More Efficient Ways to Do Your Laundry

The mountain of laundry can seem impossible to conquer, even after a long day of washing and folding. When your family continues to create innumerable piles of laundry, you have to find a more efficient system to accomplish this monumental feat. You want to be able to put your whole family in clean clothes, but it feels like there just isn’t enough time in the day.

There’s good news – there are more efficient ways for you to do your laundry. With a few of these top tips, you and your family can start to wear cleaner clothes without all of the hassles.

Sort your laundry by fabric instead of color

Not all fabrics require the same degree of care. In fact, your cotton and jeans might require a much different cycle than those lace items you love so much. Knowing how to wash your clothes properly plays a big role in doing the laundry more efficiently. It’s recommended to purchase a few different hampers so you can sort your clothes automatically when you put them away. Light fabrics should go in one hamper and jeans in another.

Are you unsure of what your fabric really requires of you? You can refer to this little chart to learn what those tiny symbols on the tag actually mean.

Fold everything immediately

It’s tempting to put off all of the folding and organizing until each load is done for the day. At the end of the evening, you have a massive pile of laundry that you’re too tired to sort through. Your laundry day is officially over, but all of your clean clothes are dumped in massive piles all over the bedroom floor. Sort through the laundry more efficiently by putting away each load directly as it finishes.

Put socks into a mesh bag

Do you ever get tired of searching for the lone sock in a pair? When the washing machine seems to continuously eat your socks, it’s time to start placing them in a mesh bag for safe keeping. This prevents you from having to hunt around in a large pile of laundry for your socks. An alternative would be to replace all of your socks with a lot of one specific style and color. You’ll never need to fold them again because all of your socks will match, straight out of the drawer.

Clean out your dryer vent and lint filter

Your dryer might be taking too long because it is clogged with old dryer lint. Be sure to clear the filter between each load of laundry. The vent and the hose should be vacuumed out at least once per year, whenever you start to notice that your dryer cycle is taking too long.

At MintyMaids, we can help you to get your house in tip-top shape with our fully insured home cleaning service. We can help you to keep your home clean more efficiently and at a fair rate. Be sure to give us a call today to see what we can do for your unique cleaning needs!

Should I Leave a To-Do List for My Cleaning Professional?

Cleaning antique wooden furnishings

When a homeowner first hires a cleaning professional, they can be uncertain what the proper etiquette is. Chances are you have a few expectations of what you will receive during a thorough cleaning each week. On some days, you may have items that you consider a higher priority than others. All of these things make homeowners wonder if they should leave a to-do list for their new cleaning professional.

Before you hire a cleaning company to help manage your household tasks, you should have a clear idea of what you want. Some individuals want a deep cleaning once per month and spot cleaning in between. Others want a more thorough weekly cleaning that prevents the need for a deep clean. Everyone has certain expectations that they believe should be met by a professional they pay to perform a specific task.

You might even be tempted to leave a specific to-do list with instructions on how you want a particular chore handled. Whether you want to use a special cleaner or just want the corners scrubbed carefully, these special instructions might be essential to getting the finished job you really want.

It seems like there are a lot of great reasons to leave a to-do list for your cleaning professional. However, it may not be the most practical thing to do.

Do you prefer to leave the house while your housekeeper is working? Some homeowners leave a key with their cleaning professional so they can duck out to run errands without worrying about missing their appointment. If this describes your interactions with the housekeeper, leaving a to-do list may not be effective. In fact, your professional might not even find the list while they’re working.

The best thing to do is to discuss your expectations with the company upfront. Many cleaning companies have a general checklist that their employees must follow on every call they make. These lists may be uniquely tailored to different plans, but it should give you a better idea of what to expect and how to hold your cleaning professional more accountable for a job well done.

If the company doesn’t make a checklist, you might want to come up with your own to review with the cleaning professional.

At times, you may still have unique instructions that need to be passed along if you won’t be present. You can skip some of these interactions by choosing a company that makes effective communication easy. For example, some companies will allow you to submit specific requests online in advance of your cleaning day. These notes will be presented to your cleaning professional before they make it to your home.

MintyMaids is a top rated, high-tech company where you can manage your cleaning and special instructions online so you won’t need to leave small notes at home. If you’re looking for ways to make your cleaning routines even easier, these high-tech solutions could be just the thing you’ve been searching for all along.

Spring Cleaning Checklist For Room Cleaning

Follow This Checklist for Cleaning the Rooms During Spring

Spring is the season where one of the household concerns is cleaning the house. This may sound absurd, but it is quite normal as there are spots in the house not adequately cleaned because of the winter.

