack of the oven.
  3. Put the greasy cookie sheet on the oven’s bottom rack.
  4. Shut the oven door and allow it to sit overnight.
  5. When the morning arrives, put on your gloves. Use the water and non-scratch pad to clean your baking sheet.
  6. Normally wash the sheet using water and dish soap.
  7. The ammonia might’ve loosened up a ton of the oily remnants from dinners past on your oven walls or door; therefore, take time to wipe these down using microfiber cloths.

Cleaning Cookie Sheets with Vinegar and Baking Soda

You will need:

  • Non-scratch scouring pad
  • Clean kitchen sink
  • ½ c. baking soda
  • ½ c. distilled white vinegar
  1. Plug in the stopper and fill up the sink with warm water.
  2. Blend the vinegar and baking soda with water.
  3. Submerge the cookie sheet as much as you can. If you have a big pan, you might need to clean half at one time.
  4. Allow the pan to sit for thirty minutes to one hour. It ought to loosen anything that is baked on.
  5. Softly scrub away the baked-on grime with the non-scratch pad.
  6. If there’s a bigger cookie sheet on-hand, refill your sink with a new batch of the cleaning mix and submerge the dirty part of the pan.
  7. Repeat steps four and five.
  8. Hand wash your pan as you usually would and allow it to dry before you put it away.
  9. Be certain to clean the sink so it does not get smelly.

How to Keep Sheets Looking Great

The key to keeping the cookie sheets from getting dark patches is preventing oils and fats from touching them. The best method of doing this includes lining the pans with aluminum foil, parchment paper, or silicone mats designed especially for baking. One other method of making the cookie sheets last longer includes cleaning them in the sink instead of the dishwasher.

If you do not want to deal with your oven, you do not have to! Oven cleaning is merely one of the multiple specialty services we provide to make your life easier.

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How to Safely Store your China Dinnerware

Naturally, you do not want your best dishes getting all banged up as you are trying to protect them. Here, we’ll discuss the do’s and don’ts of taking care of these delicate items and pick up some china storage tips along the way.

Do Display the Dishes

Whether your dishes are a family pattern, wedding gift or something you saved for to purchase yourself, there isn’t any shame in wanting to place it on display. Be certain your cabinet or hutch is set up for this task with grooves for the lips of bowls and plates. If these are not built in, invest in some quality plate display stands which will not slip about. However, never try to display china by balancing them on the back wall of a hutch. One simple nudge with a hip or vacuum cleaner might leave you feeling like a bull ran through the china cabinet.

Do not use your Dishwasher

Unless your dishes specifically say they are dishwasher safe, they always should be cleaned by hand.

Do Properly Space China Dinnerware

As you are storing dishes or placing them inside a display case, you want to ensure that you have given each plate, cup, and bowl plenty of space. China that is placed too close to each other is more likely to chip if a china hutch or storage box gets accidentally jostled.

Do not Stack China Too High

As it’ll come to stacks of formal plate ware, bigger is not better. While it is admirable to attempt to maximize space, higher stacks may result in plates becoming broken or scratched if they slide. Also, all those top dishes put a lot of pressure on the plate at the bottom. Thereby, it is a good rule to stack no more than around 8 plates.

Do Consider Smart Dishware Storage Ideas

The sky is the limit as it’ll come to containers which may help you find out how to store dishware safely. Besides traditional display shelves, cabinets, and hutches, it’s also possible to buy both soft- and hard-sided cases for your tea settings, bowls, and plates. Regardless of which dishware storage idea you choose, be certain to place the packed-away dishes within a place that does not see much traffic. It’ll greatly decrease the opportunity of china being damaged when it is stowed in the off season.

Do not Pack China Using Newspaper

Newspaper often is a convenient and cheap packaging material, which is the reason why it is one of the first china storage tips to come to mind for most people. Here is the hitch — the ink utilized to print newspapers may bleed onto the dishes, which means you will need to spend even more time washing them. That ink even could cause damaged patterns if you need to scrub to remove it. Even worse, newsprint might result in permanent staining. As you consider those factors, it is better to skip the newspaper and buy brown packing paper, which typically is inexpensive.

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Ways to Clean Toys

MintyMaids doesn’t provide this service; but here are some DIY cleaning ideas to use to help keep your kids toys germ-free and prepared for playtime.

Ways to Clean Toys in your Washing Machine

Here’s the good news: most plush toys are just a whirl inside the washer away from being good as new. Just ensure that you first look at the labels for special directions. No one wants the incorrect dryer setting or water temperature rendering their beloved “Cuttlefish,” “Monkey,” or “Kitty” unrecognizable. For small toys designed of hard plastic, put them in a pillowcase or mesh bag to keep them from clunking around.