Some people may find it a challenge where to start, hence, the tips how to start.

Before cleaning, it is a must to organize and declutter the home. It is also vital to go room by room, so each portion is as spotless before the winter.

Spring Cleaning Checklist For Room Cleaning

Cleaning the Family Room

In cleaning the family room, start by removing decors and dusting the shelves. Afterwards, dusting all the hanging frames in the room. Removing all sofa cushions follows then cleaning all the area of and around the sofa.

Cleaning of the appliances includes putting away those you are not using anymore. Then go to cleaning the carpet by steam cleaning, if possible. If there is a need to move the furniture, do so the area they are put in are clean.

Then wipe all the boards and the walls. Dust every plan in the room before dusting the ceiling fans and cleaning the window covers. Lastly, clean the light switches and bulbs and if necessary, replace the busted bulbs.

Cleaning the Kitchen

Start cleaning the kitchen by removing all the contents of the cabinet and cleaning every corner of it. Then proceed to clean the outside sides of the cabinet. Continue cleaning to the light fixtures thoroughly.

Move the appliances away from the wall and clean that portion. Afterwards, clean the inside of the refrigerator by removing all its contents then proceed to arrange them after cleaning the outside of the refrigerator. Then clean the oven manually or automatically if the settings allow.

Next, clean the microwave inside to out before proceeding to clean the baseboards and the walls. Finally, thoroughly clean the silverware.

Cleaning the Bedrooms

Dusting the furniture in the bedroom is the head start of cleaning it. Afterwards, clean under the bed by also cleaning or changing the mattresses. Wash all the pillows and change all the pillowcases and sheets.

Proceed to the baseboards, then the walls. Afterwards, clean the ceiling to the bulbs down to the light fixtures.

Organize your closets and drawers by removing the contents and dispose of old items of clothing by preferably donating them. Pay attention then to the hanging frames and decorations on the walls. Lastly, do the carpets and the floor.

Follow This Checklist for Cleaning the Rooms During Spring

Cleaning the Bathrooms

Thoroughly clean the tiles in the bathrooms up to its ceiling. Then, remove and clean the shower head and clean the shower components using the products specially made for them.

Change the shower curtain or wash them if you do not have a replacement. Sort the products in your bathroom and dispose of empty containers. Then, clean the toilet thoroughly.

Clean the inside and the outside of the drawers where the toiletries are kept before washing the containers for storage.

Proceed to clean the mirrors then the light fixtures afterward. Wash all the mats and covers before mopping the floors and wiping baseboards.

Make Time to Clean Your Shower

Having a messy house is really unattractive. You don’t want your family, friends or any of your visitors to leave that comment to you. As homeowners, you want maintain a clean and fresh home where people would love to visit, hangout and stay. Aside from the living room and kitchen, the toilet is one of the areas in your house that should not be ignored. You don’t want to enter in a toilet that’s filthy with a foul smell.

As homeowners, it’s your responsibility to do something about and make sure it is sanitary and flawless. We will give you easy steps how to clean your shower and your entire toilet. Do it not just for your visitors, but for your family and yourself.

easy steps to start cleaning your shower

Remove and Apply

There are two easy steps to start cleaning your shower. Simply remove hair from the drain and apply a drain cleaner to dissolve any remaining clogs. When taking a shower, it leaves dirt on your drain which often times clogs your drain. In order for you to solve that, grab a thin wire hanger that you can use as a hook and throw away the remaining hair in the garbage bin.

After which apply the drain cleaner whether it be commercial or homemade and use it to de-clog your drain. To prevent major clogs, do this once a month. When it becomes too clogged, you may need to call a plumber to help you with clean it.

Rinse, Empty, Rinse Again

After removing the dirt and applying a cleaner, rinse it with hot water to ensure that clogs are already gone. If still present, repeat the steps again until clogs are all flushed. While doing so, empty all items on your shower stalls and tub to make it easier for you to clean. If there are empty bottles, throw them away to prevent clutter in your toilet.

Once again, rinse your shower walls and tub with a clean hot water. No need to be a perfectionist with this step. All you want to happen is to flush all remaining dirt, hair and particles. You can do this once a week to maintain cleanliness. Deep clean your shower and tub at least once a month.

Spray, Rub, Rinse

The last few steps are easy as 1, 2, and 3. After you splash water on your walls and flush the dirt, you can spray your walls with a cleaning agent and let it soak for 5-10 minutes. Once done, you rub your cleaning agent applied on the shower walls with a sponge and maintain circular strokes.

Last step is to rinse the shower wall with water again and see if there is still dirt on it. However if you see that your wall is still dirty, spray it again with a cleaning agent and repeat the following steps after.

know how to clean your shower and walls

Hire a Cleaning Services

Now, if your schedules are tight and you are always busy, no worries because there are cleaning services that can take care of the business for you. In Winnipeg, MintyMaids is the company to call and here’s why.
Services – Part of their services is to clean your shower, walls, faucet and the entire bathroom. This includes wiping tops of door frames, cleaning of baseboards, glasses, doors, handles, bathtubs, tiles, window sills and more. They will leave your bathroom flawless and stainless.
Affordable – With only a minimum amount, MintyMaids has packages that they can offer. The packages include cleaning your bedroom, kitchen, dining and living room and laundry areas. For additional rooms, you are only charged for a affordable price.

What more can you ask for? In order to know how to clean your shower and walls, apply the steps mentioned above or call a cleaning services company to make it happen for you.

A Cup Of Molds? Here’s How To Clean A Coffee Maker

We certainly love a good cup of coffee every morning, but a coffee full of molds isn’t delightful at all.

According to NSF experts, coffee makers are the haven for germs and bacteria. The reservoir is a good breeding ground for them. Yeasts and molds are building up if left uncleaned or if it’s not properly cleaned. The experiment found that 1 in 10 are home to coliform bacteria and, it has the most count of numbers than your toilet seats.

But, wouldn’t the hot water kill the germs and bacteria?

That’s what everybody is thinking when they brew their coffee. However, hot water coming from the coffee maker won’t entirely clean the reservoir. According to some experts, the best way to clean a coffee maker is to use vinegar.

Yes, vinegar can sanitize your coffee maker reservoir. This process is called decalcification – a process that removes mineral build-up caused by tap water.

The cleaning process depends on the type of coffee maker you have. And, you should also consider the number of times you use it.

That lid and basket should be cleaned as often as possible. You can use a warm water to rinse them. If you’re using it every day, decalcify the equipment at least once a month.

If you’re using pod-based machines every day, decalcify it every few months. The vinegar will get through all the crannies and crooks of your coffee maker.

Imagine your coffee maker full of molds, yeasts, germs, and bacteria. Now, would you still love to drink that hot brewed coffee? Of course, not.

use a warm water to rinse them

So, here are the steps to effectively clean your coffee maker

To have that freshly brewed coffee tastes better than ever, do this steps in your home or the office. Don’t wait for the day that you will experience a moldy cup of coffee early in the morning.

Empty the coffee pot. Throw any coffee grounds in the filter and pour all those leftover coffee. Add vinegar and water into the pot with a ratio of 1:2. For bigger coffee pots use 3 parts vinegar and 6 parts water, enough to wash away bacteria and molds.

Turn on your coffee maker, as if you’re brewing coffee. Complet a whole cycle of brewing and then turn the coffee maker off. Let it sit for 15 minutes.

Pour the mixture. Next, brew a water (no vinegar this time) and complete two cycles. Turn off the brewer after the first cycle, let it sit for 15 minutes and turn it on again to complete the last whole cycle.

Let the pot dry and wipe the machine with a clean and dry cloth.

how to clean a coffee maker

Enjoy a better-tasting brewed coffee

Now that you have the knowledge on how to clean a coffee maker, make it happen frequently. Let us avoid drinking those molds. That would be the last thing we will put in our mouth. Let’s practice living healthy and clean.

Call us today, if you need assistance and cleaning tips. Have a great cup of coffee!

Minty Maid: What is Microfiber?

Your House Is Your Haven, Keep It Microbe Free

Are you looking for a cleaning cloth that will effectively wipe-off dirt? Is your worn-out cloth the best alternative for cleaning dirt?

Fortunately, there is a cleaning material which helps eliminate stubborn dirt and bacteria. And, your worn-out clothes are not the best cleaning tools to have.

Nevertheless, worn-out clothes can clean away dust and dirt, but we are talking about bacteria and the infection it can cause to the people living inside the house.

You need something effective.

Microfiber cloths will answer your infectious microbial problem. It is an effective tool to reduce the bacteria that spread diseases and infections.

Minty Maid What is Microfiber

So, What Is Microfiber?

Microfiber cloth is made up of nylon and polyester fibers. These fibers are so tiny that it’s even thinner than a strand of human hair.