Ways to Clean Toys inside the Dishwasher

Cleaning toys inside the dishwasher is an additional option. The dishwashing detergent and hot water will do the disinfecting and cleaning work for you. If you do not have a dishwasher, wash them by hand inside the sink using hot water and your regular dish detergent. Large toys, toys that have electronic elements, and wooden toys must be individually disinfected and dusted.

Ways to Clean Toys using Bleach

If you’re only washing toys, consider adding a 1/2 cup bleach to the washing machine or dishwasher. If you’re soaking the toys inside the sink, we suggest adding a ½ cup bleach per gallon of water. Allow the toys to soak for around 5 minutes, rinse then air dry.

A few germ-fighting parents keep a different plastic bin that is only for disinfecting and collecting toys which have been contaminated. As a toy has been slobbered on or hit the ground, it goes right into the bin where it’s out of reach from kids. Parents then can add bleach and water right to the bin for cleaning.

Ways to Clean Toys using Vinegar

For a more natural, simpler cleaning solution, think about adding equal parts white vinegar and water to a spray bottle. Spritz your dirty toys using the vinegar solution and allow them to sit for around fifteen minutes. Make certain to wipe off all remaining water-vinegar solution to minimize the lingering vinegar odor. The vinegar spot cleaning technique works best for hard toys yet isn’t ideal for stuffed animals or plush toys.

Ways to Clean Outdoor Toys

Do you have outdoor toys? Sandboxes, little gyms, or play houses, etc.? Bugs, birds, visiting animals and pets make E. coli a concern, as well as make it necessary to sanitize them on a routine basis. Use sanitizing wipes, spray sanitizer, or simply give it the “driveway carwash” treatment using soapy, hot water and garden hose rinse-off.

Ways to Clean Secondhand Toys

Utilize a weak bleach solution that sanitizes secondhand toys which make their way home from resale shops, garage sales, or generous neighbors and relatives. Make certain that you rinse well and thoroughly dry.

MintyMaids is a home cleaning service that has been helping young, busy families and new grandparents remain on top of clutter, dust, and germs for over 10 years.

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How to Load the Dishwasher

There are some things to remember when you are learning the best way to load the dishwasher.

  • Each machine brand has different internal workings and racks, which means each has a special loading pattern. Consult the manufacturer’s directions about how to load the dishwasher to make sure you obtain the most efficient cleaning.
  • Pre-rinse all dishes which will be sitting inside the dishwasher for a while before running a cycle.
  • Some things — such as cast-iron cookware — never should go in the machine. Be certain you know which dishwasher taboos exist before you hit the start switch.
  • Do not stack dishes, as it prevents the sprayer from efficiently reaching everywhere.
  • Be certain plastic items are secure, in order for them not to get knocked loose. If they’re unsettled and get too close to the heating component, they might melt.
  • Avoid crowding your dishwasher, as it may lead to dishes becoming broken or not effectively being washed.

Loading Silverware inside the Dishwasher

  • When you can, mix knives, spoons, and forks to prevent them from nesting.
  • Load a few utensils — such as spoons and forks — with their handles facing down.
  • Knives ought to be loaded with their handles facing up in order for you not to cut yourself.
  • Keep stainless-steel and silver-plated utensils separate in order to prevent damage to the good silver.

How to Load Larger Items

It is a known fact that bigger dishes — such as casserole dishes, plates, mixing bowls and dishwasher-safe baking sheets —ought to be loaded on its bottom rack. However, there are some things you may not know.

  • Be certain the biggest items are positioned towards the back and sides of the rack.
  • Load all dishes so that the side that’s dirty faces its sprayer.
  • Space larger items out to ensure they are cleaned properly.
  • Do not assume that just because something is large or metal, it is dishwasher safe. Most non-stick pans and pots ought to be washed by hand; therefore, always check the care directions.

Loading Smaller Things in the Dishwasher

As you probably know, the top rack should be reserved for smaller things, like small glasses and bowls, and coffee mugs. We have some extra tips to help you make the most of every cycle.

  • Place things in between the tines on the dish rack — instead of on top of them — in order to prevent water spots.
  • Load mugs and cups at an angle — with the interior of the cup facing the sprayer — to assist in limiting pooling.
  • First, unload the bottom rack so any liquid which has puddled in mugs or cups does not splash on clean dish ware.
  • When it comes to cleaning wine glasses, skip the dishwasher, as their delicate stems and globes can break easily.
  • Load plastic, dishwasher-safe storage containers and additional plastic things on the top rack — and away from the heating component — to aid in preventing buckling and warping.

Contact MintyMaids whether you require one-time help for a special event or assistance with your week-to-week cleaning routine.