The advantage of these tiny fibers is, it becomes a superior tool for removing germs.

The fabric is capable of penetrating into the smallest crack and crevasses that your worn-out clothes can’t reach.

The star-shape and the wide surface area allows the fabric to sponge up to 7 to 8 times liquid than it’s original weight.

Microfiber cloths produce a static electric charge when stimulated across any surface. The electric charge catches more dust and contains them.

Imagine having this cleaning tool in your house. You will surely, experience a dust-free environment.

Microfiber cloth with 0.13 measurement is effective because it can clean even the smallest particles.

Manufacturers are also designing different kinds of microfibers. Each with different shapes, measurement of fibers to ensure specific types of cleaning tasks.

Benefits of Microfibers That You Will Love

Captures microbes effectively than your ordinary cleaning cloth. Studies show that microfibers are more effective in capturing small particles which cause diseases and infections.

In a University in California, a cotton cloth and a microfiber are compared to capturing dust and other particles.

The cotton cloth only cleans 33% while the microfiber cleans up to 99.1%. Efficiency rate doubled in reducing bacteria.

Cross contamination is prevented. The good thing about microfibers is that they are made for a specific purpose.

The reason for this is to avoid cross-contamination of different types of bacteria and germs taken from different areas of the house.

For instance, a pink microfiber cloth is good for toilets, yellow microfiber cloth are best for sinks and green colored microfibers are great for office tables.

Less water and chemical use. Mops are a waste of water. It can’t clean effectively even if you’re using cleaning chemicals.

Microfiber mops are more effective since the material doesn’t need more water to clean the surface. The static electric charge will reduce the spread of dust and other particles. You will no longer wring your mop this time.

Your House Is Your Haven, Keep It Microbe Free

Your House Is Your Haven, Keep It Microbe Free

Cleaning your house needs intensive care. It’s part of your life now, make it a place free from infectious diseases, contagious viruses, and killer illnesses.

Clean it deeply and regularly. You can call us if you need help. Minty maids’ service has all the equipment needed to clean your house.

The staffs are well-trained and they know every detail of cleaning process.

Amazing Tips To Clean Your Bathroom

A clean house is judged by the cleanliness of its bathroom. It is an important factor because this is where all the bacteria and viruses are flowing freely in the air. These nasty bacteria and viruses are carriers of diseases and illnesses. And, they can threaten the life of the people living in the house.

Your life and the lives of your family are precious. But, if you live in an unsanitized place, this preciousness will fly away. Sickness like diarrhea, amoebiasis, infections, skin diseases and other microbial diseases are life-threatening if you’re negligent with your sanitation.

So, how would you stop the contamination of these bad bacteria and viruses? How can you save the life of your family?

use a good liquid toilet cleaner

Tip #1 Start at your sink

Let’s start cleaning at the sink. Since all your beauty regimen are piled in here, take them away. Clear the sink, and then wash it. Use a liquid tub and tile cleaner if you want a clean and shiny result. This is best for hard deposits or any abrasives.

Some people are using ordinary cleaners like all-purpose cleaning powder, toothpaste, baking soda and other non-chemical based products. You can choose any product as long as it cleans your sink.

After 5 minutes, you can brush the tiles. Brush it from far most side of the sink to the edges. Remove all the soiled dirt and slimy films on the sink. Rinse the sink to remove the chemicals and wipe it to dry.

Tip #2 Shower and Tub

Showers are more exhaustive than cleaning the tub, because of its shower heads. Shower heads are prone to hard deposits and abrasives. If you don’t know simple techniques of removing hard deposits, you will waste all your time removing them one hole at a time.

To remove those pesky, hard deposits get a plastic bag and fill it water and vinegar. The vinegar will act as the cleanser. The acidic component will soften hard deposits and abrasives. Brush the shower head using a soft brush and rinse it.

When cleaning the walls of your shower use a liquid tub and tile cleaner. Or anything that will suit your budget. You can also use home remedies like lemon, baking soda, or vinegar. Brush the tile from top to bottom, left to right. Don’t brush in a circular motion because this will only eat your time.

Showers have glass walls too. When cleaning glass-walled showers, you can use non-chemical based products. A good baking soda, lemon or vinegar can remove, molds and moisture forming in the glass.

Rinse the walls, and enjoy having a sparkling and shiny shower and tub. Dry the walls using a squeegee or dry cloth.

Cleaning your tub is also important because this is where you will plunge yourself when you want to relieve stress. Again, you can use a liquid cleaner for this or a non-chemical based cleaner.