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Mold Cleaning Options

Baking soda is known as a safe and natural household cleaner. It also can be utilized to destroy mold in the house. Unlike additional mold killers, containing harsh chemicals, it’s mild (pH of 8.1), as well as harmless to your pets and family. In addition to destroying mold, baking soda additionally deodorizes, so it also can get eliminate the odor mold leaves in the house. Also, baking soda absorbs moisture to assist in keeping mold away.


If you are wondering if vinegar destroys mold, that’s an affirmative. It’s a mild acid that may kill 82 percent of mold species. But vinegar also has the benefits of being safe and natural. Vinegar is non-toxic and does not give off hazardous fumes similar to the way in which bleach does. It sometimes is used in conjunction with baking soda while cleaning up mold issues since vinegar destroys different mold species than baking soda.

Hydrogen Peroxide

It’s an antibacterial, antiviral, anti-fungal, and it can destroy mold. It’s an excellent alternative to chlorine bleach because it’s safe to use and it does not destroy the environment. Hydrogen peroxide also does not leave behind toxic residue or generate toxic fumes similar to the way in which chlorine bleach will. Hydrogen peroxide also is cheap to purchase.

Hydrogen peroxide effectively destroys mold on many materials like floors, clothes, walls, bathrooms fixtures, and specific items like kitchen appliances. Being a bleaching agent, it also can assist in fading the stain mold leaves behind.

Tea Tree Oil

It’s an essential oil that’s harmless to pets and people. It is an anti-fungal and is able to kill all kinds of molds. Tea tree oil also is an antibacterial. The majority of natural food shops carry it. Be certain the oil you purchase is from the Melaleuca Alternifolia— the technical term for tea tree, as not every brand always is. Since tea tree oil does not quickly lose potency, the solution may be stored away after you clean. Of all of the natural mold-killing options, this one is the most effective. Even though it may be expensive, a tiny bit goes a long way. As used, the odor is strong yet dissipates after a while.

*Keep in mind to always use gloves while cleaning to protect the hands.

The EPA suggests that you use open windows, bathroom fans, and wipe surfaces down in rooms such as the bathroom and kitchen.

  • Check your AC drains, faucets, and pipes for leaks.
  • Dry and clean all water-damaged rugs then replace carpets that obviously are damaged.
  • Use ACs and dehumidifiers indoors, and regularly change filters.
  • Any surface frequently exposed to moisture such as windowsills or indicators such as peeling paint ought to be investigated.
  • Think about placing a dehumidifier inside the basement to eliminate any moisture. Addressing and finding mold today is going to generate a better result than waiting until tomorrow as it might be worse.
  • Kitty litter is very absorbent. Put bowls of kitty litter in damp places then replace them every week.

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Four Steps to Better Organization of your Pet

Your furry pal is part of your family, and it really shows. They tend to have every toy imaginable and more leashes and collars than you actually have jewelry. Tossing everything inside a bin likely does not work for you; therefore, we have a few pet organizing options for when you (or your pet) requires something in a hurry.

Step One: De-clutter

You do not need that collar your pup has outgrown or those raggedy dog toys which never get really played with anymore. While at it, you can throw out those stale dog treats you purchased a couple of months back and check the backyard for the fossilized remains of older tennis balls. An insane amount of toys is unneeded and more than likely most go ignored, so attempt to cut down to around to 5 to 10 that your dog plays with the most. A basket or bin that is tucked inside a space that’s easily accessible to both you and your dog is the ideal area to store them.

Step Two: Treat Their Treats

Treat boxes and pet food bags may look ugly and are not the most durable if your dog makes the decision to be a bit naughty as you are not looking. Your best bet includes buying food storage containers in either plastic or glass. They are going to appear so much better, as well as keep their food fresh, because if you do not like stale food, neither will your dog.

Step Three: Establish a Walking Station

Walking your pup isn’t always hassle-free, yet a walking station may add much needed convenience. It is better to keep leashes upon a hook by your door for convenient access and hang a towel up so that you always are prepared to wipe muddy dog paws. A tiny bucket upon a shelf may hold doggy bags and lint roller to take off unwanted dog hair on your clothing before you go out for the day.

Step Four: Grooming Made Easy

If we are being truthful, your pet will probably never enjoy his baths, yet it is possible to make things more convenient for yourself by keeping all their grooming supplies inside a convenient area. We recommend placing their scrubber, shampoo, and brush inside a portable shower caddy which easily can be taken outdoors or put by the tub. Then, it is possible to hide it underneath the sink when not being used.

Now that you have your pet supplies organized, it is possible to get in touch with MintyMaids to deal with all unwanted messes that are left behind so you may appreciate more time with your furry pal.

MintyMaids is a high-tech, top rated cleaning provider. After paying securely on the internet, just log in to your account in order to manage all cleanings. It is possible to add special directions, cancel, or change the time.

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How to Declutter your Closet

Here, we offer 10 steps in decluttering your closet:

Evaluate Your Main Obstacles

Are your shoes taking over your closet space? Try to get an over-the-door organizer or hanging-shoe rack. Are your clothes overcrowded? Thinner hangers will create space in order for you to locate things more conveniently. Feeling hurried every morning?  Dividing dresses, shirts, jeans, etc. bring a sense of organization and saves you time. Solving your main problem motivates you to make your dream closet.

Make it a Family Effort

Getting your husband and children involved in organizing may make a difference in your family’s daily life. Everyone ought to be in charge of her or his own accessories, clothes, and toys. It’ll cut your cleaning time by 50% and make sure nothing critical is mistakenly tossed out.

Take One Hour

Scheduling a mere 60 minutes per week really can make a dent within your cluttered, overstuffed closet. If you cannot spare that much time, try 2 (30 minutes) sessions. If you constantly are being interrupted by “Hey Mama!” — ask your husband to take the children out for the afternoon.

Start from Scratch

Take all items out of the closet. If you do not remove it all, odds are the same unworn clothing will be moved around your closet. Now it is time to sort. Toss away damaged and old clothes. Donate what you do not need or do not wear.

Out with Old

Remove things which have no business in the closet. Insurance information, bank statements, or tax documents do not belong next to your sweaters, scarves, and shoes. Make a Life.doc that organizes and stores all your critical paperwork in one place. File the rest of the documents inside a milk crate or office cabinet.

Organize Sections

Designate a space for everything in the closet. Sweaters in one place, shoes in another, etc. It’ll assist you in keeping order and save you time every morning. Make good use of the space. Putting in shelves is going to double your storage and assist t-shirts and sweaters in better keeping their shape.

Apply 80/20 Rule

You might not want to admit it; however, most clothes you own likely go unworn. It is said that the average person in America only wears 10% – 20% of their clothes. To slash down on the fluff, take out items you have not worn in one year. Drop off all excess at the Goodwill or arrange a clothing swap with pals.

Place One In; Take One Out

For every new item you purchase to put inside the closet, donate one thing (or throw it away if it is past its prime). It’ll keep you from going back to your hoarder ways.

Keep It Going

Commit 15 minutes per week to straightening the closet after a “big clean”. Spending this tiny quantity of time will make sure you never need to go through a huge rehaul again.

Reward Yourself

Recognize then celebrate what you have accomplished. Treat yourself to new hangers or purchase that silk shirt you have had your eye on. Now, there’s room for it!

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Green Cleaning: What are the Pros and Cons?

Green cleaning offers a doable option to the tried and true products in the marketplace today. However, green cleaning has its own disadvantages and advantages. When properly used with the adequate care, traditional cleaning products are safe, yet of more concern are small children and pets who accidentally could come into hazardous contact with them. Safety concerns alone make green cleaning a better option, and there are also other advantages. There are, however, some cons to the use of green cleaning solutions even if they’re better for our environment.

Let us look into green cleaning’s pros and cons.


  • Known Elements – Green cleaning, as well as the products utilized to achieve a green clean contain ingredients which are known to the user. It’ll make a healthier home and an eco-friendly atmosphere.  Specialists have come to the conclusion that even utilizing a standard household spray on a week-to-week basis may boost the risk of one of the most rapidly advancing diseases, asthma.
  • Reduced Expenses – Most individuals are under the impression that purchasing green or utilizing green cleaning products is costly. It may be a determining factor for most to remain with the status quo. Realistically, the price of baking soda, vinegar, and some of the additional ingredients necessary to blend your own natural cleaning sprays are low.
  • Clearer Environment – The antibacterial that is used in traditional cleaning products allows the release of hazardous chemicals within the environment. Green cleaning assists in lessening pollution to lakes, rivers, as well as oceans, in conjunction with the minimization of the effect of ozone depletion and global climate change.


  • Questionable Ingredients: While these green cleaning components blended by your own hands are known, manufacturers of green cleaning products aren’t required by law to list all of the components on their packaging.  It may lead to ‘greenwashing’ or labeling of false ingredients.
  • Greenwashing – Within recent years several organizations and companies have started to see the advantage of using the green movement in order to market their services and products. It has led to the practice of greenwashing.  Plainly put, greenwashing is shown as any organization utilizes more money and time claiming they’re ‘green’ through marketing techniques than actually using the services and products which curtail the carbon footprint.
  • More Time Utilized Cleaning- While green cleaning agents are better for our environment overall, they aren’t as severe. That means the time spent cleaning may take much longer and winds up not being cost effective.

As there are mixed cons and pros when it’ll come to green cleaning, it’s important to know that all green cleaning is one step in the right direction in helping our environment.

But, unlike the majority of products, green cleaning is a theory and a product. The ones who actually believe in ‘going green’ are going to do so and figure out the best methods of utilizing green cleaning products.  

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