Get your brush to remove abrasives from shampoos and soaps. Brush it in a lateral motion. Don’t forget to include the rim of the tub. Rinse it and wipe to dry.

Tip #3 Disinfect Toilet

This time it’s advisable to use a good liquid toilet cleaner. Pour the liquid into the inside rim of the toilet and the inner bowl. Let it sit in there for a while to eliminate moisture and molds.

Use a good brush. You will be cleaning the inner portion of the bowl, so you need something sturdy. Use a different brush for the toilet seat, and another set of brush for the water tank and the flush handle.

Rinse the toilet and disinfect. Use a disinfectant spray, and spray it in the rims, toilet seat, flush handle.

best time to clean your bathroom

Minty Maids

This is the best time to clean your bathroom. But, if you’re too busy to do that, we’ll do it for you. Call us now and enjoy that sparkling and shiny bathroom or visit us at MintyMaids. Because life is too precious to be taken away by infections caused by bad bacteria and viruses.

Clean Utensils and How to Clean Your Dishwasher

There Are Other Ways to Clean Your Dishwasher

What’s the main purpose of your dishwasher? It is to clean kitchen utensils, right?

But what if your dishwasher is as dirty as an abandoned sink, with a sewage-like smell? Would you still want to use that machine?

We are very keen on seeing our things, especially kitchen wares to be clean. We are horrified if the kitchen is as messy as garbage.

So, we clean the whole kitchen as necessary as possible. But, we tend to forget small, but important things – dishwasher.

Yes, they are just like any other things in our house that needed a good cleaning every, now and then.

If you have a dirty dishwasher, it’s more likely that your utensils are not sanitized as well. Imagine all the microbes stock inside the corners and filters of the dishwasher.

It’s one common cause of gastrointestinal diseases. If we want to avoid that, you need to know how to clean your dishwasher.

Clean Utensils and How to Clean Your Dishwasher

The Filter Should Be Clean

A filter’s function is to accumulate all the gunks washed from your utensils. So, every now and then, right after using your dishwasher, always clean the filter.

You can unscrew the filter from the dishwasher, and wash it. You can also soak it for ten minutes in a hot water.

Check for small
food remaining in your filter. If you think it’s clean enough, you can return it to the dishwasher.

Deodorize Your Dishwasher in Two Easy Ways

Use vinegar. This concoction has elements that will clean your things and even your body.

Use this concoction to deodorize your dishwasher. Get a cup of vinegar and place it at the bottom of the dishwasher. And, run a full heavy cycle. This will clean your dishwasher.

Use baking soda. Everybody loves the magical use of baking soda. It can clean anything. In your empty dishwasher pour a good amount of baking soda and let it sit overnight.

And, in the morning, run a heavy cycle. You’ll be amazed how clean your dishwasher would become.

Brush Any Remaining Stains

Stains can be stubborn to clean and they are always the last thing to go. If you see filths in the corners, nooks, and crannies of your dishwasher, get a toothbrush and scrub it away.

A good amount of baking soda applied on the toothbrush can help a lot.

There Are Other Ways to Clean Your Dishwasher

There Are Other Ways to Clean Your Dishwasher

There are so many ways of cleaning your dishwasher. Other suggestions are really handy.

Some cleaning experts, especially moms would tell you to use Kool-aid and Tang. Who would have thought that these kiddie drinks can be like vinegar and baking soda?

There you go, whether you’re using tang, baking soda, vinegar or any kinds of cleaning method, the important thing is, you are mindful of your sanitation and health.

Keep your family away from harmful bacteria and start living a healthy life.

Today is your lucky day. Now that you know the different ways of cleaning your dishwasher, why don’t you share this with your friends and relatives?

And, let them experience a sparklingly clean dishwasher every day. To get exclusive cleaning services and rewards, follow us now at

Ways on How to Remove a Candle Wax

Simple Ways and Steps on the Removal of a Candle Wax

Ever had a hardened candles on your floors, carpet, table, glass, wood furniture, hard surfaces, jars, ceramic, candle holders, tablecloth, fabric and even clothing?

It is sometimes annoying and stressful. But, how to remove candle wax?

Candles can be an excellent addition to your house; thus it is hard to avoid spilling its wax in some part of our house or things.

Do not stress yourself out since we have here some easy tips how to remove candle wax together with its stains.

Ways on How to Remove a Candle Wax

Freeze the Wax in Your Items

Have you asked yourself, “How can I remove candle wax from glass and other items?”

We have answers for you; you may freeze your items in the process of removing candle wax.

Here are the simple steps that you may follow.

First, place your items inside the freezer as long as space could accommodate it. Items like table runner and candlesticks may fit into the fridge.

Allow the melted and hardened wax to completely cool for an hour inside the freezer.

Scrape the wax off with the use of the edge of your credit cards or any similar tool. The candle wax can now be easily chipped away. Do not use metals to avoid damage to your items.

Lastly, wash and clean the item so that wax residues will be removed. You may scrub the affected area using a clean toothbrush.

Use You Hair Dryer for Hard Surfaces

You may also a hair dryer to facilitate the removal of your candle wax especially on surfaces that are hard like floor and wall.

The first step is to heat the hardened wax using a hair dryer until it would melt. Set your blower to hot and target the stain.

Do not blow away the melted wax but rather wipe it away using a cheap, clean cloth or a paper towel.

Lastly, remove the residues. Then repeat the entire process if necessary.

Use Your Iron on Fabrics

For your clothes and fabrics, use iron as one of the warm solutions to remove hardened candle spills.

Set your iron to medium heat. Layer a cheap towel over the wax to make sure that the wax would not adhere to the iron. This will melt the hardened candle wax and then soak it up with a paper towel.

Never leave the iron unattended and move it gently and regularly to avoid burning your towel and fabrics.

Lastly, wash the fabrics to remove the remaining stains. Repeat the entire process of how to remove candle wax from clothing and fabrics if necessary.

Make Use of a Compressed Air on Small Spots

When removing small spots on a surface, you may use compressed air.

Compressed air helps you cool the wax making it easier to chip or scrape off from a surface.

You may use the edge of a plastic tool to scrape off the wax. Again, do not use metal to avoid further damages to your surface. Repeat the process if needed and clean the surface.

Simple Ways and Steps on the Removal of a Candle Wax

Try It Now

Try now the tips that we have given. You may also subscribe and visit MintyMaids, a weekly blog for cleaning tips and facts.

Have a cleaner home, a healthier family, and a happier life.

The Right Way To Clean Your House

For those that grew up outside the city, keeping your house clean is a top priority. Sometimes it’s a choice to be flawless in your home orderliness, sometimes it’s shoved down your throat by your usually-overstrict landlords (i.e. parents). For others still, you actually grew up in a disorganized and untidy house and you want to break the cycle, so here you are.

But whatever the circumstances growing up, you have to admit that you never regretted learning how to clean your house. However, not everything you learned is necessarily true. Don’t agree? Continue reading…

intentional and purposeful in scheduling a clean upIntentionality

There is never a bad time to clean your home(visit MintyMaids). You can do it early in the morning before leaving for work, you can do it when you get home from work or you can even do it before you go to sleep. The important thing is that you are intentional and purposeful in scheduling a clean up of your habitat. If you don’t have a planned house cleaning, you will never ever get to it, seriously.

Being regular means cleaning more than just once a month. Well, if this sort of “cleaning” schedule works for you due to the busyness and randomness of your life, then just go for it. But I think you can have a much more detailed planning than that. If you can’t do once a week, then do every two weeks. The more frequent, the better, but you knew that already.


This might sound weird but you probably need to be very decisive in your house cleaning. And by this I mean that you can’t just pick up a broom or mop, start from the back of the house all the way to the front, vacuum the carpets, wash the dishes, take out the garbage and voila, cleaning done.

For example, not all the areas in your house require the same amount of effort and time to clean up. The living rooms don’t need as exhaustive cleaning as your bathroom. And the same goes with kitchen and the foyer areas. And while you need the right chemicals in the kitchen and bathrooms, you probably just need a disinfectant spray for the bedroom. All of these things need to have your consideration.

Not-So-Common Sense

Here’s the thing, we all want our houses clean, I think that’s a given. However, most of us don’t want to spend a penny to make that happen. If you want something good to happen to your home hygiene, there’s literally a price to pay.

But it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. Just use your common sense and lots and lots of research in deciding how, when and with what method you will use to clean your house. Bottom line, you must be willing to spend.

perfect way to clean your houseHabit

Finding the perfect way to clean your house may be impossible, but you need to at least give an effort to help make your resident a good place to, well, reside in. If you need to, be ready to let your money do the work for you. There are also some companies who know how to clean your house to your preferred outcome. They are everywhere and you just need to research and then call then to get a quotation. Trust me, your happiness and cleanliness will be guaranteed.